Since it was Port debris that acted with the storm surge to flatten my house and old neighborhood back in 2005……

Gov. William J. LePetomaine

You can bet yer sweet bippy I’m keeping up with the jackassery over at the State Port in Gulfport and I need to find some time to properly address the issues this Boss Hogg inspired stink fest has since brought to the fore. But alas time is short for me today thus this task must wait but there is no way I can let Monday’s meeting with the Port Authority and Mississippi Gov Phil Bryant pass without at least some satire since Sun Herald photographer Tim Isbell got some great pictures from the scripted Port meet and greet that reminded me of another Gov from long ago, William J. Le Petomaine.

I hope everyone understands my cynicism here because everyone I know with knowledge of the port expansion knew back in 2008 it would take far more than the housing money that was diverted to build out Mississippi’s port of the future and in turn this tells me there is some other force at play, one that is not being presented by the politicians with any semblance of transparency IMHO.  This snippet from Anita Lee’s Sun Herald story on the topic explains it explains it:

Gov. Phil Bryant liked the progress he saw Monday on the state port’s West Pier, but said the port could use its restored and expanded ground more quickly if plans to elevate are scrapped.

Bryant reiterated that the port would need a “robust evacuation plan” for tenants and containers in case of a hurricane if plans do not proceed to elevate the port from 10 feet to 25 feet above sea level.

TIM ISBELL/SUN HERALD Gov Bryant’s state seal cowboy boots

Along those lines since LePetomaine was this nation’s first Governor “fashionista” it is only fair we highlight ol’ Phil since he emulates modern-day fashionista governor in Texas’ Rick Perry using his boots to make a fashion statement.  And since this is indeed the case and now that we have a crisis we must ask ourselves what would LePetomaine do to ascertain what is happening behind closed doors today?  I think this video embed of a LaPetomaine meeting circa 1874 explains it beginning around 1:55:

So now like all good modern day politicians Gov. Bryant must wet his finger and stick it up in the air to figure this one out while the competing factions fight it out over the HUD loot Boss Hogg diverted to Port Elevation.  I would like to point out there was a “robust evacuation plan” in place on August 29, 2005 and it was not followed so Phil can take his “robust evacuation plan” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.  Of course it is easy for Ol’ Phil to toss around talking points since he will never have to live with the consequences of diverting the diversion whenever the next major storm hits spewing raw chicken all over the ‘hood from freezers built just a few feet above sea level for the sake of political expediency.


One thought on “Since it was Port debris that acted with the storm surge to flatten my house and old neighborhood back in 2005……”

  1. Not elevate?

    Maybe they should build it in a pit with a flush drain a the bottom. When the next big one come along, they can just flush it all down and at least save the clean up costs.

    Or they can get toghether with the North Carolina legistlature and determine that scientific data not be used, and that simply proclaim the ocean to be 15′ lower, and thus the site 15′ higher.

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