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  1. Let’s first imagine some Godfather music playing in the background and mention some facts for new readers or commenters who may not remember:

    The first e-mail evidences TheRIOT calling a meeting with Deputy Parish Attorney Gruntz to discuss federal subpoenas of JP records for the U.S. Attorney corruption probe and he wants to talk to Giangrosso, ASSistant JP attorney , who replaced Ann Marie Vandenweighe who had been recently on February 25,2010 placed on leave by TheRIOT under false pretenses to get her out of public records because she was turning over parish records at a rapid pace, whistleblowing and revealing the incestuous nepotistic family trees in JP politics to federal investigators..


    So what does Giangrosso start to do later in March 2010 but begin issuing voluminous numbers of form letters denying a majority of the Public Records Requests (PRR’s) in order to impede investigations into possible parish criminal activities. As a result, the Citizens for Good Government complain to Councilman Young for relief who responds and some PRR’s start to be processed.

    As for analyzing the second e-mail indicating TheRiot ‘s meeting with the Personnel Board ? That has to be a misprint, that has to be an error, that has to be a figment of our imagination, that meeting never happened, it couldn’t have happened, contact between the Administration and the Board is forbidden to happen; all as per the recent printed statement of the Personnel Board’s Chief Lapdog, attorney John Combe, who angrily stated the pristine, prestigious Personnel Board is a ‘ totally independent body not controlled by any Administration ‘.

    What were the topics for discussion at this March 2010 forbidden meeting between TheRiot and the Personnel Board ? Was Ann Marie’ Vandenweghe’s appeal to the Personnel Board for being falsely accused of blogging and put on leave mentioned and/or discussed ?

    Oh excuse me Mr. Combe, the pristine, prestigious Personnel Board IS totally independent of the Administration- Yada, Yada,Yada,

    1. Worth noting here Lockem is that TheRiot lunched with Ashton Phelps and the gang on Friday, February 19, 2010. The date I have for TheRiot sending AMV to the house is Monday, February 22, 2010. In fact I’m beginning to see the need to construct a timeline as the events fall so neatly into place.

      I peeked at PACER and AMV’s trial date is set for April, 2013. I suspect there will be lots of juicy discovery between now and then. I personally can’t wait to see what TheRiot era turds float to the surface. 🙂

      Now that the most obvious conflict of interest in that litigation has been resolved in Phelps Dunbar representing both sides against the middle it appears obvious to me that should it be proven TheRiot acted outside the scope of his duties as interim Parish Prez and I think that will happen, it is very possible we’ll find AMV has more common ground with the Parish in this dispute than the Parish does with TheRiot.


      1. As I was roaming around that winter in 2010 looking for food, I trotted up by the Lodge. After dumping on the porch, my favorite place to dump incidently, I glanced through the dining room window. I could swear that I saw TheRiot and Phelps and Boyles sitting chatting it up with guys I see here all the time, and with all that gourmet food on the table. What a coincidence that I was hungry too!

  2. as some one who has spent the last 7 years rebuilding their home and neighborhood . your posts have been fuel to keep on. thank you.

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