Hurricane Isaac Miscellany: Becoming hot and bothered, inland creeks and rivers at historic highs, 2 types of levees and flooding sucks

Yep folks I think the post title pretty much sums things up. First up are the levees and dams including the one at Percy Quinn State Park that is a threat to break and flood an area inhabited by around 60,000 people.  Along those lines before Isaac hit Fox 8’s Bob Breck made a TeeVee funny that may become an Isaac prophesy that went something like….

There are two kinds of levees, those that have broke and those that are gonna break

True dat.  This whole Percy Quinn lake deal reminds me of the Big Bay Lake dam break back in 2004.  Earthen levees and dams in particular seem vulnerable based on my anecdotal experiences with this topic which brings me to Isaac’s flood victims.  On this topic I speak from personal experience so to paraphrase Mr Mackey, flooding sucks Um-kay.  In fact its sucks really bad.  To make matters worse Isaac was no Katrina so the nation’s attention span will be shorter.  One of the low points in the recovery process is when you think/realize most everyone has forgotten about the disaster while you’re still in recovery mode.  A California Slabber/vet of the 1994  Northridge Earthquake clued me into that bit of wisdom early on after Katrina on a finance message board and the advance knowledge did help later in 2006.

Next up are the power companies, whose excoriation in the social media will rise exponentially with the late August temperatures as crews work to restore power in NOLA metro and here in South Mississippi.  I write this basking in the 70 degree climate controlled confines of the worldwide offices of Slabbed New Media and I think I’ll take a convenient Ayn Randian position on the subject and pretend human beings are rational creatures.  With that set up let’s visit with Duris on the topic of power restoration in New Orleans via twitter: Continue reading “Hurricane Isaac Miscellany: Becoming hot and bothered, inland creeks and rivers at historic highs, 2 types of levees and flooding sucks”

Jim Brown

Thursday, August 30th, 2012
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Some 4000 Republican delegates and party officials are converging in Tampa this week, with Democrats heading for Charlotte next week. Network television stations are allowing only three hours of national coverage for each convention. So voters apparently are just not tuning in, at least for now. And it’s not just some guy named Isaac who is trying to dampen the political enthusiasm. Political conventions just do not stir up national interest the way they have in the past.

The old process of picking national candidates in the proverbial smoke filled room has gone by the wayside in favor of party primaries. In the old days, candidates would spend years wooing state party leaders, who would then select delegates and tell them whom to support. The old system produced Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy. The current process gave us George Bush and Barack Obama. You be the judge as to which system has worked out better.

My first Democratic convention was in Atlantic City in 1964. On a summer break from Tulane Law School, I was driving my twelve-year-old Volkswagen convertible up to New York for a summer job, and I stopped in Atlantic City on the way. The Democrats were gathering there in the old civic auditorium on the boardwalk, which for many years was the site of the Miss America pageant. Continue reading “Jim Brown”

Tropical cyclone shoo-shoos, occupied West Florida and Tee Vee talking heads……

Old West Florida Territory

Folks Tee Vee news is all about good looks and the ability to read from a teleprompter, not critical thinking so it did not surprise me that a weather channel air-head referred to the Mississippi Coast as The Land Mass Between New Orleans and Mobile, which in turn created a social media firestorm as Mississippians have a well-known inferiority complex, fueled by a world-wide perception the land mass is populated by ignorant red necks.  Worth noting is that perception is based on more than a kernel of truth as there was a massive display of systemic ignorance up Crystal Springs way recently for example.  I personally have no problem accepting that reality for it is just that.  Mississippians have many redeeming qualities though, it just does not get the press attention.

I mention all this because it appears to my untrained eye much of the land mass indignation is coming from “Old Mississippi”, despite the fact the ignorant Weather Channel talking head was in reality speaking of occupied West Florida, which was ripped away from Florida Territory in 1817 and parceled among 3 states.  Picturesque St Francisville Louisiana was our capital and we even had a flag that would not alienate a large swath of the populace. Continue reading “Tropical cyclone shoo-shoos, occupied West Florida and Tee Vee talking heads……”

OK you rumor mongering freaks, Jim Cantore is not in Biloxi

According to today’s Sun Herald the rumor Jim Cantore is at the Hard Rock has popped up again, last time being when Hurricane Gustav was in the Gulf. It is beyond dumb and frankly based upon my track record you’d better be scared of where ol’ Sop decides to ride out a storm moreso than Cantore, who did manage to pick a spot for Katrina that was not far from my place in Gulfport back in 2005. 😉 With a H/T to the S/H the Weather Channel rolled out the following commercial last summer that is too funny:

Then again Mr Bill’s PSC on the topic pre Katrina was also spot on: Continue reading “OK you rumor mongering freaks, Jim Cantore is not in Biloxi”

I previously put out the word out privately…..

But I want to make sure everyone gets the message that if your name has been mentioned on Slabbed I’d especially love to hear from you. Unlike some of my collegues I can bash and look you in the eye after. 😉

That fact of the matter is there have been people that were associated with Aaron Broussard that have reached out and it has profoundly impacted my coverage of the Jefferson Parish scandal as we search for the truth, no matter where it may lead. Along those lines I’ve been drilling down on those overseas investments Aaron Broussard peddled and the names I am seeing in the documents are very interesting indeed and this does not count other people like certain lawyers that were formerly closely connected with the Goatherder Nation.

As far as I know there are only two ways to impact Slabbed’s coverage. One way is via commenting on the posts but that way is not sure fire. The other is to make use of my handy contact page. Heck I even get complimentary copies of the NOLevee delivered postage due to my PO Box so don’t be shy since I’m not.* 😉 Continue reading “I previously put out the word out privately…..”

Jefferson Parish open thread: We have lots to discuss.

A few examples of items needing a full fleshing out is the District D 24th JDC race involving Julie Quinn as she has an opponent. I’ll note Slabbed swam against the media current well over a year ago in maintaining Quinn had her sights set on the 24th JDC, not the State 5th Circuit Court of Appeals as was reported elsewhere.  Quinn is being endorsed by all the usual suspects including Sheriff Noodles and the MIA DA Paul Connick.  Unfortunately for Ms. Quinn, she is not Slabbed approved and depending on the quality of her opposition, Slabbed may well have lots to say about this particular race.

Not mentioned in the preceding paragraph is Ms Quinn’s fiance, Parish Prez John Young.  By all accounts John is crazy about Julie and we’re completely down with the marital bliss thing here at Slabbed New Media. That said there are political observers in Jefferson Parish that are concerned we are seeing a repeat of South Park Season 3, Episode 3. If this is indeed the case I know of only one way to rectify the issue and even then such is a dicey proposition as there could well be collateral casualties. Lest I digress but back to Mr Parish Prez….

This whole charter change deal has caused open warfare between Parish Prez Young and the Parish Council. Now close your eyes and imagine what the local TeeVee media reaction would be if Diana Bajoie called Stacey Head a “hypocrite” or if Head said Mayor Half Moon’s ego has gotten too large. People would have died from being run over by every TeeVee truck in town headed for City Hall to cover the conflict. After reading Drew Broach’s account of the controversy what we got instead was one big yawn from the video set. Councilman LaGasse must not be photogenic enough for the camera is all I can figure. If I missed where the local TeeVee news covered this please feel free to correct me in comments.

Finally I’d like to give a shout out to all the nice peeps at the Yenni Building, where Slabbed New Media now has a field office. Continue reading “Jefferson Parish open thread: We have lots to discuss.”