Friday general announcement

In addition to yesterday’s posts some of you good people may have noticed I made a few structural changes to the website.  Sop81_1 will still be in use in selected cyber circles but the handle and its inspiration has been superseded both literally and figuratively.  Fact is I’ve been a known quantity since the beginning of this blog, just ask the commish.  😉

Lifers know this but I wanted my peeps from the finance boards to keep up with certain issues that impacted this area after Hurricane Katrina and to this day certain folks I go way back with both read and occasionally comment on Slabbed.  For some reason the investment banks still stop in from time to time as well and I think that is a nice.  Those people have known the name behind the handle for far longer.

I well understand the need for anonymous handles.  So does our constitution as anonymity has been recognized as inherent to the freedoms we enjoy under the 1st amendment to our constitution.  The evolution of Slabbed will never impact that.

So yesterday I joined Ashton, Brian and every journalist in the land by posting with my name instead of a handle as the evolution of the old Mississippi Insurance Forum Blog to Slabbed New Media LLC continues. ~ Doug

8 thoughts on “Friday general announcement”

  1. Well Mr. Handshoe I think in consideration of your professionalism and dedication to true investigative journalism in service to your community, using your sire name is most appropriate. Hopefully some day Mr. Newhouse and his forlorn left over journalists at the TP recognize your name in print when the use or mention your hard work but also learn to emulate same in being part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

    1. Not sure where I fit in with the new NOLA media landscape Tom. All I ask is if my work is used attribution be given and overall the T-P has been good about that through time. Yeah, we fuss occasionally but overall I am content with what I’m seeing with those guys.

      It has come to my attention a well meaning chirper is ribbing Stephanie Grace mentioning my name. I understand the why and I’m not going to fight her battles but I’ll add she has been good to me overall and very responsive to my inquiries on Jefferson Parish.

      One day soon I’ll tell the story of the week of Augist 6-10 for those of you that want ot know what sitting in this moderators chair is like.


      1. I also have it from good sources Ms. Grace has many unhappy readers, one week she thought Letten was piling on Broussard then this week he is friendless when we all know those J{P politicos who have circled wagons with him in hopes he takes the fall this had IMAANGRY more upset than usual . If my source is correct she was directed towards you to learn content and investigative reporting with a suggestion to get out the office more .

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