Let’s talk methane recovery and Peter Butler Jr. as we tie a few more things together: A River Birch Landfill / Jefferson Parish Corruption Update

Folks there is one document that my gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak laid on me that merits special attention because it relates to this ridiculously good post Whitmergate authored for Slabbed back in December 2010, which I have made sticky today for everyone’s use and reference.  You see when the politicos divided up their turf with respect to the River Birch Landfill everything was fair game and that would included the methane recovery contract, the main subject of ‘Gate’s post.

None of this is new, of course, and we’ve hashed it out more than a few times but the Butlers, Peter Sr. and Jr. are central characters in the River Birch narrative for Peter Sr was Jim Ward’s lawyer, until that is the FBI raided River Birch’s HQ after which Butler reportedly ceased practicing law.  Jr is board attorney at West Jeff Medical Center and has been a recurring character in our narrative whether Louisiana or Nova Scotia Canada.

Forgotten in the narrative is the Parish had existing contracts for all these services that were publicly bid in accordance with applicable state law at the Parish’s landfill.  Waste Management’s suit against the Parish and River Birch Landfill has gotten all the headlines but WM was not the only people unhappy with the way a solicitation for the disposal of woody waste morphed into an all-encompassing comprehensive waste disposal contract with River Birch that required the Parish to close their landfill and this is where we start today with the following dynamite document on that exact topic:

I’ve been vetting these documents to make sure we do not miss anything because the devil is in the details and it was Whitmergate that reminded me of a mysterious $250,000 fee paid to the law firm of Phelps Dunbar in the River Birch matter circa 2009 that no one has been able to previously explain. So the story goes it was former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson that made the call to breach the Waste Management contract but that does not make complete sense because Wilkinson would have needed cover. Sources close to the events in 2009 indicate to Slabbed that $250,000 payment to Phelps Dunbar by the Parish was for work done in preparation of Waste Management contract breach which in turn means the law firm had a front row seat to the massive alleged criminal conspiracy that involved the River Birch contract.

At the end of the day every money-making opportunity associated with giving River Birch the landfill monopoly in Jefferson Parish was divided among the political insiders, Keystone Renewable Energy being just one such example.  And to grease the skids several sources have indicated to Slabbed there were other transactions done guaranteed to generate goodwill, such as River Birch buying their vehicles from car dealerships owned by Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts as literally everyone save perhaps one Parish Councilman was fully incentivized into doing the bidding of Team River Birch.


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  1. I don’t know about the cars incentives but just guessing how about a few thousand “Chunky Chocolate”, quadruple decker POS ice cream cones from Chrissy’s 31 Natural Flavors Baskin-Robbins in Terrytown.

    You know for the Fazzios, the Heebies, the Sneedies and all the other political Jeebies of JP.

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