Aaron Broussard’s connection to the resort at Trout Point, Nova Scotia Canada revealed by Federal Prosecutors

And yes folks there is more to come because I won’t stop until every bit of the evidence behind the allegations involving Broussard’s business interests in Nova Scotia sees the light of day.  Meantime back on August 31 Team Letten laid down this bombshell in a filing in USA v Broussard:

I seem to remember the late Roy D’Aquilla, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret yammering about those lot assessments at Trout Point on May 24, 2010 in a document I obtained from Leary and Perret’s SLAPP suit against Fox 8 in Nova Scotia Canada. These SLAPP happy nut jobs were so brazen they laid themselves bare in that case in Canada, never thinking anyone would make the connection to what they were doing in Louisiana. Clearly they have underestimated the new media as there has been one media outlet in New Orleans with the cojones to tell this part of the Jefferson Parish corruption saga, Slabbed New Media.

Drew Broach has the legal context for the legal filing while Vaughn Perret was seen late last week braying about Ferry Service to Yarmouth.  The Canadian media including the Chronicle Herald and Toronto Star have whiffed on this story badly, no doubt due to their country’s piss poor free speech protections and lack of SLAPP suit protections.

Finally I know many of you are wondering how these latest revelations will impact my court case against Leary, Perret and Trout Point Lodge.  The answer it it won’t as Judge Guirola now has the case.  I can not comment further as legal has me muzzled but for those wondering about the last 2 briefs filed in the case here is mine and here is the Goatherders as filed by Jones Walker Attorney Henry Laird.

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  1. Wait! I thought they claimed their business loss was due to you alleged slander. Now, we find out that the ferries were adversely impacted by the lack of a ferry to Yarmouth. As Jodee Messina said in her great song “Delicious surprise.”

    1. In due time Carpe. I’m sprucing up the cockroach motel portion of the Do Slabb Inn as we speak.

      Next week I will apply sunshine to scatter these cockroaches, then after I gather up all the filthy creatures I’ll post same to Slabbed.


  2. Nick Desai:

    Is that your daddy and mama that bought Aaron Broussard’s land in Nova Scotia?

    Where are you Nick? Metairie? Kenner? Texarkana? San Jose?

    1. Notice the names of Broussard’s co-conspirators were redacted from the court exhibit? If I were them I would not go down with Broussard, Leary, Perret and Danny Abel.

      We need to flesh this whole deal out again because you gotta figure Peter Butler’s name was one of the redactions. A fair question to ask is how many of those people high tailed it to Letten’s office last January to save their own skins and are now cooperating with Team Letten.


  3. Nick Desai:

    Do you recognize any of the following names?

    Mipum Desai
    Nipa D. Shah
    Nite D. Shah
    Consultis of Silicon Valley, LLC

    Are you in Nova Scotia? If you are, do you ever visit with V and C?

  4. Aaron Boussard paid his Mardi Gras parade dues to Bacchus, Argus and Endymion out of his campaign funds as the Feds’ exhibited checks clearly reveal.

    Now what is the difference from Mardi Gras parade dues compared to massive amounts of Mardi Gras parade equipment that our honorable Chrissy “King of JP Campaign Funds” Roberts has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for out of his campaign funds especially in non-election years ?

    Whitmergate has mentioned quite often the infamous run down of Chrissy’s parade equipment here before and all Slabbers are familiar with the list.

    1. The reader comments tell the story that Grace can’t as the T-P ran away from it like scared schoolgirls;

      by the way the initials of the lodge are the same as your employer, TP.

      nova scotia? lodge? whats the matter steph, ‘fraid of getting sued?. just come out and say it already.

      A stinker of a column she posits on her way out. Jr, her last day is the end of the month as she evidently did not agree to the demotion.


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