Jefferson Parish News Miscellany: Trouble in paradise, Judge Head tells Broussard no extension while Mark Titus grasps at straws

Let’s take these news stories from the PACER beat in reverse order.  First up is Gordon Russell’s story about the latest defense filing in USA v Titus, which included remarks from Slabbed favorite Dane Ciolino of the Loyola Law School.  Essentially Titus is claiming there was a verbal sidecar to his plea deal with regards to the forfeiture provisions among other things.  Having watched the crushing of Jamie Perdigao a few years back I don’t think this latest motion from Team Titus is going very far.

Moving right along Judge Head took little time in denying Broussard’s motion to postpone his trial per this story from the PACER beat filed by Drew Broach.  Judge Head, like the rest of us watched the latest installment of the Aaron Broussard cancer special on the TeeVee and found the assertions in Team Broussard’s delay motion filed by attorney Robert Jenkins to be a bit lacking on the fact side since no affidavits were submitted by either Broussard or more important his doctors. Even worse is the persistent street talk that crushing Broussard and Wilkinson is simply a prelude to rolling up Jim Ward and Fred Heebe so Aaron isn’t even star of the show which is potentially worse news for the unrepentant drama queens that are the Goatherders.

That said I’ll put on my Carnac hat and predict Eric Paulsen at WWL TeeVee will try one more time to prettify his friend with another prostate cancer special on the Toolman show like the one he treated us to earlier this year.  For added dramatic effect perhaps Broussard will break down and cry like a crocodile such as he did in September 2005 on the national TeeVee between telling whoppers on Meet the Press.

Finally I watched the last Parish Council meeting and was happy to see the Times Picayune’s Bob Ross picked up the $325,000 taxpayer funded donation to JPAS, which can no long collect the tax that was previously dedicated to the organization, locally famous as a cesspool of nepotism.  Left to their own devices the folks at JPAS would singlehandedly bankrupt Jefferson Parish with the boondoggle Performing Arts Center leading the way.  Times are tough in Jefferson Parish as teachers are losing their jobs so my feeling is if JPAS can’t fund themselves then they need to close the doors and I say that as a patron of the arts here in Mississippi.

That said the T-P beat Krewe missed something important at the last meeting and it is my pleasure to roll it out here as there was a very curious motion from the floor by Councilman Chris “Mini Me” Roberts that merits special attention because there is evidently trouble in paradise and for that we need to visit with Ross’ last story on the Charter Change Committee to set this up: Continue reading “Jefferson Parish News Miscellany: Trouble in paradise, Judge Head tells Broussard no extension while Mark Titus grasps at straws”

For those of you catching up….

Last Friday my colleague Jason at American Zombie did a post marveling at the latest developments in the Jon Johnson story, whereby Johnson skated on an auto theft charge in Kenner for 7 years.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand something is rotten in both the City of Kenner and Team Johnson as I bet the back story on that one is ripe for the plucking.  In the same post he plugged Slabbed’s recent coverage recapping the events of 2010, when the political corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish finally made the local media.

Those interested in spending some time catching up should click here to start and read forward in time, making certain not to miss this post on July 26, 2012.

For those already caught up and obsessing over the sunshine being applied please click here and KMA.  Thank you.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

It’s a Slabbed Wednesday Drill Down: A Pacaccio by another name……

Let’s first review:

A perusal of Jeff Net indicates Ms Pacaccio’s star witness is none other than disgraced former Parish Prez turned government informant Tim Coulon, who I am certain can well illuminate Ms Pacaccio’s tenure on the 10th floor of the Yenni Building.

I decided not to wait for Tiny Tim to illuminate. Click the pic to get the entire two page pdf. Add a Dave Sherman to the woodpile as the name of the LLC sez it all folks.