The Wino sends the following word from the gutter

“I hear there are at least 6 more businesses that had similar arrangements with Aaron Broussard as Mack that are in the cross hairs.”

Meantime Mack is doing the legal gyrations to cop a plea and nail the Goatherder in Chief.

I’ll add we’ve yet to see how the Broussard curatorship arrangement with the D’Aquila law firm plays in. :mrgreen:


22 thoughts on “The Wino sends the following word from the gutter”

  1. The date in paragraph 8 of the Mack Bill of Information could not possibly be correct, could it?

    1. I think we’re all getting a much closer handle on what he was thinking when he ordered the pump operators away from their stations just 2 days earlier.


    1. It’s one of the only specific dates in the BIll. It was the Wednesday after Katrina and a few days before the Meet the Press debacle. If my memory serves me, this was almost the exact day AB was on WWL radio talking about how he was defecating in a bag. It’s just hard to believe he could have been awarding any contracts during this period of time. Or is it?

  2. Oh them alligator tears were great weren’t they ? There’s no way just him and Tom pulled all this off there had to be others helping especially with tailoring the RFP’s, so who’s next ?

    1. TIM WHITMER !!! …. TIM WHITMER !!! …. TIM WHITMER !!! … the Government made ‘THE DEAL’ with the DEVIL and it will bite them in their collective asses … TRUST ME.

      This manipulating supreme POS has crawled up Letten’s ass easily, since Letten lacks any sphincter muscle due to making so many “slap their wrist” deals with any number of similar corrupt evil Politico Mafioso …

      So this is another example of Whitmer ‘knowing where all the bones are buried’ ??? … this Whitmer plea deal is a fiasco …

      One has to wonder if a SKELETAL SCANDAL X-RAY would disclose bones from the US Atty’s Office, the FBI, and the Federal Bench of the EDLA …

  3. Sure Sock,
    I don’t doubt what SOP is thinking $$$ disaster services deals were being swung days before opportunity came on shore it makes sense since you would be under marshal law once into the disaster who would question anything then ?

  4. If the Wino has his laptop close by his chair, that is if he is still sitting on his chair, I’d like to send him a question as a clue to the Slabbednation as to who 1 of the 6 businesses might be.

    Who received the biggest post Katrina contract in the tens of millions?

    1. Perhaps this is where former St john the Baptist Parish Prez Hubbard fits in. There are lots of possibilities not inlcluding the Goatherder Nation.

      A major area crook recently passed away. I feel a post is needed to get everyone oriented the right way. The answer my friend is already blowin’ on the Slabb….


      1. Blowin’ is an understatement – Its freakin’ 150 MPH cyber winds from hurricane D” Aquila coming from the direction of Kenner !!!!!!.

        Better check to see that Lil’ napoleon ain’t evacuating prematurely and Letten is hopefully manning the leaking information pumps.

      2. Yes I forgot about Mr. Hubbard who subed under Ceres Environmental was Peppers and Associates owner who has passed the person you are refering too? All makes sense..

  5. Ok Lockemup I’ll bite, my guess is 2 of the companies had to be River Birch Land Fill and Ceres Environmental who got both paid for half filled truck loads and wrongfull demolitions.

  6. Hey Wino how about that businessman that owns the Super 8 Motel at 2421 Clearview Pkwy at the I-10 where Lil’ Napoleon has his current law office in a 1st floor suite and a SlabbedNation commenter once alleged the motel did not have any scheduled property tax associated with the business location.

    Could he be 1 of the 6 businessmen?

  7. Ahaa , Caldera Contracting , has to be goes with the sham companies my is’t that councilmatic !! Took a while like seeing the trees through the forest .

  8. auto fleet sales, land surveying, construction and industrial products, professional services, building maintenance. all of these types of businesses could have paid bribes just like mack.

    1. Hmmm … I wonder how many fleet sales by Parish contractors are funneled thru mini-me’s car lots he has an interest in?

  9. i noticed one south la trout point property owner not only maxed out for himself he also maxed out of 3 other companies under the same roof back in 07. seems like a no brainier. ….i remember sop mentioning a cary goss some time ago.

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