The rats are jumping ship: 79 Trout Point Road aka Black Bear Cottage for sale

I guess it wasn’t being rented much.  This was Aaron Broussard’s cottage dating to 1999 but last year his ex wife Patricia and her hubby ended up with the deed.  Telemachus added that detail in comments the post I just linked:

Patricia Zerangue is likely Aaron Broussard’s ex-wife Patricia Broussard. Source: 8/13/10 TP obit for Anna Mary Cook Barilleau.

Donald Zerangue is a former campaign contributor from long ago but more importantly is or was business partners in 3 or so or more or less businesses with Carl Eberts / Carl J. Eberts. Patricia married Zerangue apparently. Carl Eberts’ wife Betty is her sister which means that Carl Eberts was Aaron Broussard’s brother in law. Source: TP.

Look up Carl Eberts in the TP archives – Kenner government land deals, Rivertown, Kenner Development Corp, Baroni, the family of Sheriff Frank Clancy (as in Brian Dupepe (Bryan?), the lord of Laketown and jefe of the Kenner Convention Bureau is his grandson), etc., it all goes way back. And casinos. And Mamoulides. And the Galleria (via mamo). Dating back years. It’s all public record and yet not reported if that makes sense. Source: TP

Clovis & Roche – they do collections, And part of that seems to be casino collections, Maybe even in Canada. Again this is on the internet. Source: internet (google “clovis & roche” + casino)

4401 N I-10 Service Rd: – check out the assessment online: it is at zero. as in “0”. But it is obviously a commercial building with at least one major accounting/collections firm in it, not to mention several other companies between Zerangue and Eberts like Southern Land. Eberts has at least 2-3 at that same address. Source: LA SOS online database + the JP assessor site

So many of these names, including Fayard and James Smith, seem to tie in with the days when the casino gold rush was on.

Notice again the sweetheart property tax assessment in Louisiana for this owner of a lot at the Trout Point Development. I’ve seen that Eberts name someplace else too. 😉  They are “MOTIVATED SELLERS” for certain.

Here is the link to the listing with a tip of the hat to an attentive reader.


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