Sal Perricone speaks: It is getting deep folks.

New Orleans Magazine landed the interview with Perricone and it is highly informative. For instance, Perricone discloses he came clean with US Attorney Jim Letten immediately after Gordon Russell with the T-P called, which means Team Letten strategized for well over a day before he had that presser on the subject of Perricone’s internet postings. He claims he was not CampStBlue, a claim for which I harbor great dubiety.

Against that backdrop Aaron Broussard was in court today and Paul Purpura was there to cover it for It appears Broussard gave some Tom Green like advice in cautioning that men should have their women check their balls for cancer regularly and indeed this is sage advice but it has nothing to do with the crimes Broussard is alleged to have committed.

Echoing my recent reader email comment on the topic of Sal Perricone and Team Broussard’s motion to DQ Team Letten over Perricone’s internet commenting NOLA commenter 8004 exhibited some tough love towards Judge Head, Chicken Little Foret, Perricone and Mr Letten himself in Paul’s piece I linked above. I do not believe Fox 8 should be put to the question as they are teevee journalist plying their trade. But as my reader pointed out Chicken Little had additional responsibilities as an attorney and indeed he advertises himself as a legal expert, said title rightfully claimed via his JD and professional experience so it is a valid point.

In other news that pain in Aaron cheek is reputed to be skin cancer but in reality it is the continuing Slabbed investigation into his shithouse tenure as Parish Prez and I fear that pain will migrate from his cheek to his anus causing an uncontrollable spasmodic sphincter. It goes without saying Broussard lawyer Robert Jenkins is smart to seek a change of venue because his client is a first class piece of shit that is well known locally for being such but “no man is rich enough to buy back his past” so my own opinion is it won’t matter where they have his trial. In fact if I may be so bold might I suggest Hattiesburg or Gulfport as wonderful alternative sites.


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  1. No one … and I mean no one … should give Sal Perricone any more credit than what is due … he trolled the blogs, like many others in law enforcement … for the most part he and they were and are disappointingly clueless …

    What Sal should be concerned about is his potential plagerismn of not only my writings, but all other bloggers and commenters’ “‘sui generis” material …

    Sal … this is a new world my friend, and I WILL SUE to protect the artistic license of my ORIGINAL CONTENT … as far as I’m concerned you’re a ‘Johnny come lately’ … no matter who you think you are or where you are from …

    So Sal, if you what to collaborate, fine … contact Sop … but don’t ever think you’re going to walk off with the prize considering your collusion with the other side for all these years … Harahan is a small town !!!

    1. One more anecdote about this troll Perricone … he, like those dumbasses, LargeA$$e,TheRiot, Butch Ward’s mini-me Roberts, the felons Barton and Bonano, the ‘girls’ in Nova Scotia, the Sistas of Satan and so many of the ignit shit in Jefferson Parish who want to believe … that AMV’s “alter ego is Slabbed” … well Mr. Finley, it’s not true and never has been a fact… EVER !!! …

      You want to talk about Perricone’s credibility as an insider now ??? … chorusing in with the rest of the jackasses is proof positive that the Government has no downside as a result of Sal’s plageristic trolling …

      Nobody ever said that the members of the St. Rita’s Mafia were smart …

    2. The Alienation of Sal Perricone – New Orleans Magazine – May 2012 – New Orleans, LA

      Dear Sal,

      It’s your ole buddy fatuous1 writing to you “CONFIDENTAILLY”!

      After conferring with other (much unlike myself) VIP Members of the “LOUISIANA BLOGGERS CLUB”, we have decided that if you are “INDICTED” your very BEST Line of Defense is to Simply Plead “INSANITY” or CHOOSE from one of the following three other “OPTIONS”!

      OPTION ONE: Tell the Feds that you ate some highly seasoned Crayfish that damaged your Brian (TOO SALTY or TOO MUCH CAYANNE PEPPER.

      OPTION TWO: “PULL A HILLARY”, just fall down and bump your head! That way you can tell everybody you sustained a “CONCUSSION” or “CONTUSSION” that led to ‘AMNESIA”!

      OPTION THREE: I would like to tell you about Option Three, butt, my Psychiatrist told me that I am NOT allowed to discuss “OPTION THREE”! Basically, Option Three is a “PERMANENT SOLUTION” to a very “TEMPORARY PROBLEM”!

      BEST ADVICE: Basically tell the Feds anything, butt, “THE GOD’S HONEST TRUTH!


      Your Fellow Club Member and Newest “BEST” Buddy,


      PS: Just a Reminder Sal I am currently in charge of the Mental Health of all LBC Members Past and Present, so if your experiencing any Delusional, Homicidal and/or Suicidal Ideations PLEASE call (504) 231-3056 and if I don’t pick up after the third ring put the phone down and count to 9-hundred and eleven!

  2. whose book ,.. mine or Perricone or Sop or AMV or lockemuptight or Val or Telemachus or Imaangry or sock and so many others who have been part of what seems to be the never ending scandal drama that was coined by Sop … “As River Birch Turns”

  3. Gate,
    Perricone is a side show, a highly intelligent misfit narcissist who wasn’t getting enough “ata boys” in a politically driven governmental agency where promotions are based on who you blow not what you know. I don’t care for the man’s lack of integrity but do appreciate his intelligence and cunning just like I do Brown and Edwards who’s books I would never buy either . What better person to create the perfect defense than a prosecutor particularly where his pears in the DOJ for various reasons would like to sweep this under the rug anyway . The book deal is in the works it started with the announcement of the apologies tour, being over worked and needing therapy for working in a city full of corruption. Perricone has a bright future in local politics.

  4. Mr. Perricone, THANK YOU SIR for your service as a LAED prosecutor. YOU have served honorably and with distinction for our parishes. First amendment applies to all. I believe YOU stating YOU in no way violated Grand Jury info or in any way prejudiced any other cases. GOD bless you and your family.

  5. Focus must NOW be on indicted parties, guilty plea parties and Jeff Parish continued Frederick R. Heebe public corruption. OUR U. S. Attorney’s office led ALL offices for public corruption convictions. SURE our area is full of corruption BUT LAED LED IN CONVICTIONS. I observed LAED Judicial Officer’s KNOWINGLY file and testify to fabricated known filings in LAED court. My life was altered due to known Judicial Officer NO time limit fabrication for Alvin C. Copeland, et. al. Two Copeland hotel chapter XI partners confessed to their LAED Judge Kingsmill chapter XI public Corruption. BY LAW there is NO time limit for Judicial Officer fabrication. GOOD LUCK to you Mr. Perricone, you do deserve only the best for you and your family.

    1. Right Geoffrey, let’s just forget about his violations of the U.S. Attorney Handbook, The Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct and the Code of Professional Responsibility. The First Amendment does not work as a shield to these professional rules. Trashing these rules is not “honorable.” If he deserved “only the best,” why did he resign? If he survives the imposition of penalties for his violations of these rules, he can go hang out a shingle and fend for himself. Or as is his wont, he can apply at a civil defense firm. Good luck with any of that. Maybe Keith Magness is looking for a law partner these days.

      1. Madness & Peckercone …. and they can rent space in Wilkinson ‘s office … or buy it so he continue to pay his lawyers … perfect … right in the heart of GretnaMentality …

  6. Mr. Perricone resigned so an investigation of his bloggs could occur proving no violations of Grand Jury secrets. NO HARM NO FOUL. First Amendment protects ALL. Thank God for our Bill of Rights.

    1. Mr. Geoffrey,

      I hold hardly agree about the 1st amendment even school yard bully’s and the KKK have rights too! But what is lacking with Mr. Perricone is integrity not only did he knowingly jeopardize his work but that of others at the DOJ as being bias while excepting being a paid public servant. I felt more empathy for Mr. Perricone before the dubiety of his excuses if can’t truly own it he’s no better than those he berated. In the end I do thank him for his service.

  7. TOM, This man was a NOPD Detective, FBI six year agent and twenty years he gave to the Office which ranks NO. ONE in all U. S. Atty’s offices for public corruptin CONVICTIONS. HOW MANY VICTIMS HAB HE ASSISTED FROM THAT SERVICE?

    1. Geoffrrey ,
      That’s why a persons integrity is the most valuable thing we own, it’s the only thing we have that others can’t steal and no matter what good you have done it only takes a moment of weakness to give it away ! We are all human and for some people there is redemption in second chances but you have to value integrity before you can earn it back. Mr. Perricone didn’t truly value his job otherwise he wouldn’t have given it away and that he will never get back.

  8. Tom, Being human comes with faults. Stress can get to us all. Integrity is a dynamic and stress affects dynamics. I say forgive the man.

  9. Geoffrey,
    I hold no personnel malice towards the man , I’m just excising the 1st amendment , he never invited gun owners to visit my house but Perricone’s co-workers and others he berated may find his claims that after all those years in law enforcement stress is the cause for his indiscretions to be a little more than disingenuous.

  10. NO bloggs as campstblue, soooooo Mr. Perricone never blogged where Nagin lived, as written in Picayune article this AM.

    1. But Perricone did not admit posting under another name the newspaper has attributed to him — “campstblue” — though he did not quite deny authoring posts under that name, either. “I don’t remember using ‘camp street blue,'” Perricone told the magazine. He added that he typically switched identities when he forgot his password.

  11. Mr. Perricone would know IF he commented about Nagin living at Park Island.

  12. Geoffrey , did you really read the story? Perricone will never get his integrity back till he owns what he did and so far he’s falling short .

    As it happens, “campstblue” also took a shot at James Cole, who may ultimately have a say in whether Perricone is censured. As a deputy U.S. attorney general, Cole will receive the results of the Justice investigation into Perricone’s conduct.

    In December 2007, “campstblue” opined that local attorney Pat Fanning would have gone to prison in a 1990 case revolving around a local bookmaker, were it not for “incompetent prosecutors.” Cole was part of the prosecution team. does not give The Times-Picayune access to information on its commenters. But the four aliases the newspaper has associated with Perricone feature a nearly identical writing style and typically address the same arcane subject matter.

    1. Spot on Tom. Perricone needs to come completely clean or he’ll never earn any respect from me.


      1. The Ambien story is pretty convenient. Regardless, the facts still justify prosecution under the La. DWI statute. He drove impaired and caused an accident. So, why wasn’t he prosecuted? Lawyer, you speaketh bullshit.

  13. That smart-ass elephant is back in my living room again … he generally shows up after having read any number of assinine comments on NOLA .com … this time he’s (the elephant that is) ranting about how stupid and naive the comment thread reads on the T- P article written about Perricone’s Mencken escapades … it just so happens I agree with him on several points, as follows:


    1. Wow, I read these comments by all these experts and now I understand why Perricone analogizes commenters, l guess that includes me, as the cuckoo’s nest. Those of you who hate this guy, should contact him DIRECTLY and not hide, as he did, under some psuedonym. Who’s the coward here? He went public. YOU, cockpuppet, Whitmergate, Tom, haven’t. You made allegations aganst the guy without really knowing him. We all know the TP is corrupt, but you give them a pass. Show some courage, that’s all I am saying.

      1. What do you mean, “those of you who hate this guy”? I never claimed to hate him, he just strikes me as an egotistical, condescending liar. I traded with him on, so I know him as well as I want to. He is disgraced and jobless.

      2. ccjames,
        I know a schmuck when I hear a schmuck they squeal in protest of their own guilt they give them selves away when what the say has no wieght merit.

  14. Grand Jury leaks have not been proved. Watercooler talk could have happened but let’s see sworn testimony or affidavits with identified offenders. The guy admitted to postings but not to Nagin’s home being on park island. Let the investigators complete their investigation, the guy deserves that much.

    1. Mr. Boulmay, Sr. …re-read my previous comment once more please … the idea of ‘secret’ Grand Jury proceedings is a hypocritical fairy tale of an outdated medieval proceeding of landowner/cerf feudal England .. the content of Sal’s comments are irrelevant to his admission of breaching the rules he swore to uphold … I don’t have any personal feelings toward Sal one way or the other … it’s not an issue of what Mr. Perricone wrote, but that he wrote any comments while an AUSA at all … it really is that simple !!!

  15. They are investigating and will ultimately sanction Mr. Perricone regardless of his PR spin doctoring prior to investigators findings . Like I said before ” the best defense attorneys come from prosecutors” . Mr. Perricone is building his defense and only needs one like Mr. Geoffrey and he walks but without his integrity , you don’t worry about losing something you never valued.

  16. I love it when someone comes on here using an anonymous alais to attack others for using anonymous alaises. I’ll add he went public because he was outed, not because he suddenly grew a nut sack.

    This is a painful subject for some of y’all and I understand and am sympathetic to that but the ends here do not justify the means.


    1. SOP most of what Perricone had to say carried merit but then at-times even for a private citizen he crossed a line particularly with the gun owners comment.

      Too bad he waisted his position in anonymous diatribes rather than having the balls to using them to better our lives.

      Most use aliases to keep the opinionated content on the web or to whistleblow without the extremists calling on phones or at night showing up on the door step however there is a fine line crossed to open maliciousness with the intent to harm in directing those extremist to someones home.

      Nothing I have posted I don’t own it came from my heart and that of a citizen that is unhappy with the governmental status qua. I may not always be right but I would never try to maliciously hurt anyone that way.

  17. I JUST believe our FIRST AMENDMENT protects free speech. IF the guy did NOT violate Grand Jury rules then the guy did NOT violate our trust as an AUSA.

    1. Mr. Boulmay:

      Are you really that thick? Do you think the First Amendment protects a lawyer if he tells a judge, “F— you” in open court? Does the First Amendment protect someone if he tells you he wants to have sex with a 5 year-old? Does the First Amendment protect you if you yell, “Fire” in a crowded theater when there is no fire?

      If you are so unobjective as to think a lawyer (especially an AUSA) can say or write whatever he wants and then invoke the First Amendment, then you have no credibility because you are not willing to acknowledge the wrongdoing that forced this man’s resignation. He was forced out because he did wrong. We can explain that to you a million times, but we can’t understand it for you. Maybe you should have advised ole Mencken to stay on the job and simply invoke the First Amendment.

      1. Sock, you won’t find this in the TP, but now three Federal Judges, including Ginger Berrigan have found NO wrongdoing on Perricone’s part. I don’t know why the TP or this site haven’t reported that fact, but it’s a fact. I hope you are beginning to see what Geoff is saying may have a spinter of truth to it. BTW, in the Bible there are countless stories about people attacking other people for their sins. But when they are confronted with their own wrongdongs, their ardor to attack wanes. Perhaps once you have closely examine the facts and your concious–i believe you have one, your attacks will wane as well. It’s healthy to fogive.

        1. Could you give us the judicial citations of your disclosure as it relates to Perricone ?
          In other words … what’s the secret ? … just tell us the name of the other two Jugdes and conclusions that they rendered …

          1. There’s is no secret. The three judges are Zaney, Head and Berrigan. You seem dissappointed. Perhaps the TP wants to keep it secret….God Bless.

          2. CJ, like who really thought the DOJ is going to prosecute Perricone who’s one of their own in the first place and second place I’m sure the DOJ would jeopardize the pending cases with his prosecution, right, that would be a smart move. Best advise I can give you is stay away from Vegas cause an odds maker you’re not by the way where did you say you lived ?

        2. CC:

          Federal Judges do not handle disciplinary matters. Attorney wrongdoing and the discipline resulting therefrom will be handled by the DOJ and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel of the LSBA. It’s pretty simple. If he did not do anything wrong, why did he resign? You are comparing apples and rocks. Whether Fed judges have found that his comments did not impact a prosecution is a far cry from breaking the rules I referenced above.

          How much more inconsistent could your reasoning be? On the one hand, you assert that there was “NO wrongdoing” (I love the all caps, BTW), but on the other hand, you imply that I am attacking Mencken for his “sins.” I thought sins were synonymous with wrongdoing.

          Mencken has done nothing to me that requires my forgiveness. Nor do I believe I have “attacked” him, at least not any more so than practically every comment he authored on was an attack.

          Mr. Boulmay is patently ubobjective, and so are you if you think what Mencken did was acceptable. I notice neither of you mentions his little fender-bender based on his impaired driving. Where is the police report?

          1. Mr. Sock, it is apparent that the taproot of your displeasure with Mr. Perricone runs very deep. I would love to know the origin, for as I see it, the only “sin” committed by him is the one we are committing right this moment—blogging anonymously. Given the fact that much of the world is starving, drought has visited our midwest, wars persist, people are jailed unjustly and many other artrocities abound, I am amused and dismayed at the fervor you and some of your friends demonstrate on this subject. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will visit you in your time of need and quell your fires.
            God Bless.

            1. Madam Diablo is now a friend to Slabbed Nation. I tend to grow on those that get to know me a bit. 😉

              I appreciate CC’s input here because there is more to what he is posting than you’d think at first blush. A step further I think CC is being sincere. It could be raging denial but there are also other possibilities.


        3. Mr. James … let me put this more bluntly … what the fuck did Zainey say … what the fuck did Berrigan say … and what the fuck did Head say …to make you believe that Sal is not going to face disciplinary proceedings by the La. ODC and the Justice Dept. ?

          1. There’s no need for profanity. You obviously have a background in the law, so you can verify what I said or heard from a reliable source. What makes you so convinced he will received disciplanary action from what you call “ODC”? Specifically, since you have knowledge, kindly share it with us all, so we, too, can be enlightened.
            God Bless you All.

    and BTW a little quote attributed to John F. Kennedy: ” Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.”

    1. Mr. Unslabbed, I guess you can find the report at the police department where all the reports are kept. When I was hit, that’s where I got mine. Now, I have a question for you based on your JFK quote. Is Mr. Perricone one of your enemies? If so, why?
      God Bless.

  19. The worst of the worst are those hypocrites who wrap them selves in a religious coat, the old testament called them false profits but today modern physiatrists call them sociopaths. Stay with one persona and try to get real , eh?

  20. Maybe ccjames or Mr. Boulmay will offer an estimate as to how much money this avoidable and unnecessary deployment of DOJ lawyers will cost the taxpayer. And Rick Simmons is right, a team of lawyers who are not from these parts simply appear to be out of their element and have a much harder time connecting to E.D. of La. juries. Also, they will never have the institutionalized knowledge of the case possessed by the local lawyers who actually have been doing the work on it for years. I’m sure Mr. Boulmay wants to see Peter Butler’s buddies/clients get their just rewards. And all of this lies at the feet of Sal “no wrongdoing” Perricone. Nice going, Mencken!

  21. Sock, NEW ADDED DOJ Public Integrity Attorney “Moldonado” comes from DOJ’S ASSET AND FORFEITURE DIVISION. DOJ’s motion to put TITUS in prison NOW, cancel bail and incarceration would be PRIOR to Titus being sentenced in October is a “brilliant” move by DOJ. I have spoken to Rick Simmons on my N. O. Federal Court matter. Rick is a nice guy and means well but is a criminal DEFENSE attorney. DOJ three prosecutors + LAED prosecutor Gregory Kennedy ARE AFTER FORFEITURE OF ASSETS FROM FAZZIO AND TITUS. COSTS TO GET THESE INDICTED PARTIES WILL BE REDUCED OR WIPED CLEAN FROM ANY ASSET FORFEITURE. YEA, I look for parties to get their due, for sure, with no apologies to anyone. FAZZIO and TITUS this Tuesday and Wednesday will be interesting. River Burch parties are not even indicted.

  22. Mr. Boulmay, Sr. … I do not question the honesty of your somewhat skewed, determined and passionate defense of Mr. Perricone, as that is YOUR First Amendment right … however what is missing from your argument is that Mr. Perricone could and did, FREELY and in fact, contract to limit his unabridged Freedom of Speech, along with his right of Freedom of Association, by accepting the position an AUSA …

    And like Sock, I feel that your failure, intentionally or otherwise, to answer direct questions makes you suspect of being not only a troll, but a spin shill for Sal …

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