Welp, it looks like Anne Marie isn’t the only former employee suing Jefferson Parish….

Well folks all I can say is I read Ms Pacaccio’s petition and she comes across to me like a woman scorned.  A perusal of Jeff Net indicates Ms Pacaccio’s star witness is none other than disgraced former Parish Prez turned government informant Tim Coulon, who I am certain can well illuminate Ms Pacaccio’s tenure on the 10th floor of the Yenni Building.

Pacaccio is represented by Goatherder lawyer Carl Finley, who evidently found time to draft the Pacaccio complaint around making a threatening phone call to Anne Marie Vandenweghe in April 2011 on behalf of Aaron Broussard, Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary complaining about “her brother’s” work exposing corruption on Slabbed.

Frankly folks I do not see this suit going anywhere but the gutter but what do I know?  😉 ~ sop

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  1. If you swim with sharks expect to get bitten, unlike Ms. Vandenweghe I have little sympathy for Ms. Pacaccio. However I do recognize that parish employees live daily with the threat of retaliation if they speak out or whistleblow. Yet ironically in the news article from 2010 in the face of all the corruption the Young administration still has no mechanism in place to protect and encourage whistlblowers in fact there is still retaliation. My personnel experience with Capt. Kevin Smith is he’s as much the problem as his predecessors were and there are no investigations just more cover ups. As for parish employees like the ADA Coordinator Ms. Hoover they will say and do what ever the parish attorney wants no matter how unethical or untruthful it is.

    Jefferson Parish President John Young opens new investigations
    Published: Thursday, October 28, 2010, 5:35 PM Updated: Thursday, October 28, 2010, 6:24 PM Richard Rainey, The Times-Picayune
    The anonymous letters arrived soon after Jefferson Parish President John Young took the oath of office, complaints alleging malfeasance in the government he now runs.
    Young said the letters led him to open half a dozen investigations in just two weeks.
    “I guess I’m the whistleblower hotline,” Young said Thursday. Anything substantive evidence will be sent to the proper authorities for a further look, he said.
    Since then, Security Director Charlie Knopp and Mike Miller, who sometimes served as Broussard’s driver and bodyguard, have resigned, Young said. And long-time executive assistant Angela Pacaccio’s last day will be Friday, he said.
    Pacaccio served under Parish Presidents Michael J. Yenni, Coulon, Broussard and Theriot. Among other duties, she had been in charge of collecting cash from employees each year to buy Christmas gifts for Broussard and his chief aide, Tim Whitmer. Young said he has ended that practice.
    Miller and Knopp have been replaced by Troy Bradberry and Kevin Smith, two Sheriff’s Office deputies detailed to the new administration. Young said they are handling the whistleblower complaints.
    Young said he is also looking to cut overtime pay and lower the salaries of several positions in his new administration. For instance, Bradberry and Smith are making a combined $36,000 less a year than their predecessors, he said.

    1. Those that Pacaccio extorted on Broussard’s behalf for those expensive Christmas gifts also remember her for other exploits. I can’t imagine Coulon really wants to testify under oath about the subject of Ms Pacaccio’s job performance. Then again I can’t imagine Ms Pacaccio really wants any discovery here but stranger things have happened.


  2. I believe this is not the first time Paccaccio has sued the Parish…or sued on behalf of the Parish…foggy on details but I am certain she was a named Plaintiff in another suit against JP. And I also believe she is looking forward to the notoriety and exposure . As for Counsel Finley, he has played both sides for so long I wonder if he knows which end is up? The game is afoot…And I again quote ( loosely) ” In JP if it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it is probably a horse.” A Trojan horse perhaps in this instance? A friendly lawsuit? Hmmmmmm

    1. Interesting. I may be misreading the new Parish Attorney but I do not think I am but the days of “friendly lawsuits” as a taxpayer fleecing mechanism are over.


  3. Agree re the new PA, but this is not about her…the JP Council still controls the settlement of lawsuits…4 votes carry the day. She cannot control them.

    1. Spot on Unslabbed. There is some evidence from the last Parish Council meeting that the Parish Council may not be happy with Ms Foshee or the new fangled way of conducting business above board at the Parish Attorney’s office. I’m shaking the tree hard but everyone is being tight lipped on the matter.

      Regardless I have enough to roll with a post on the subject.


      1. I would imagine the “long-timers” on the JP Council are having a difficult time adjusting to the transparency and professionalism of the new PA. No more cover-ups or, f**** ’em let them sue. Kind of like adult behavior modification after being allowed to run loose and wild.

  4. I personally have experienced the parish attorney’s new attitude change from “So , go ahead sue the parish ” or the job security of “Defending the indefensible” . The parish attorney has now learned how to do the crawfish with asking for “Continuances without a Date”. That’s a very new brave stance to take this way they don’t admit the wrong doing and keeps you from going further into 24th Judicial or Federal Court where they will most certainly lose.

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