Hurricane Isaac Miscellany: Becoming hot and bothered, inland creeks and rivers at historic highs, 2 types of levees and flooding sucks

Yep folks I think the post title pretty much sums things up. First up are the levees and dams including the one at Percy Quinn State Park that is a threat to break and flood an area inhabited by around 60,000 people.  Along those lines before Isaac hit Fox 8’s Bob Breck made a TeeVee funny that may become an Isaac prophesy that went something like….

There are two kinds of levees, those that have broke and those that are gonna break

True dat.  This whole Percy Quinn lake deal reminds me of the Big Bay Lake dam break back in 2004.  Earthen levees and dams in particular seem vulnerable based on my anecdotal experiences with this topic which brings me to Isaac’s flood victims.  On this topic I speak from personal experience so to paraphrase Mr Mackey, flooding sucks Um-kay.  In fact its sucks really bad.  To make matters worse Isaac was no Katrina so the nation’s attention span will be shorter.  One of the low points in the recovery process is when you think/realize most everyone has forgotten about the disaster while you’re still in recovery mode.  A California Slabber/vet of the 1994  Northridge Earthquake clued me into that bit of wisdom early on after Katrina on a finance message board and the advance knowledge did help later in 2006.

Next up are the power companies, whose excoriation in the social media will rise exponentially with the late August temperatures as crews work to restore power in NOLA metro and here in South Mississippi.  I write this basking in the 70 degree climate controlled confines of the worldwide offices of Slabbed New Media and I think I’ll take a convenient Ayn Randian position on the subject and pretend human beings are rational creatures.  With that set up let’s visit with Duris on the topic of power restoration in New Orleans via twitter:

May the bucket trucks come soon.  Even better, may there be no injuries to the linemen, people that do one of the most dangerous jobs in the world so everyone can have A/C and heat.  Speaking of that, I wonder how many people understand there is such a thing as helicopter lineman.

I know a thing or two on the subject but I’m not talking no siree.

Finally back to these pesky inland creeks and rivers.  Tom up in Pearl River County and moderator of Deaf Ears is putting out the good word on two subjects, one being the fact Pearl River and Hancock Counties are part of the New Orleans media market meaning our local Tee Vee stations are the ones out of New Orleans.  WLOX has been covering the rise of the Hobolochitto Creeks in Pearl River County but you can’t get WLOX without an antenna in Pearl River County.  I’m happy to help spread the word and am even happier we get the NOLA Tee Vee stations.  I’ll add my journey to check on the worldwide headquarters of Slabbed New Media yesterday was an adventure due to roads being closed by the Biloxi River flooding along with the Wolf River and Red Creek, which had risen to just below the Highway 49 bridge at Perk yesterday afternoon.  In Mississippi, Isaac’s biggest impacts may well be inland flooding from the torrential tropical rains the hurricane brought to the area.

I have a busy day on tap as things are back to normal here in the Bay but I’ll check back later with that long promised post on Redflex.


13 thoughts on “Hurricane Isaac Miscellany: Becoming hot and bothered, inland creeks and rivers at historic highs, 2 types of levees and flooding sucks”

  1. Is the CEO of Entergy the same Charles Rice who was former NOLA Mayor Nagin’s City Attorney? If so that ‘splains a lot Lucy.

      1. Young is such a pathetic opportunist POS – love to stick his pock-faced ass up in a bucket on a hotwire

    1. Yes, and he worked for Adams & Reese, Barrasso-Usdin, and Stewart Niles, etc. So what you have here is a tiff between two guys who really didn’t do very much in their chosen profession.

  2. Sop: Mississippi Power has it all over Entergy…maybe not perfect but they have been on top of it for the NOLA folks with vacation homes in Ms….The message must be: if Entergy cannot or will not get you power come to Ms…the restaurents, bars, stores and gas stations are filled with La plates…

    1. Hey RAT…
      I hate to wake you up from your consumer coma, but when a customer pays for a service & that service is not delivered..Where I come from, we call that thievery.

      COX Suckers Internet is a corporate cancer, as are most of the money hungry half-ass services which people are forced to choose between.

      I have not seen ONE WORKMAN from Cox cable on my street & my internet turns on and off on a whim.
      It’s inadequate & irresponsible.
      But you can bet they cash our checks every month!


      So, you can try & turn the focus onto your own weaknesses, but I don’t BUY IT.
      I pay for a service it should be delivered.

      Consumers are so blinded buy (not a misspelling) TEE-VEE & advertising bullshit that they get mentally & socially atrophied.

      DEMAND Quality Service.
      It’s what you PAY FOR.

    2. PLEASE Note..RAT…I appreciate your sentiment!
      Government may only be relied upon to toss logic into wind along with the debris from our homes & corpses of our loved ones.
      I CHALLENGE Every free thinking technologically minded person to present this world with a freely accessible wi-fi internet service that will keep the MASSES INFORMED!


      How about using the UNSTOPPABLE source of POWER from the MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI River?
      Is it just me?

  3. Hey Rat Bastard: Yo’ woodin’ be lated to dat’ most Honorable Mr. Boudreaux nutria crita’ wood ya’.

    Me wayin’ for dat’ grammar blogger to critique me spelling.

  4. I spoke with a representative at IPOWER web, who has hosted my website for 10 years…
    They offered me a 30 day extension because…& I quote “Crystal here”…”We don’t want to represent a burden for you, so we will give you a 30 day extension on your yearly subscription.”
    I said, “Well, it is a burden, just 30 days delayed. If you REALLY have good will at heart, you would pick up the subscription for this year as a gesture of your stated intent.”

    A few moments ago I received this missive :

    Hello Patricia,

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Unfortunately, we cannot extend the hosting renewal date for 30 days. For the inconvenience, I have issued one month of hosting credit worth $8.95 to your account ‘eroticaz’ on September 5, 2012. This credit will be applied towards your next hosting bill or towards the purchase of the products through your account.

    If you have any further questions, please update the Support Console.

    Jacob Garner
    Billing Specialist


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