At the rate he’s going Tom Benson is gonna own us all, lock, stock and barrel…..

My early internet social media experience came with the national financial media, 99% of which are complete sellout corporate whores.  Is the sports beat any different?  I wonder and offer the following two Dave Walker articles on Jim Henderson’s semi-retirement as the exact reason Grand Master Wang exists over at Moosedenied excoriating Legitimate Media™ types on the sports beat:

He says his departure from the local CBS affiliate is a chance to “sample” retirement. He’ll continue as the play-by-play voice of the New Orleans Saints for WWL AM-870. There will likely be other work on the other side, too.

“It’s going to be a lot more freedom,” Henderson said last week. “Channel 4 was really nice to me and wanted to keep me in whatever role I wanted. I just think it’s time…………………

The nature of the work itself has changed over the years, too, and not necessarily for the better. Professional and college teams in all sports have become entertainment enterprises that strive to control their brand.

“At one point, you were kind of welcomed into the inner sanctum, the heart of the team,” he said. “You got to know these people as people on and off the field. You don’t get that access any longer.

“In some ways, I can understand it. There are so many more people covering the teams now in so many different ways. There are bloggers, there are tweeters, there are radio people, Internet, newspaper, television.

“I understand why they’ve done it, but it’s so homogenous now.”

Homogeneous is a good word and if you want to be fed the scraps from Tom Benson’s media table its best you stick to the party line and act like Jonathan Vilma is still a stud linebacker or else you get banned from the team facility.  So how has Jim Henderson dealt with that pesky “homogeneous problem” in his semi retirement?

Jim Henderson’s semi-retirement to include working for WVUE-TV

“Henderson’s duties will include providing his popular commentaries every week during the Saints season. You will also be able to get Jim’s thoughts on our Fox 8 morning show the day after every Saints game as well as a weekly web chat, a preview of each Saints game and he’ll be a regular guest on our Fox 8 Live Tailgate shows and Final Play on Sunday nights.”

Sad thing is no one needed access to the inner sanctum to see our linebackers bit last year as “the film never lies” though that access requires homogeneous Legitimate Media™ types to lie for da boss on many occasions.


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