BREAKING: Former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson cops a plea

And now there is only one defendant left in the Aaron Broussard payroll fraud/bribery scheme and that would be the Goatherder in chief.  Gordon Russell has all the skinny for the Times Picayune.


12 thoughts on “BREAKING: Former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson cops a plea”

  1. Channel 6 WDSU Travers Mackel made a comment at the end of his 4 pm report to the effect that everyone needs to remember that Tom Wilkinson’s brother, Jay, is a federal Magistrate. Seemed odd because he actually interrupted the News Anchor to fit that comment in…hmmm. Guess ol’ Tommy Boy is going to start singing really loud now…hope he remembers that ommissions in conversations with the Feds is as bad as commissions ( by outright lying). Also interesting that this comes on the heels of the Feds releasing their witness list. Wonder if someone ( or lots of someones) scared Tommy straight? Hope Judge Head orders forfeiture of Tommy’s pension and that Tommy is disbarred: that would truly send the clear signal that CRIME DOES NOT PAY in Jefferson Parish. Bet there would be a bunch of quick, fast retirements if that happens. Also I wonder how this plays into the continuing Porteous saga? Perjury in either matter could be a nasty problem for Tommy Boy…guess he’ll have to give up all his little playmates…maybe that is why the reporter on WDSU mentioned his brother Jay? Wasn’t there something dealing with the Liljeberg lawsuit and disgraced former Federal Judge Tom Porteous involving Jay, and Tommy and Don Gardner and _____Mole and Lenny Levenson? Anyone recall any of this? And as an aside, anyone else hear that Jacob Amato passed? Nothing in paper so far that I could locate but thought he had…My oh my…so much going on and so little time to comment…finally I wonder how the Council and some administration types are taking this news?

  2. Justice should have its ass kicked for agreeing to this stinky deal. This troll was a little, small-minded thug who abused his power, threatened underlings, and profited from his position. Does it really get any worse than that? Judge Alan Green, who did the same, went away for a stretch and this guy will walk! Not a misprison but a conspiracy to commit! Really? The AUSA’s office is a bunch of wusses.

    1. Carpe, sadly you are probably right …this thug Wilkinson will most likely walk…a real shame that the US Attorney’s office is letting this happen..this clown Wilkinson deserved a long stretch in the slammer…I meet him for the first time several years ago and , after being around this arrogant ass for only one face to face visit , I knew he was dirty…he wouldn’t even look me in the face…failure of some ass like Wilkinson to look a
      taxpayer in the face tells you something about his character…he should be going away for a long time..but probably will just get a slap on the wrist and, at best, probation.

      Agree with unslabbed, hopefully he’ll be disbarred and his pension forfeitured…he is true slim.

  3. why cut a plea deal with these mf csuckers….. they have enough evidence to put them away for life. This reeks of douchebaggery. Just fn reaks…..

  4. The corrupt cops a plea against the stupid. The maggot Wilkinson will get a deal and dumb-ass Arron’s hubris will have him believing he’s bullet-proof all the way to the gallows!
    We the citizens are gonna pay dearly for some cheap victories. What next? general amnesty for Paul Connick for a “no contest plea” on a parking ticket????
    John Voltz was a moron, “big Jim”; and Harry Rosenberg was a “flake”….What the hell are you?

  5. Let’s wait for Monday’s GUILTY PLEA and see IF Heebe and Jennifer Sneed and Jeff President John Young and Ward and Butler, SR. and Jr. and Mouton, who pled Guilty already,to being bribed leads to indictments. Indict Heebe and wife Sneed who knows who they both would give up.

  6. The end game to this had better be the entire Jefferson Parish Council at the time Crybaby was the pres… they had Broussard and Wilkerson and Whitmer dead to rights, no reason to cut all these deals with the douches unless they are going for all of these fargin bastagaes….Only way I am happy in this case is if I get to see Young and Roberts do the perp walk too….

    They should have thrown the book at all of them… someone should start investingating Letten for these total BS plea deals with these corksoakers…….

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