OK folks, for all you freaks looking for Tarpon Rodeo porn

1936 Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo / Courtesy of a reader

I had to laugh last week when Fox 8’s Bob Breck pumped the Grand Isle Tarpon rodeo admonishing locals to bring the kids because it is clear Breck is ignorant of the happenings on Grand Isle during the drunken bacchanal known as the Tarpon Rodeo as it is light years from being kid friendly.  I only mention this because Slabbed is getting some elevated site traffic of late from those wishing to see “grand isle tarpon rodeo naked pics”.  We’ve written lots on these pages about this particular fishin’ rodeo through time but my view from the inside of Slabbed via the google searches is that people have the event associated with hot tuna but not necessarily the fishin’ variety.

If you had been paying close attention yesterday to Youtube for instance, there was this video from the 2012 rodeo that showed a sex worker doing amazing things with a coke bottle.  Forget Sodom and Gomorrah because today state public health officials are more worried about the potential bad consequences of the sodomy and gonorrhea that appear to be running rampant on the Isle this time of year.

In order to contain the outbreak here on Slabbed, I’ll try to confine any nasty videos, pictures and/or news reporting on same from the 2012 Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo to this post.  As the picture above illustrates this isn’t your grandma’s Tarpon rodeo folks.