I’ve had several inquiries about Ashton O’Dwyer lately

Ashton has lost his home on St Chas. as the Bankruptcy court has sold it.  He is in the process of moving his belongings.  I’ll have a more indepth update at a later date.


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  1. CORRECTION: The “sale” of my house, ie. the closing by the U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee, takes place on Thursday, the 27th of September. As a practical matter, I must vacate my house, and remove all of my possessions, by Monday or Tuesday, the 24th or 25th, at the latest. And if anyone says: “O’Dwyer lost everything”, please make the following correction: “EVERYTHING WAS TAKEN FROM O’DWYER.” This is a travesty of justice, and I am not “finished” talking about it. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. I hope you keep appearing and twisting the arms off the JP Council of Clowns about the “Subdivision of Squatter Homes” which the JP politicos and the Administration’s Depts of Code and Permits allowed to be illegally built on your families’ batture property.

    How about showing your latest you tube movie video at the next Council meeting which shows a great aerial view of this “Parade of Squatter Homes” including the huge power tower Entergy purchased from one of the squatters. Squatting is one thing but selling the real owners’ land rights for profit is way to ballsy .

    I’ll bring the pop corn, maybe the” King of Campaign Pop”, Chis Robert’s, can bring some Tutti Fruity or Mardi Gras Colors ice cream from his Baskin-Robbins, Lee can bring some frozen Chinese rolls from The House of Lee and LargASSe can bring some old bottles of Gatorade from his former football teams.

    Let’s make Wednesdays Movie Day at the Council and see President John Young and Forshee wiggle their asses in their chairs.( NOTE: John, it is a legal problem which you may have known about or should have known about when you were on the Council and the more you don’t address it, the more it reflects on your intentions)

  3. Nothing was “taken” from Ashton. All events that have happened the past 7 years are due to his own actions. When he decided to no longer pay taxes, mortgage, etc, and expected someone else to support him, is what resulted in having to file Bankruptcy. Therefore, as stated in the original post, Ashton “LOST” his home.

  4. Oh I’m real alright and I pay my mortgage and taxes. He lost his license because of his own actions.

    There is nothing to prevent Mr. O”Dwyer from working. He can apply for employment. But he has not. He has a higher education than most people. It is his “choice” to live like he does.

    1. 3chocolate,
      You have absolutely no understanding of the totality of the constitutional, professional and socoial injustice that has been meted upon the VICTIM …. MR. ASHTON O’DWYER …

        1. Au contraire, mon ami … would you have us believe that 47% of the populace has been victimized to such an extent as to experience such a degree of abuse of a morally bankrupt Administration of Justice System that includes the Judiciary (both Federal and State), the US Attorney’s Office, the La. ODC, and any others who conspired to denigrate, humiliate, and otherwise strip this US CITIZEN of his Constitutional rights without DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW !!!

          Mr. O’Dwyer’s personality is not the issue … it is the assault and abuse of those in power upon all of our personalities that is the crux if the matter …

      1. He is far from a victim. I have a very good understanding of what he has been through. I do not agree with how he was treated at the Amtrak station, but everything he did following that, and the actions he took along wit his behavior make me have no remorse for Mr. O’Dwyer. He is his own worst enemy.

        1. 3chocolate,
          Like Ashton … you are a racist … Hmmm … I’ve wrote it chocolate … SO WHAT NOW ???
          Frankly, it should be of no concern to anyone, including yourself, that anyone have any ‘remorse’ for Mr. O’Dwyer … I certainly don’t !!!

          1. I am far from a racist. How could you even say something like that when I have made no comment of anything referring to race of any kind. Trust me, I am NOTHING like Ashton. It is not your place to tell me what I should/shouldn’t have towards him.

  5. 3chocolate,

    I’ve seem to have pinched your hypocritic nerve, CHOCOLATE ! … I don’t give a fuck one way or the other what you think and/or feel about Mr. O’Dwyer … or in response to my comment for that matter …

    Personally, and to make myself perfectly clear … I have no remorse for “PLANTATION LIBERALS” !!! …

    1. It’s funny that you think my name has something to do with race… You do know what ASSume means, rights? Goes to show you how small minded you can be. Haha! You, sir are obviously the racist. .

  6. Ashton O’DWYER is a ONE-Man REVOLUTION ~ He has the wherewithal to speak the truth, as putrescent as it is, in the face of those who create & prey upon it. HE is a HERO…..I AM
    DISGUSTED by the US Government & all that entails! …
    See what they did to JOE LOUIS…GAWD!!!!!

    1. My God, I hope you are not comparing O’Dwyer to the late, great Joe Louis. Joe Louis became successful against all odds. O’Dwyer became successful against no odds. Neither of you (Patirica nor O’Dwyer) is a hero. Dream on.

  7. Could Chocolate be an attorney who O’Dwyer has legally opposed or has been at odds with including Fayard, Kitty Kimball or perhaps a member of the U.S, Injustice System.

    Or just maybe he’s a slim ball squatter living in the “Parade of Squatters’ Subdivision” on the batture upon which the O’Dwyer family has paid taxes on for the last Fifty Fu*king years.

    Which is it Chocolate that makes you so unsympathetic for any human being who unjustly is stripped of his license without due process and has to declare bankruptcy and eventually looses his homestead..

    The Lord gives Mercy to those who have mercy on fellow man so you my friend go right ahead and walk your proud walk and receive your just reward.

    1. “Unjustly stripped of his license” is your opinion. When all you hear is one side of the story, you can only see things in black and white. This situation is not black and white. As reprehensible of an anachronistic bigot that O’Dwyer might be, I am not unsympathetic to parts of his story because I believe parts of them to be true. However (and I have no idea who 3chocolate is), O’Dwyer indeed brought most of this on himself because of his lack of self-control. And the irony is that such a right-wing zealot, who spent years persecuting injured offshore workers while wearing his searsucker and white bucks and working for one of the most renowned corporate defense bully-firms in New Orleans, now claims to be a victim of everyone and everything. Remember, this is the same guy who kicked real victims when they were down for virtually his entire legal career. I guess he does not understand that life is not about getting knocked down, it’s about how you get up. And after 7 years, he’s still lying down and whining. Semper Fi.

      Food fight, mofos!

  8. Prince Charming:” You ignorant slut” That’s what I said and I’ll say it again .

    When you as a citizen of the U.S. are deprived of your rights without due process( hearing before an independent trier of fact, evidence and right of appeal) and your license to practice your profession is taken away by certain individuals, who alledge themselves are affied officers of the Court – that activity can not be tolerated in any Court, irregardless of any accusations against the character. of accused.

    A guess Prince Charming you are the perfect person who has no regretful sin in the past or present and you are the exact perfect person the Lord spoke about – ‘ Those who have no remorse or feeling for redemption for any past sins need no Savior and will receive no forgiveness’.

    It must be a living HELL being perfect huh Prince cause if its not it will be in a twinkling of an eye.

    1. Here’s a tip douche-bucket. When you post 100 comments a day, it kind of takes the sting out of what you have to say, especially when you repeat yourself ad nauseum. And employing religion only makes it worse. My guess is that you really knew nothing about O’Dwyer until he became the folk hero of The Island of Misfit Toys (see Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer).

      I hit you with the truth, to which your response was to accuse me of thinking I am perfect; very bitchy and shallow retort.

      Your boy was not deprived of any due process. In fact, due process is what saved him from being convicted on those stupid threat charges against the US Bankruptcy Court. Those charges were bullshit, but they were precipitated by O’Dwyer’s drama queen e-mail. Word!

  9. Prince Charming: It’s comments like yours which will keep me posting till my fingers bleed as you even have the” drama queen” arrogance to publish your comments as quote “Word”.

    There is only one Word that should be capitalized and its the Word of God which you not only have no reverence for but it eats at you, convicts you and you avoid it like a plague – which is your perfect right in America.

    I happen to know the absolute truth about O’Dwyer whereas you wish to twist the absolute truth for your own hateful purposes and unknown motives. Now if we only knew your motives we could get you some psychiatric therapy.

  10. Prince Charming: Cum now Prince, with a handle like Prince Charming you may have a closet secret or two to tell us. But save that for your Freudian therapist cause –

    if having Compassion and Mercy for those suffering from injustice and harsh judgment, be it at the Kosher clean hands of the Pharisees or people with hidden motives, brands me gay or whatever I’ll happily carry that Cross too.

    I’m hoping one day you will see the Light and run toward it instead of running from it.

  11. Alcoholics are always the victim. Yes what initially happened to Ashton was very sad. But the aftermath that followed was all on him. When you call people ugly names on the internet and send nasty letters you have to be ready to take responsibility for your actions. I felt bad for him for a long time and now i know he needs AA and serious help. I feel sad for Ashton and his family. I can not even imagine what his mother, children and siblings are going through. He needs a hobby, job and a AA meeting. Maybe he should go volunteer somewhere.

  12. AROD is a victim of his own doings. I have it on good authority that his claim against the squatters is totally legit, but he refuses to enlist an attorney to handle this great claim for him. Instead, he rails against the system. I say, use the system to get back what is yours! I don’t know the man, never met him, but the one trick pony gets old.

  13. Hey Hey: It is too easy for a person to judge a person when he is down by branding him unfairly with words or telling him he is at fault or where he should go to get help in this cruel natural world in which we all find ourselves struggling in today.

    Think about if the government had told a frontier settler you need to leave your log cabin cause there is Indian unrest and when he doesn’t the troops take his gun he used for protection and him away to the fort and stockade to torture him for trying to protect his home and property.

    How about thinking I need to listen to his side of the story, putting yourself in his shoes and telling him I have your back, what can I do to help you and that the Lord of Truth is and will always be in the corner of the unjustly persecuted and downtrodden.

    No one who walks this earth is perfect including you Hey Hey and if you think you are better than the next person, even those who have no home and living under bridges, then your pride might be in line for a Divine fall and adjustment.

    Those who forgive are forgiven and those who show Mercy to them Mercy will be given.

    1. WTF!? Your hypocrisy is stunning. All day long you post comments ripping corrupt politicians to shreds. But when it’s you hero’s ox being gored, you invoke the word of the Lord. Get a new mirror.

  14. PrinceCharming: Get behind me satan cause you run from the Word ( can’t capitalize Word as it burns thru your heart) as the Word is Light to your darkness.

    Your word is deception and lies but you will not find refuge here. In His Name be gone and jump into a pig or off the cliff so peace can be restored to the SlabbedNation.

  15. PrinceCharming: You blasphemous soul calling the last Word a video of “Running With the Devil”.
    You have judged yourself through your free will.

    You won’t watch my 6:08 video cause you can’t watch the video and you have to flee.

    I could watch your video selection “Running With The Devil” as it exactly describes what you do, yet I also have free will and the Wisdom not to watch it.

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