OK you rumor mongering freaks, Jim Cantore is not in Biloxi

According to today’s Sun Herald the rumor Jim Cantore is at the Hard Rock has popped up again, last time being when Hurricane Gustav was in the Gulf. It is beyond dumb and frankly based upon my track record you’d better be scared of where ol’ Sop decides to ride out a storm moreso than Cantore, who did manage to pick a spot for Katrina that was not far from my place in Gulfport back in 2005. 😉 With a H/T to the S/H the Weather Channel rolled out the following commercial last summer that is too funny:


Then again Mr Bill’s PSC on the topic pre Katrina was also spot on:


16 thoughts on “OK you rumor mongering freaks, Jim Cantore is not in Biloxi”

    1. Just saw on twitter where the Waveland Walmart is covered up. We won’t know anything substantive until tomorrow but just in case I’m opening the worldwide headquarters of Slabbed New Media as an evacuation shelter.


      1. Times like these I really am going to miss AB and his hysteria. I’m going to defecate in a bag to honor his Katrina performance.

        The insurers are getting ready and polishing up the old ACC clause. Management at these companies are having conferences, establishing protocols, and generally tying to figure out how to screw their customers and take smaller “losses.” The big-money re-insurers are positioning themselves. Hey, what ever happened to CAT bonds anyway? The vultures who make money off of natural catastrophes are salivating; this thing has dollar signs written all over it. Belly Nungesser, Mitch, JY, etc. are getting their makeup done for their endless press conferences and interviews; “Hey, look at me, look at me, look at me.” Walter Maestri is somewhere doing his best Chicken Little impersonation (sorry Foret). And now the big decision for Piyush Jinal, “Should I stay, or should I go?” What’s better politically, to make a speech a the Repub Convention, or to be in your State when a hurricane hits?

  1. Sop, I will be thinking about y’all. Cantore showing up is usually not a good sign. It is kind of like Geraldo rivera showing up means somebody is dead or about to be dead. GOOD LUCK!

  2. Jim Cantore is currently stationed in New Orleans deciding whether to head to GI, Morgan City, or if the TWC wants him either in NOLA or further west towards Lake Charles.

    1. Well he is certainly welcome to stay with us, that is, Pelican, Mathilde, Placide and I at the big house in the Passt …

      1. ‘Gate, I presume you, Pelican, Mathilde, Placide and Co. have mustered the appropriate supplies for weathering the storm…including copious amounts of Rebel Yell and Slim Jims….

  3. Let me go ahead and document this one more time because many home and business owners in Isaac’s strike zone are about to learn a painful lesson about the “Named Storm Deductible.”

    Circa 1998, then La. insurance commissioner Jim Brown rolled over for the insurance industry and permitted the industry, led by State Farm, to implement the “Hurricane Deductible.” The LDI did so after some brief, but ultimately feeble, resistance. These deductibles become a percentage of your total coverage is, and they are significantly higher than your normal windstorm deductible. Within a few years and realizing it had not eliminated coverage for tropical storms too, the emboldened industry expanded its exclusionary language by calling it a “Named Storm Deductible.” This substitution of just a few words (from “Hurricane” to “Named Storm”) greatly reduced coverage because the policies now knocked out coverage (in most cases) for any wind damage caused by both low level (CAT 1-2) hurricanes, as well as tropical storms. What a f—ing coup.

    Well, a direct hit from a CAT 1 or 2 is about to put this fraudulent policy language to the ultimate test. Many policies have 5% Named Storm Deductibles. These deductibles became virtually impossible to negotiate out of standard policies after Katrina. This is what’s known as “adhesionary.” The policy-holder has no ability to negotiate this policy language, and once it becomes standard industry practice, you have no choice but to purchase property insurance with this grotesque limitation of coverage.

    By way of example, the inequity of this deductible applies as follows. Let’s say your home is damaged by a spring-time tornado. Your deductible might be $500-$1,000. If your home is damaged by an identical tornado spawned by a tropical storm or hurricane, your deductible will be 5% of the insured value of your property, which means that you have no coverage for a much higher dollar amount.

    Additionally, the higher your property value and the more insurance coverage you have, the more your uninsured losses will be with this Named Storm Deductible. For example, if your property is insured for $200,000 and you have a 5% NSD, coverage will kick in when your damage exceeds $10,000. Now let’s say your home is insured for $750,000 and you have the same 5% NSD. Your coverage will not kick in until you exceed $37,500 in damages.

    In effect, these fraudulent deductibles eliminate the overwhelming amount of covered damages caused by a storm like Issac.

    1. Sock: You are so right there’s about to be thousands of pissed insured. Thanks agai deductiblen fu*king Insurance Commissioner Brown may you be the first to get screwed with the 5% .

      Stay safe Slabbers and hope to hear yall when the sun comes out Thursday.

  4. If I see that fat fuck Chris Roberts face on TV one more time today, I am going to hurl……The guy should be the poster child for Planned Parenthood…..What a total fucking douche…..

    1. Then you best put your TV near your terlit because it’s time for this egomaniacal, narcissistic sack of doorknobs to shine. His bloated countenance brings new meaning to the word “smug.” He should be forced to do all interviews shirtless so that the blind viewers could be disgusted too. Could you imagine Chubby and Belly Nungesser doing interviews in Speedos?

    2. during a jy presser chris was standing behind lagasse and was totally covered up. after looking around elton for a few minutes he nudged elton over as to be in the picture.

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