10 thoughts on “In this episode of Magnum J.D.: How the rich and famous stockpile for a Hurricane.”

  1. Hell with the Rich and Famous foods, cause in disaster emergencies our ancestors learned to live off the land and thinking about those 10,000 nutria washed up on Miss. coast, well done gotta’ look at dis:’


    and as for music for Tuesday these cajun ladies have it all over any alien, Russian lass and they can also hunt and cook to boot!


    I hope all the male slabbers have A/C cause lookin’ at dat’ nutria and cajun lady meat gotta’ done raised yo’ tempatures and other tings too

  2. I know it’s not my imagination that IESI is doing the same thing that Waist Management did following Katrina , eh . Mini me Roberts says it’s the sub-contractors fault not Ceres Environmental services for entering into a contract in bad faith ? Of course this is an old story in the parish dealing with companies that have a history of fraud that donate the most , one that connects Ceres Environmental to River Birch in billing for half truck loads as full one post Katrina wrongful demolitions and then don’t forget about Bill Hubbard. Truth is the JP council and parish president are fast to agitate a class action suit against Entergy for slow response so their politico attorney friends can once again wallow in the trough at the expense of the public just like the Citizens plan settlement while our streets sit full of debris endangering our health and property.

  3. Would love to know the number of city council members in both cesspools, er…Parishes, that took campaign contributions from Entergy……

  4. Tom: You are so so right Brother. IESI is not picking up the disaster trash and all IESI employees are in town, not like when Lil’ Napoleon kept people out of the Parish for three weeks after Katrina. Additionally, after Katrina the streets weren’t even passable to traffic but now the streets are completely navigable.

    This BULLSHIT of awarding a disaster contract and a company, that contributes tens of thousands to partisan Council Clowns and President, now saying it can’t do the job for their bid price has got to stop. How about Young issuing an executive order allowing IESI to hire illegals- they will get the job done for the price .

    IESI do your job and if you lose money too bad cause the Parish doesn’t have the money to up your bid as the Parish owes 55 MILLION to FEMA from a Katrina loan, $600,000 to HUD for violations and MILLIONS to finish the fu*cking grey elephant on Airline for .

    JP needs to hold IESI’s feet TO THE FIRE:


    and sue IESI for defaulting on a contract and ban them from ever bidding again if they don’t comply to their accepted bid !!!!!

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