Clear as mud: JPAC gets line of credit, an affidavit and a PR push. Cap’n Jay gets a reprieve while Chief Euris DuBois’ neighbor gets shot and burned out (Updated)

I’d happily report that my absence meant I’ve been up to something but such is not the case over the last few days as I took a break.  This does not mean I don’t have some dynamite things in store for the Slabbed Nation this week but today we do a bit of catching up.

First up is the taxpayer funded money pit also known as the Performing Arts Center.  Yesterday the T-P editorial board opined the project should be completed ASAP now that the state’s taxpayers are on the hook for another $9.9MM as the project’s costs has almost doubled since ground broke on the project years ago. Adding to the confusion is yesterday afternoon Bob Ross filed a post titled Affidavit clears up confusion on change order for Performing Arts Center in Metairie that frankly added to my confusion about change order #5 to the point where I gotta call bullshit.  A close read of said Legislative auditor’s report on the change order clearly indicates there was a management override involved in that particular change order, management being for CAO Tim Whitmer and current councilman at large Elton LaGasse.

To the extent Whitmer has copped a plea in the wide ranging JP Corruption investigation and reportedly knows where all the “bones are buried”, one would naturally assume he has been questioned closely about his knowledge about whether Councilman LaGasse took a kickback to ram rod that particular change order through, reportedly with no documentation, that included a massive delay claim.  I want to make clear this is only an allegation but given what has surfaced about Jiff Hingle and the new Plaquemines Parish Jail such is a fair question, especially as the taxpaying public tries to figure out how a $28MM project has morphed into a $52MM boondoggle.  I’ll have more on change order 5 ASAP because it is clear Mr Ross has lots of catching up to do.

Next up is the child molestation case and alleged official cover up involving Jerry “Cap’n Jay” Dantin as Paul Purpura filed a comprehensive update yesterday as justice for the little boy Dantin victimized has again been delayed, this time by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Dantin’s long time friend, Grand Isle Police Chief Euris Dubois is alleged to have intentionally botched the investigation which only adds to the cesspool that is this saga as Mayor David Carmadelle is also heavily involved.

Speaking of Chief DuBois, it was not lost on us that his next door neighbor on the Island was shot in cold blood and burned out of his house last weekend.  This story highlights an interesting fact that at almost 4AM Dubois was not “home” while it all went down but then again the scuttlebutt from the Island is that DuBois has another home up Highway 1 a piece in another Parish where he spends the majority of his off time.  I’ll add there is something about this home invasion story that smells like dead fish and I’d be willing to venture there is certainly a back story here worth knowing.

I’ll be back later with more on JPAC.

Update:  Following is the down low on Change Order #5 via the Legislative Auditor.  Given what they were told this new Youssef affidavit keeps getting curiousier and curiousier.


19 thoughts on “Clear as mud: JPAC gets line of credit, an affidavit and a PR push. Cap’n Jay gets a reprieve while Chief Euris DuBois’ neighbor gets shot and burned out (Updated)”

  1. Henry asked Young to estimate a completion date.
    Young declined to speculate on a date. “If I gave you a date, it would be just a guess,” he said.

    This comment by Young pisses me off. John, you are the captain of the ship (staying with the “captain” theme of the post), and you cannot tell us when the biggest boondoggle in the Parish will be completed! WTF! More wiggle room built into his comment so that future change orders will pass muster. They called it “plausible deniability” back in the day.

    1. Holy Batshit, Batman. You mean the Legislative Auditor’s report confirms what Anne Vandenweghe has contended – that the Change Order was paid to Calderera at the direction of Whitmer for $5.6 million….I have to say it again, for effect, $5.6 million WITHOUT A FUCKING INVOICE!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me. Why, on its face, is this not criminal?

      1. I am nauseated reading this report. Youssef looks like he did not want any part of this and demurred, only to be overruled by Whitmer and Lagasse. Why, again I ask, is this not criminal? And, the engineering department reduced it to half, only to see the payment issued at $5.6 million.

        Then, just last week, the State approves yet more of MY MONEY for this theft. Where is the DA? Where is the USA? Hell, for that matter, where is State Treasurer John Kennedy. All he needs to do is drive his ass across the Causeway on his way to BR and see this debacle.

        And, they approved more money. I don’t know which is the bigger crime, the $5.6 million or the money that the informed morons just approved on the State Bond Commission. State Rep. Cameron Henry should have his ass kicked for cowtowing to John Young’s BS. When will the theft in plain sight stop?

  2. The never ending story of perpetual change orders of the JPPAC is similar to what happened in Birmingham Ala., the larges bankruptcy, FOUR BILLION DOLLARS, of any American city.

    Seems like there was a sewage project that was supposed to cost 50 million but some how ended up requiring 35 million in repairs before it was functional. Isn’t that almost analogous to what has happened in JP at the JPPAC ?

    Additionally, it seems like the Council and other Birmingham officials got caught up in a pre 2008 banking scam with Wall St. where their debt was refinanced into variable derivatives which started at low rates but the housing price collapse resulted in the loans being called by Wall St and the city in turn declaring bankruptcy.

    Wall St firms had to pay a 50 million fine and TWENTY- ONE. that’s right (21), politicos were indicted and went to jail.

    Don’t you think a few should go to jail on a building which is 25 MILLION over it’s original cost? Don’t forget Calderara forgot about the 12,000 seats at Zephyr stadium and required more money for that omission.

    Let’s put his delay penalizing ass up against the grey shit colored exterior walls of the JPPAC and make sure he has not omitted something for the eighth FU*king time.

    I wonder when one of the Council Clowns are going to notice that the shit grey exterior panels don’t all match in color?

    Gee, I wonder why on his website Calderara says his construction company SPECIALIZES in assuming problem construction projects started by other construction firms?

  3. Hey Carpe Diem is yo’ name Latin for” finger him ” ?

    Talking about Captain John Young of the Good Ship JP, 55 MILLION owed to FEMA, 25 MILLION over cost at JPPAC and $600,000 recently discovered owed to HUD; I heard he was related to the Italian captain who jumped ship in the Mediterranean. Probably just rumor.

    But let’s make damn sure Larry Sisung isn’t appointed by the Council of Clowns to refinance JP’s debt on Wall St. Sisung by the way was just appointed by the Council of Clowns to manage the money of East Jefferson Hospital and by amendment to manage funds of a bunch more agencies. That’s enough to shine the Batman signal in the sky for sure to find out what that’s all about.

    1. Larry Sisung has been feeding at the Jefferson Parish trough since he was the school superintendent. Doesn’t there reach a point where someone like him becomes like Kryptonite? No, not in JP, they keep feeding the hog, or Sisung, as the case may be.

      1. Your brief comment makes a really good point. Guys like Broussard, Porteous, Bruce Naccari, etc. are still embraced by the power structure, and indeed, by much of the electorate who encounter them in public. It’s the Edwin Edwards syndrome. We know you are a crook, but you’re our crook. Until Louisiana changes this mentality and citizens start shunning these guys, including EWE, as the corrupt jerkoffs that they are; things will stay the same. And this goes for the filthy POS’s who have not been indicted. We all know who they are.

  4. Carpe Diem bonum commune communitatis !

    First and foremost, what idiot enters into an un-bonded building contract without phase completion dates , late penalties, subrogation agreement or insurance with vendors?

    Secondly where are the engineer reports to include phase I & II Environmental Impact study reports.

    Thirdly if this had been a private venture everyone would have been fired and we would already have been in court and have gotten our money back, why not now ?

    Mr. Letten if you are still waiting as we are for Mr. Connick to do his job don’t hold your breath he’s part of the problem.

  5. After reading the Legislative Report and seeing the finger pointing between Roberts/ LagASSE and the Administration and the outstanding Council appearances of “You-Self” and the rep of Perrin & Carter, I do believe we have seen the very first, grand opening Performance of Actors of the JPPAC.

    The only question is who will nominated/ voted Best Actor and have his lying lips impressioned/ cemented into the Walk of Assholes in front of the Grey Elephant on Airline.

    Maybe a Grand Jury will handle the secret balloting and the final accounting by the Federal Eastern District Court of Louisiana.

  6. SOP,
    Has an e-mail regarding this payment between Danny Martiny and if I remember right Whitmer with no one was asking why.

  7. The level of douchebaggery is astounding…… BTW the building is about 1000 seats too small to be useful for anything……it will be totally obsolete before it ever even opens…..Nice job scumbags…..I hope the first event held there is a public spaying or neutering of every elected official in Jefferson Parish…..

    1. Yes – and rip those tubes out witha chainsaw – and cauterize the wounds with draino! At least we wont have MORE of THEIR spawn to contend with!

  8. Why havant the Grand Isle Mayor and Chief of Police and Fire chief been Investigated they must have something on the people that does the Investigating

    The act of fucking someone “doggie style” pulling out before you orgasm and shooting your load on your partner’s back and drawing a picture with the jizz.
    The act of a man using his penis like a paint brush in the hand of a master artist to smear semen onto the taint of his partner in an artistic way; preferably painting happy semen trees.

    BOB ROSS don’t need public access television to see painters, Elton LagASSe gave him a BOB ROSS last week and he still can’t wash it off his taint!

    Evident in the following group of articles, all by BOB ROSS, JP & TP have a shoe shine boy & his specialty IS BULLSHIT SPIT SHINE.

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