If not for a conflict of interest Aaron Broussard would’ve had no interest at all: My Gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak sends these documents for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation

Well whadda you know folks Aaron Broussard the Parish Prez and Aaron Broussard Inc are in fact a “difference without a distinction”. Let’s examine the following documents to illustrate why:

First up Aaron is a concerned director at First Bank and Trust:

As per my previous discussion with you, I will not accept any compensation from the Bank for Board related work on my part for the months of September, October, November, and December 2005.

As I expressed to you personally, this is my way of showing my support for the bank during these tough times.

Indeed these were tough times as the east bank of the Parish was suffering mightily from the after effects from the flooding that resulted from Broussard’s decision to intentionally flood the Parish via the forced evacuation of the pump operators.

And Aaron was indeed heavily involved with First Bank and Trust as this August 19, 2005 letter to him from FB&T’s Bill Roohi regarding his participation in the Trust Committee indicates. Worth noting in the above linked PDF is the amount of money FB&T could make (or was actually making) from several area pension plans as once again the Southern Baptists prove no one saves more than they, though the Sewage and Water Board has a nice fat pension asset base as well.

I want to make sure everyone understands that there was no “public” in Aaron Broussard’s service as Parish Prez as he rented his office to any and all that were stuffing money in his pocket. To understand the bombshell that is coming we must first examine this email from Jannie Markey at First Bank and Trust to Broussard’s secretary Cindy Roth circa February 20, 2004 as we continue to travel back in time:


Please find attached the letter to Gov. Blanco to be printed out on Parish letterhead for Mr. Broussard’s signature. It may need adjusting to fit the layout of the letterhead. I am sending overnight to you the attachments that will accompany this letter.

Please mail this one for me due to I do not have any envelopes with the Parish logo.

I am also sending overnight to you another letter on Bank letterhead addressed to Mr. Foti (with attachments) for Mr. Broussard’s signature.

Please have him sign and, mail for me.

Thank you for all your help.

Inagine what Jannie could’ve done if she had taxpayer funded Parish logo’d envelopes because of course the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish did indeed have the best Parish Prez money could buy:

Naturally one wonders exactly WTF Joe Canizaro was thinking here because we already knew Broussard is a self-absorbed narcissist but if the folks in Jefferson Parish thought they ranked their politicians, Joe Canizaro begs to differ. Must be nice to be in business and specify which letters lobbying on behalf of that business get to go on official stationery.

This, I submit, is exactly why our country is broke and its citizenry effectively disenfranchised.


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  1. Sop … I assume that this is the same Lauren Scott who prepared the River Birch “fairy tale” report of the millions the Parish was going to save predicated upon River Birch being awarded an illegal landfill monopoly.

  2. It’s amazing when you think just how many parish employees had to know even if they where just doing there job, and never came forward , it’s so prevelent and those that are involed can’t stop. Just in Titus is off to jail so much for him as a witness ?

    The government’s motion seeking to have Titus’ bond revoked does not say what crimes prosecutors believe Titus has committed since signing his plea agreement. It simply says that Titus has “repeatedly” violated the conditions of his bond “by engaging in continued criminal activity.”

  3. Hmmmm– Lil’ Napoleon lets a bank secretary print a letter on JP Official Stationery for him to sign to use his influence wit da’ Gov fo’ da’ bank.

    Then from the bank’s Mr. Roohi’s August 2005 letter to Lil’ Nap we see Nap is a Board member of a bank who proposes a prospects list of several Public non-profit pension funds of Parish entities like West Jefferson Medical Center-10 MILLION (403) funds and custody of public funds da’ Kenner Fire Dept-.$12 MILLION.

    Also contained in another proposed prospects hit list are two old contract cronies of JP politics: Phelps Dunbar-$30 MILLION and Jones Walker-$100 MILLION and a desire to administer their retirement funds. Wonder who was going to do the sales massage on them.

    Finally, I recognize a familiar political name that recently ran for JP political office , Glen Hayes, who was scheduled to be da’ bank’s officer of choice over custody of the NO Firefighter’s $200 MILLION, the West Jefferson Medical Center’s $10 MILLION (403) fund and $45 MILLION of the Plumber’s and Steamfitters.

    One truth Nap has told over and over again and that is – Nap was definitely a part-timer for JP and a full timer for himself.

    God Bless you Nap but I wish you hadn’t cut off dat small regenerative brain that was growing out of yo’ head as it could have given you more legal eagle ideas.

    1. I liked seeing Lambert Bossier’s name in this because there is a parallel story here in Orleans Parish. He sponsors the law while the fat cats divide up the loot before the Gov’s signature is dry.

      Lil’ Nap had his head so far up Joe Canizaro’s hiney his docs may need only wipe a bit harder on that mole upon his jug haid…….


    2. BINGO !!! … you have unravelled the Phelps, Dunbar connection … they didn’t have to contribute directly … they filtered thru the bank … no wonder they can continue to to bill HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to DEFEND the INDEFENSIBLE !!!

      1. I believe Tim Coulon was affiliated with Omni Bank ‘Gate.

        The term you are searching for is “financial intermediary” and yes there is lots of back scratching potential with a large pension fund. Anywhere there are large pots of money would be logical gathering points for the players.

        Like we’ve always done whether offshore reinsurance rackets or this – follow the money.

        The sunshine inflicted pain has only just begun.


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