One of Byron Lee’s conprofits back in the news.

I managed to find a bit of internet here in the woods late this morning as this Byron Lee conprofit deal is back in the news.  I did the down and dirty on the Legislative Audit report via twitter and those wishing to catch up with former Jefferson Parish councilman Byron Lee’s association with taxpayer funded conprofits should click here, here and here.  All the usual suspects are involved in the latest including State Representive Girod Jackson.  Here is the link to the audit report and here is the link to the referenced “for profit business” seeded with taxpayer money. Finally my instant reaction via twitter:

After all none of this was a big secret.

Butler is also the Board Attorney at West Jefferson Medical Center.

My initial reaction was WOW for the audit report is daming.

I’ll have more observations later in comments.


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  1. Now why would I have this funny feeling Rebowe and Co. was the independant auditor for the conprofit ? SOP, is there any doubt this conprofit was a sub-grantee of Federal funding and where is the HUD OIG ?

  2. nice to see clarence roby pop up again. how is that guy still practicing law?……i see there is a financial consultant marvin johnson named. wonder if that is elder marvin johnson who was the cfo at greater st stephens? elder johnson worked out a nice kick back from the greater st stephens roofing contractor after katrina. cash + a new roof for his own home. i informed an fbi agent years ago but never heard anything back. probably the same guy.

  3. The bigger ‘con’ however was the fraud perpetrated by Wilkinson and Butler,Jr having Wilkinson’s knee bender sister -in-law Nancy Cassange appointed to Director of WJMC at a salary of $500,000 Dollars!!

    Cassange’s footprints are all over this …

    1. Of course he does … where else would this POS be floating but in another cesspool of corruption … HANO has been a haven for Lee and his ilk for a long long time …

  4. What a cast of legal defense lawyers we have here in this mess. Chaffe McCall’s Walter Becker and Mandy Mendoza, the Honorable Clarence Roby, and the King of Torts Ike Spears.

    We have some great names associated with this audit.

    What are the latest Poydras Street Odds (Courtesy of Harrahs Casino) of an indictment in this mess? 1 to 5 odds say it will occur within the next 12 months.

    1. I just love when these Uptown law firms like Chaffe, McCall get down and dirty … these turds always float to the top and drift away when they finally realize they could be sucked up to the bottom of the cesspool where their client(s) flourish in corruption layered year after year …

    2. Clarence Roby was paid a “retainer” of $145,000.00, but cannot supply the support documentation. What? Are you kidding me? That is theft of public funds, plain and simple. If you received money but cannot provide the backups, then you need to go straight to jail.

      I am sick and tired of reading about this “in plain sight” theft that nobody in law enforcement seems to care about. Paul Connick – I mean, what the fuck, is he dead? Jim Letten is overwhelmed. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

      1. amazing, isn’t it? does connick do any work? a regular judge judy watcher could get convictions in this scam.

        1. They should put out an APB on Paul Connick or maybe a missing persons report. Maybe his wife would join in. 🙂

          1. Carpe…I doubt Connick’s wife wants him around… perhaps she’s just interested in his paycheck
            arriving on time….as far as D.A. Connick is concerned, he should be ashamed to even take a paycheck…he hasn’t done a thing for the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish…except waste our J.P. tax dollars by having his name on the door of the D.A. office..he certainly hasn’t done anything to earn his keep… ( he & ‘Jimbo the Clown’ Donelon could be twins…neither does anything for the taxpayers..)…

    1. In addition, Jefferson Parish mortgage records reveal that the IRS has hit Lee’s Maxima Group Behavioral Services Corp. with a federal tax lien worth more than $306,070 in federal taxes.

      Holy shit! I’d be under the jail if I owed the IRS that. And, that begs the question of how much he’s stealing, I mean earning, if he owes that much in taxes. This stealing is becoming a daily occurrence in the media.

  5. That’s not including the parish liens as of over a year ago @$14K . The scary thing is the money continued to flow because of falsified financial reports while it took over 2 years of bells and whistles going off from unpaid taxes before the Legislative Auditor acted. Even scarier is that the LA. Auditors report is public before it’s known or acted on by the DOJ. Think that lack of communication in departmental bureaucracy might be part of the problem , eh? Just a tiny little bit !

  6. SOP you got to be kidding below is the audit reports first from Deemer in 2005 which was damning to begin with but alas the money kept flowing then Rebowe & after the Legislative Auditor’s first contact in 2009 . Totally amazing that it took so long and the money continued to flow.…/$FILE/00000EB8.pdf…/$FILE/0001D1F8.pdf

  7. Don’t forget that this perennial con-profit was started by Donald Jones in the late 1990s and was shut-down for similar shenanigans before Byron Lee (third cousin of Derrick Sheppard) figured-out how to play the game.

  8. Just in case you don’t remember the name of the Jefferson Parish DA, it’s Paul Connick, Jr. — the name of the La. Atty General is Buddy Caldwell …

    The only excuse for cover in failing to do the job they (Connick and Caldwell) swore an oath to do is because they have their head up each other’s ass and are crab-legging between Letten’s groin … frankly all 3 of these morally bankrupt officials are dispicable !!!

    It is time for the DoJ in DC to take total control of the EDLA’s US ATTORNEY’s office and continue a full court press …

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