Roof Surfing – Sop survives Katrina

Note: This post was scheduled to run on August 29, 2012. It was postponed due to Hurricane Isaac.

By: Sop81_1
Edited: Nowdoucit
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We lived close to the beach in West Gulfport, Mississippi in our dream home. This is the story of how we survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

I grew up on the Mississippi Sound and our dream come true was moving back to the water over Easter Weekend 2005. We bought our house in September 2004 and spent the next 6 months renovating and adding on. All that is left now is the foundation. We will rebuild.

I am also a Hurricane Camille survivor. My family moved to Waveland, Mississippi in May 1969. I hope what I write here will serve as a memorial to those there who survived Camille but not Katrina. Hurricane Camille was the measure of the damage a hurricane could bring. The prevailing wisdom here is that Camille killed more people on August 29, 2005 than on August 17, 1969. We could have easily been in that number. One of the reasons we stayed is that our neighborhood received only 1 foot of water from Camille. Little did I know that a “lesser” storm would bring 8 feet plus tidal waves. Continue reading “Roof Surfing – Sop survives Katrina”