Let’s talk more about Broussard’s grand jury leak “fishing expedition”

Drew Broach wrote a story earlier this afternoon on Judge Head’s latest ruling in USA v Broussard / USA v Wilkinson that included Judge Head’s memorandum ruling detailing his reasons for turning Broussard lawyer Robert Jenkins down.  The order generated an interesting response from a reader, which I am publishing here as it ties into todays commentary on WWL TeeVee legal analyst Chick Foret:

As much as I hope AB gets his ass nailed to the wall, this is a weak ruling. At the very least, Judge Head should have brought Chicken Little in and grilled him about where he got his info. As far as I know, a lawyer (even one acting as a TV expert) does not have the same protection regarding his sources as a journalist does. There are also potential ethical issues for Chicken Little and his sources, but we would have to know more. That would have been the point of having a hearing.

Of course I opined earlier that I thought Sal Perricone was Foret’s source given them two Harahan guys ran together a good bit socially…..at least until Henry Mencken was unmasked then we saw Chick huffing and puffing on the TeeVee. It was great theater.


One thought on “Let’s talk more about Broussard’s grand jury leak “fishing expedition””

  1. Jenkins weak ass smoke and mirrors, who cares about leaks but the TP , before it’s all over DOJ’s lineup is going to be so deep they better think of bringing in some port of potty’s.

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