And the legend of “Spike” was born: The Tarpon Rodeo, hot tuna and old school politics

Since the Times Picayune editorial board whipped out an old term we picked up from TheRiot in “deadhead” in pointing out the 7th floor of the Yenni Building was packed with political cronies of Tim Coulon and Aaron Broussard, it is only fair I point out the 10th Floor was where the Courtesans were assigned.

Since we’re renaissance people here at Slabbed, I find this topic wholly appropriate if not X-Rated and kinky. By now I’ve heard stories about oversized libetos in the upper management ranks at the Yenni going back literally decades but no one Courtesan fills the bill for examination better than “Spike”, an employee with talents that sound akin to “Red Snapper” of Hancock County infamy save for the fact Ms. Snapper did not occupy an official position in any political subdivision.

Slabbed has spoken to one of Spike’s former fans and I was told tales of politicos literally flipping coins to see who would gain Spike’s services for the evening and that was the tame stuff.  Spike was far from alone but these women were not “deadheads” on the payroll folks as quite the opposite is true. That said John Young must not have been impressed with the talent pool he inherited as all have since left the employ of the Parish.  In ways how that could happen all those years and never see the light of day is a worse story than what happened on the 7th floor IMHO.

Stay tuned for more tales from the 10th floor here on the Slabb.  😉


9 thoughts on “And the legend of “Spike” was born: The Tarpon Rodeo, hot tuna and old school politics”

  1. The “Dead Heads” are felons just very lucky ones that are not being prosecuted as of yet . The TP and parish residents should be questioning why the DOJ expanding net in JP public corruption seems clearly to have an excluder device installed. Obviously there are inherent problems with selective prosecutions one is of public confidence the other is there will all ways be narcissist individuals motivated by greed willing to play the odds . Big felon small felon there should be no exclusions for those taking parish money fraudulently which raises the other questions of where is the JP DA and why do we reelect these people?

  2. Is that moniker a result of wearing spiked heels or having spiked hair … or both ?

    Is this the same woman, while working as a suckatery on the 10th floor ‘under’ several Administrations, at an inflated salary of some $60,000 dollars, WAS NOT FIRED by TheRiot as he would probably be the beneficiary of her special talents…

    In fact TheRiot continued the practice of allowing Spike to work on Tarpon Rodeo matters … work that she was being paid for apart from her job at the Parish … work while being paid as an employee of JP using

  3. Gate,
    No surprise “Crony Capitalism” comes with perks some more kinky then others . Mr. Hart was a sacrificial goat, he was just trying to fit in the Young administration but had bad timing. Like I said big or small , all “Dead Heads” need to be rooted out and if we can’t get them prosecuted then publicly expose them.

    1. Hart is far from sacrificial lamb nor typical of the senior ranks of the Young Administration. He would have fit in well with Whitmer and Wilkinson.


  4. Word has it Spike is replenishing the supply of “crabs” in the Lake now over at the Save Our Lake Foundation. Can’t wait to see what kind of artwork Patricia creates for this one.

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