Let’s examine Aaron Broussard’s planned defense to the bribery and fraud charges he faces

Pres has opined on these pages Aaron Broussard is planning to use the insanity defense in his upcoming corruption trial. After reading the following Public Records Request sent to Jefferson Parish by Broussard attorney Robert Jenkins I’d say there is a kernel of truth to the insane part since there is no such thing as a suicide defense that I know of. Click the pic to get the 14 page pdf. ~ sop

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  1. WOW- Talk about opening a can of worms- Request #55 for the names of all persons hired from 1970 to 2010 as paralegals and evidence of a license, degree, or certificate. This will only show just how much unknown corruption has been going on and bring back the light on such paralegals as Mike Yenni, the Connick clan and no telling who else Broussard and Wilkinson gave such positions to persons who all had no idea as to the knowledge and duties of a bonified licensed paralegal.

    We should see an abundance of new names Broussard and Wilkinson approved and paid as so-called paralegals which will worsen, not help their positions as honest public servants expending taxpayer dollars.

    And Jenkins’ request for the massive amounts of e-mails is an over reach which will accomplish zero and will only alienate the current Council and Administration.

    Trying to show previous Administrations did all that Broussard and Wilkinson are alleged to have done is insanity worthy of a lobotomy or shock therapy. Since Broussard is rumored to already have had shock therapy, when he was electrocuted getting a kite off electrical wires, surgery is definitely indicated.

  2. Collateral with the para-legal payroll fraud cases is the the massive amounts of money paid illegally to Asst Parrish Attys who where hired contrary to the mandate of the JP Charter that requires that those individuals be a qualified resident of JP…

    MILLIONS of DOLLARS were paid in illegal salaries … the elephant on my couch wwwants to know … why did Letten chose to overlook this massive payroll fraud perpetrated against the taxpayers of JP ???

    For the most part, and particularly under the administrations of Coulon and Broussard, with both having Wilkinson as their appointee as the Jefferson Parish Attorney …a cesspool of favoritism, incompetence, unethical and unprofessional demeanor has been the profile of this office …

  3. Yes there is method to Jenkin’s circle jerk madness, just like a child who craps his own pants then finger paints with it gets everyone else out his way. Questions are who is on Broussard’s witness list and how valuable will his testimony be post trial to the DOJ for him to be offered a deal?

    P.S. Gut tells me there is a tie with Broussard and the “A Team’s” forfeiture and attempted incarceration issue that has Titus wanting to change his plea other than Perricone. Makes you wonder if there are FBI surveillance tapes ?

  4. I don’t believe that any response to any number of the enumerated PRR queries is going overcome the testimony of Karen Parker and Tim Whitmer, both having pled quilty as principals in the payroll fraud for which Broussard and Wilkinson are being tried for…

    Insane or inane … let the jury decide …

  5. Gate,
    It’s not a question if a jury buys the defense of customary violations or corruption that other individuals did it’s the value of exposing other corruption both to impeach witnesses and post trial appeals and/or deals they are seeking. That’s why the DOJ is attempting to head them off at the pass to set pre-trial rulings below that INMHO will become bomb shell side bar arguments at trial .
    Head’s ruling came on the same day that Broussard and Wilkinson responded to the government’s attempt to strip them of a half-dozen potential defenses. The government had asked the judge to block the defense from using evidence of:

  6. Tom,

    With all due respect to you, and acknowledging that any person has a right to a vigorous defense … this case is over … one crime that the average working citizen (JURY) has a high degree of disdain for is payroll fraud …

    Broussard and Wilkinson will be convicted by a jury no matter what ancillary irrelevant and/or immaterial
    evidence is either introduced or not introduced … and Judge Head is going to hammer down lenghty sentences on both these individuals …

    And trust me … Broussard and Wilkinson will probably be facing more indictments after their conviction on the payroll fraud and bribery charges … additional bribery and extortion charges, kickback from lawyers who filed suit against JP and the River Birch criminal conspiracy are few that come to mind at present …

  7. NASS: My understanding is the non at-will employees are not part of the La. Civil Service System but are protected supposedly under the overview of the Personnel Board which is again supposedly independent of the Administration and again supposed to protect the employees from political hack jobs and unfair treatment of whistleblowers.

    The Personnel Board has failed in the past to provide these simple protections time and time again. Yet, the Board got very upset a few months ago and wrote a formal ” Letter of Independence” after John Young appointed Jacques Moliason to replace Mr. Hart and in a Freudian slip said one of Jacques’ duties may be to preside over personnel matters.

    Jenkins is trying to equate the sparse protection of at-will political appointment employees( attorneys, paralegals,, CEO’s and CAO’s ) with that of non- appointed employees of all parish departments which is like comparing apples to oranges.

  8. I love watching cases like this unfold. While I agree that the evidence is overwhelming against Broussard from what has been made publicly available I would add I actually think this might not be a bad strategy. All the Broussard team needs to show is that you have selective prosecution here and it just takes one juror to screw up that conviction. The one major problem with the governments case is that they did not indict more people who were involved in this scam. The number of uninidicted co-conspirators is truly massive and if I’m a juror I have to ask myself why did they just pick on this guy and not all the others. Who cares whether he is guilty or not the justice system should be evenly spread and not a system where we just look good for the cameras because we indicted these public officials who everyone knows.

    The TPL stuff now makes Broussard’s insanity defense much less likely though because it shows he was crooked way before possibly experienced mental issues. The Feds did a good job blocking the insanity defense I must say by mentioning TPL.

  9. The reason I ask about Civil Service System is that they have strict guidelines regarding the qualifications and requirements to be employed as a paralegal. My wife and I, both paralegals, helped the Civil Service Commission establish those requirements back in 1990 (starting pay was $1,080/month).

    There’s no legitimate excuse for a Louisiana parish or municipal government to not have any idea or basic guideline for who qualifies for a paralegal position in Louisiana governmental agencies.


  11. BN + KP + CO = MAB + ICFPF + IYFPF
    BN = Barbara Namer, a teacher hired as a paralegal by President Coulon despite fact she had no legal experience, paralegal education or certificate, needs to be a witness for Broussard. Barbara was fired by Young but rehired after she completed a few weeks of internet paralegal studies;
    KP = Karen Parker hired as a paralegal by President Coulon despite fact she like Namer had no paralegal education or certificate;
    CO = President Coulon, proposed witness for the government, is a better witness for Broussard;
    MAB = Must Aquit Broussard, as in OJ’s trial and
    ICFPF = Indict Coulon For Payroll Fraud and
    IYFPF = Indict Young For Payroll Fraud

  12. Could this political theorem be proven at trial by questioning Barbara Namer and President Coulon:
    BN + RN + CO = RPF + IEFWPJ ?
    BN = Barbara Namer , wife of Robert Namer, and a school teacher awarded a paralegal position by President Coulon
    RN = Robert Namer, ex- investigative radio host who specialized in requesting listeners to call in and report local political corruption
    CO = President Coulon
    RPF = Robert’s Political Favor
    IEFWPJ = In Exchange For Wife’s Political Job ?

  13. Who pays for the massive bill that this request is going to cost? It seems to me it would take several weeks to gather these documents.

    1. The taxpayers of Jefferson Parish Stacey. Transparency has a price and I’ll add Slabbed and the Slabbed Nation are also a beneficiary there. Sage observation about the amount of work involved and I’ll add there is limited staff. My personal experience with the people doing public records now has been very positive as they conduct business with a high degree of professionalism.

      I took the liberty of editing out your last name Stacey since the Goatherders are a malicious bunch. Happy to let you post your full name but I wouldn’t recommend it given the retaliation potential.


      1. Thanks for the response, sop. Your explanation about the cost of transparency has been duly noted and I agree. However, the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish have been screwed over by this whole mess for years. Now we have to foot the bill so this fool can try to defend what he did to us. Talk about adding insult to injury.

        1. I’m afraid ol AB will be a burden on the taxpayers for years to come. I understand and sympathize with your anger given his record.


  14. No Stacey IMHO what adds the insult is even after all that has happened ther still is no whistlblower protections for parish employees, what good is an IG if employees are punished when they speak up?

  15. Anyone else think heebe paid off perricone to post that stuff on line to poision the case against all involved with river birch? Given the epic levels of douchebaggery displayed by everyone involved with this, i wouldnt put it past them…..i said it before, ill say it again. Every last elected official in this state is pond scum and is on the take. They all neex to be flushed down the toilet where they belong.

  16. what about those videos of Broussard crying on national tee-vee ? will Broussard be allowed to cry at trial ? should the jury construe Broussard’s crying a sign of weakness or remorse ?

  17. The legal muses are not amused by his antics. We believe Mr.Broussard and all of his associated personalities will collectively be found guilty and not crazy.

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