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  1. The hell with “duck and cover”, put them in a hot seat and start asking serious questions.

    Let’s see now, First Communication , one of many GEESE THAT LAY GOLDEN CAMPAIGN EGGS, laid a few smaller private GOLDEN eggs in the private pockest of LIL Napoleon to the tune of $66,000 over several years for a $40,000 contract and possibly a $200,000 contract as per TP.

    Then there is the JPPAC a $ 27 MILLION pound elephant that grew over the years into $50 MILLION pounds and it wasn’t cause he ate a lot on peanuts or Twinkies.

    Are we citizens of the fine republic of Jefferson to believe. that the additional obese growth of this elephant was just happenstance and a rare genetic mutation or could there be mad scientists at work here? Kinda’ like the group of scientists hell bent on proving global warming and fudged a little data to greatly improve their conclusion.

    With all the finger pointing at the last Council of Clowns meeting some serious questions and independent investigation (and I don’t mean by the softie Legislative Auditor, the Clowns or John” The Joker” Young’s Administration) needs to be done immediately.

    Waterboarding ? Naw, thats illegal, cruel and inhumane treatment.Maybe something like this:

    Mr. XXXXXXXX did you lay any GOLDEN eggs in the private pockets of MR.XXXXXXXXX ?

    Mr. XXXXXXXX replies in an astonished voice,” WHAT” !!,, are you questioning me of doing such a thing?

    Mr. YYYYYY did you conspire with anyone to inflate or distort any numbers for some private GOLDEN eggs?

    Mr .YYYYYY responds with another astonished,” WHAT” !!!!

    Then, Mr. ZZZZZZZ did you conspire with any public officials in securing additional monies not justified through normal accounting means?

    Mr. ZZZZZZZZ responds with, “What” !!!!

    What, What, What – What do some serious investigative people do with a bunch of brothers who” duck and cover”, stick together and all say, “What”, “What”,” What”?


    I double dare the Council of Clowns or the Administration to sue the GEESE THAT LAY GOLDEN CAMPAIGN EGGS cause if they do those GEESE will never lay another campaign GOLDEN EGG again,publicly or privately.

  2. OK, maybe that’s a little too strong for some so let’s suggest this approach to the independent investigative work ;

    Mr. XXXXXX is it safe to assume that all the charge orders on the $50 MILLION dollar JPPAC are accurate and true to your best ability and belief ? :


    Oh yea, a little German dentistry works wonders to loosen tongues of those who “duck and cover” !!!!

  3. In Jefferson Parish ” If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it is probably a horse.”
    (HT Theodoro Valencia).

    1. unslabbed…agreed, or to augment your above comment, ” In Jefferson Parish, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walk like a duck, it is probably a horse’s a * * ”

      ( sorry, I just got through watching the replay of the Council of Clowns last meeting….guess I’m still processing images of LargASSE..which made me think of a horse’s a**….)..

  4. I’ll ante up … if it looks like duck shit, and it smells like duck shit, it’s probably WHITMER’s bullshit that has been quacking in Letten’s ear …

    The day is coming my friends, that the Government will rue the day Letten ever made a deal with this piece of COULON shit … his testimony against BROUSSARD is not credible … AND HE KNOWS IT !!!

  5. Gate,
    Thought the government was Letten from watching the PR spins ? Even someone as stupid as Titus knows the only defensive strategy Jenkins has is to discredit witnesses could be why the DOJ doubled down with the new bribery charges.

  6. Hey … Broussard … you have no fucking cover … turtle shell or otherwise … your goofy ass, along with the troglodyte Wilkinson are going down … duck soup or turtle soup??? … in the jailhouse it will chicken, maybe … bon aperitif !!!

  7. I agree with Whit. No one is going to jail. Letten and Co. screwed this deal up completely. What a shame.

  8. I just love these Defcon blasts.Ok Batman, drop your atomic load and soar upward like the Enola Gay.

    Sorry, I’m thinkin’ Superman but still you make a hellava’ Clark Kent on a supa’ flying ass Wing.

  9. Ya’ll been MISSIN’ ME?
    I told my beau ~
    “I DON’T Think falling down can be considered an AEROBIC Activity, Honey.
    Maybe if done MANY times in a ROW?
    Or down a flight of stairs.
    Try it.”
    He NEVER Listens. ~

  10. Hell yes we bees missin’ da’ SlabbedNation’s infamous Editorial Artist. Tank god yo’ bees alive cher !!!

    If yo’ brain wires ain’t shorted out we needs yo’ butt on assignment over at da’ “Commission on Marine Resources Protest Open Thread ”

    Yo’ been wantin’ an Egyptian spring revolution in the U.S. and we bees got one in Biloxi. Not no Cairo protest, but it bees a start.

    Needs to get yo’ self one of dem big stunt air bags fo’ yo’ tumblin’ tootsie. Den again yo’ could puts it outside yo’ upstairs window, jump and save yo’self a few steps.Den yo’ bees ready when dem govenant agents come lookin’ fo’ yo’ revolutin’ butt yo’ done jump out back window and runs to F R E E D O M !!

      1. Indeed. Since the alert level remains high I think I’ll keep this post on the front page for a bit longer.

        “Best way to clear the air is to have it all out in the open”

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