File this one under they were ignorant until the very end…. (revised)

First the disclaimer. Attorney Bobby Truitt represents Slabbed in its free speech fight against Aaron Broussard’s former business associates at Trout Point Lodge. Second I contacted Mr. Truitt for comment on the following documents, which my Gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak laid on me yesterday and he declined.

So folks to understand the significance of these documents and my post title above you have to understand Slabbed’s coverage of the political corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish, which began with this post back on January 12, 2010.  By then Aaron Broussard had resigned in disgrace and Steve Theriot was installed via the bums rush by the Parish Council as Broussard’s interim replacement.  I contended then and still contend Theriot was put in office to salvage the River Birch deal due to the fact he is John Alario’s protegé and Alario likely still has a financial interest in seeing River Birch end up with the monopoly on the region’s garbage. Theriot was also installed to prevent the corruption scandal from widening thus Tom Wilkinson was still on the payroll until March 4th, 2010.

The way Theriot went about containing the scandal was to attempt to silence those that were blowing the whistle on the systemic corruption and his battle trying to fire Anne Marie Vandenweghe played out on these pages.  For a blogger like me the material was pure ratings gold and that is where the ignorant came in because the popular meme in certain less informed Jefferson Parish corruption circles is that I was “Anne Marie’s brother”.  Sal Perricone parroted this remark on some time later and Slabbed will be revisiting Perricone, who was fired from his job hastily retired from his job at the US Attorney’s office after strong evidence of unethical conduct as it related to another target of the sprawling federal corruption probe surfaced.  When I say this is a cesspool in Jefferson Parish I’m not joking folks.

So what happened after Tom Wilkinson bit the dust at the upper levels of Parish Government?  By that time Theriot had sent Anne Marie home claiming she was blogging while she was supposed to be working, a public allegation Theriot never sustained as it was pure fantasy.  He was workin’ it though:

And as the month wore on and Theriot’s bullshit, dutifully repeated by the Times Picayune beat krewe, was beginning to show thanks to the work of a certain investigative blogger, but what was happening behind the scenes was far worse for Theriot evidently tried to get his former state agency, the Legislative Auditor to carry his water and trump something up.  The T-P beat krewe was being leaked too folks because on March 18 East Bank Bureau editor Drew Broach wanted some face time with Theriot, who I bet blew lots of smoke up his ass. Lest I digress here is proof Theriot tried to get the Legislative Auditor involved:

One naturally wonders if Nan and Kim aka Satan’s sisters with Phelps Dumbar had a role in the workplace retaliation Theriot inflicted on Anne Marie Vandenweghe.  I noted on the PACER docket on the case that Phelps Dunbar grudgingly finally stopped representing every defendant in the lawsuit Mr Theriot being the most egregious conflict of the bunch.  My mind is now open to the possibility Nan and Kim may well be witnesses in this case which is very interesting indeed but I am not done with this brief trip down memory lane.

You see folks after being sent home for almost 6 weeks Theriot could not manufacture a reason to fire Anne Marie Vandenweghe, whose sin was being seen as cooperating too enthusiastically with the federal investigators looking into Broussard era corruption, so she was reinstated. The meme about Slabbed being a blog written by AMV had reached it zenith by the time early May, 2010 rolled around as the posts exposing that corruption on these pages had become an obsession in certain circles by that point.  Tom was kind enough to connect that dot for us yesterday in comments when Jefferson Parish Government, on behalf of Theriot, sued the Blogsphere.  Implied in the decision to sue the Picayune to get commenter information there was the fact Theriot thought Ashton Phelps and the gang would roll over just as they rolled over when they pulled Rich Rainey’s factual account of the diverse politically connected ownership at the Trout Point Development in Nova Scotia.  Theriot made one huge miscalculation and her name was Val Bracy.

Fox 8’s interest in the lawsuit prevented the Picayune from hushing it up and after the Sal Perricone debacle is there any doubt they would have served their own commenters up to Theriot?  I wish it weren’t so but once Ashton Phelps genuflected before Steve Theriot I have no doubt in my mind that is exactly what they would have done.  As for Val Bracy, doing honest journalism cooked her goose, but since things did not go as planned what’s a beclowned Parish Prez to do?  Easy you have another meeting about the whistleblower that’s what:

Stay tuned folks as I have far more docs than I’ve thus far shown. For those of you that donated over the past month what you will be seeing rolled out on these pages at present is thanks to your support.  As Forrest Gump famously said “life is like a box of chocolate” and so is my Gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak, but if the first document drop is indicative of the treasures that await then we need to link Frank and one of Slabbed’s Alma Maters.

And for the rest of you ignorant freaks that listen a bit too much to the Goatherders, rest assured I’m not related but since I got a dance card to the party I am more akin to the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. To those about to be rocked salut from the depths of your own worst fears.

Clarification and apology:

Sal Perricone was not fired from his job at the US Attorney’s office but he did indeed retire. Slabbed apologizes for this error.

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  1. Mone me si error , SOP .

    How would Mr. Theriot know the legislative auditor would be ok with meeting outside individuals and to what purpose, seems to exceed their authority ? To my knowledge their audit investigations are to be confidential until such time the report is submitted to the governors office, is that not also correct ?

    1. Here is the way that works Tom and I write this after over a decade auditing governments. Theriot picked up the phone and fed someone at the Legislative Auditor’s office a load of horse shit asking that they come look at the “problem” he contrived on AMV. Since we never heard anything about the Legislative Auditors saying anything bad about AMV in an official report, I think we can safely assume nothing came of it, until discovery in the lawsuit begins that is, when all the shit house things Theriot did to retaliate against AMV will come out. The usual suspects of the West Bank mafia are present here including Tom Wilkinson’s right hand woman Peggy Barton and Mini-me’s briefcase boy Deano Bonano.


    2. TOM: Even before being anointed President of JP by the Council of Clowns one doesn’t have to look to far to explain that Theriot had an experienced past both as an ex- Louisiana Legislative Auditor and in such position he revealed a perverted love of squashing the life out of WHISTLEBLOWERS.

      Back in 2004-2005 Theriot, as per a lawsuit filed by ex- La. Legislative Financial Officer Johnny Rombach,filed a highly critical report accusing Rombach of ethics violations. The Ethics Board took Theriot’s report and accusations against Rombach as Gospel and filed charges against Rombach causing Rombach to resign in 2005. Rombach for 16 years had been the legislature’s chief fiscal officer and had blown the whistle on heaps of fiscal BS by legislators that created for Johnny many political enemies in the legislature.

      When those ethics charges were finally adjudicated years later all the ethics charges alleged in Theriot’s gospel report were found to be bogus and Johnny sued Theriot among others including Theriot’s successor.


      Sounds exactly like what happened to Ann Marie Vandenweighe Theriot alleges she was blogging at work and fires her. Later those allegations were proved false but his overall mission to take her out of the public records request( PRR) department was a complete success. Theriot’s action allows an asst. parish attorney to take AMV’s place who immediately starts to write form letters denying a majority of PRR’s- its a perfect conspiratorial storm to impede the JP corruption investigation by the FBI and good government groups.

      Theriot performed his mission as planned though his reputation for filings true allegations against whistle blowers took another big hit. And another lawsuit is filed against him by AMV which is still pending.

      Did Theriot have a lot of influence with the Legislative Auditor’s Office after Theriot effectively got rid of a giant WHISTLEBLOWER in Johnny Rombach ? Well, I believe the answer lies in the fact that when Theriot was dealing with another problem whistleblower in JP he called a meeting be held on AMV’s whistle blowing activity and invited the Legislative Auditor’s Office to attend along with attorneys from the Phelps law firm, as evidenced by Sop’s e-mails above.

      So when da’ mafia gotta’ bigga’ problem to liminate, who da’ gonna’ call?

      The WhistleBlower Buster !!!!! Dat’s Who.

    1. “Talkin’ that ignant sh*t”…”Don’t lie”… ” You uneducated ignant sh*t.”

      Gate’ you sure Screamin’ ain’t talkin’ bout the current epileptic Parliamentarian of JP ?

  2. Lockemup,
    No doubt in what you say Mr. Theriot was clearly under the impression he had influence with the Legislative Auditor and that is scary. But I have to ask the question since AMV’s position had no authority over any funding what the hell was he really attempting to accomplish at that meeting ? It clearly appears there was some panic, he became the proverbial Dutch kid sticking what ever appendage he had available in a badly leaking dike. The TP meetings and the public threat of blogger libel lawsuits to scare other whistleblowers were all part of him building a fantasy cover up rather than facilitating an investigation. So I can’t help wonder if there is more that is going on with the Legislative Auditor and first that comes to mind is the Arts and Entertainment center and the engineers reports that the public has never seen.

  3. Anyone else catch that one liner on the second document below the main paragraphs and in italics? Apparently he canceled a meeting on $100M FEMA work to have the AMV meeting. WTF? That’s a lot of moolah to blow off a meeting for just to tackle a whistleblower. Scary stuff.

    1. FEMA money meeting? That can wait as the Council of Clowns’ crony contractors would take care of the 100 MILLION for road reconstruction from FEMA in due time.

      Hell, there was ” a cancer growing on the office of the Presidency” and no one wanted it removed even after the President died. The Whistleblower had to be dealt with immediately by the Whistleblower Buster.

      It was and still is a cancer with a mind and purpose of its own. To cut it out totally would mean massive bleeding of information and people in surrounding offices. The cancer is still alive and well and GROWING. Still hiding and growing larger in places like the JPPAC

      Yet, Prez John “The Joker” Young says on his Wbul-Wbul-L monthly radio broadcast ( lastThursday of every month) today he’s only worried about the national economy and all of JP should go to the big JP family affair, Tampon Rodeo, this weekend. Scoot, filling in for Spud, even pulls a funny punch and asks “The Joker” if people really fish down there. Oh “Yes” the Joker responds.

      The sick patient, Jefferson Parish, is on life support, in critical need of a specialist, Inspector General, but the Parish has no money even to do a national search for one. But the Parish voted this past October 2011 to fund the Inspector General’s office you say.

      Doesn’t matter, nobody blows the whistle on this cancer !!!

      The only hope for life now is for multiple organ transplants by the renown Dr, Letten, the area transplant specialist. Yet under Obamacare he’s got so many cases to transplant will he reach JP in time ?


    2. You betcha, unslabbed! There is still a whole mess of money the Feds will make the citizens of Jefferson pay back because the idiots at Yenni didn’t have the proper documentation. The majority of those funds I speak of were loans given shortly after Katrina which other government entities were forgiven when appropriate documentation existed.

      1. You haven’t seen the worst of the jackassery yet Vonzippa.

        While Rome was burning down Chris Roberts wanted to be featured in a parade. 😉


  4. There are lots of suits, countersuits, allegations and subpoenas floating around out there. Yet nothing ever seems to come to a finality. When are we going to see some of these JP politicos come to trial?
    There are so many of them: Butler’s, Broussard’s, Roberts, Young, Theriot, Wilkinson, Whitmer, Coulon. How will we ever get to the bottom of the barrel? Will it ever end?

  5. Lockemup,
    Curious that you mention the long over due IG’s office you must not be on the M&M sisters mailing list , read below a surprise there from mini-me.

    UPDATE: CFGG urges the JP Council to provide startup funds for the IG Ethics & Compliance Commission
    Supporters of Good Government:
    Citizens for Good Government has been working toward having an Inspector General in Jefferson Parish since the end of 2009, when the corruption scandal broke. We believe that a completely independent IG who will act as a watchdog overseeing parish government is essential to good government in Jefferson. We have therefore been closely monitoring the establishment and the progress of the Ethics and Compliance Commission, which will select and oversee the Inspector General.CFGG Chairman Margaret Baird, Vice-Chairman Margie Seemann, and member Betty Purcell have been attending the bi-weekly meetings of the Commission, and we are impressed with the dedication of the members of this Commission, who were recommended by local colleges and universities, and are serving without pay.A serious problem that the Commission is currently facing is the lack of funds available to them for a nationwide search for Jefferson

    1. Tom: Like I said, nobody blows the whistle on this growing cancer, not the “King of”Pay to Play” and surely not LargASSe, the” Prince of Pay to Play”. Especially the cancer growing out the door over at the JPPAC.

      It’s all for publicity to make Prez “The Joker” Young look bad which Chrissy desperately wants to do so he can run for da’ Presidency next and make “The Joker” JP’s only one term prez.

      Its like when LargASSe asked Ashton O’Dwyer to give him all the papers Ashton brought to the Council meeting about Ashton’s batture squatters and LargASSe said he would ‘ look into it’. Ashton never heard a word but it temporarily made LargASSe appear before the public and reporters to be a lover of concerned and transparent government.

  6. Apparently the deadheads on the editorial staff of this pitiful excuse for a newspaper weren’t fired … think Nancy Drew … want proof? … read this drivel:

    “…This is not the first indication of Mr. Broussard’s penchant for patronage. After he resigned in 2010, interim Parish President Steve Theriot fired or eliminated the jobs of several politically-connected individuals.”

    Aaron Broussard’s gravest charges: An editorial
    Published: Sunday, July 29, 2012, 7:45 AM
    By Editorial page staff, The Times-Picayune

  7. This post, in its proper time sequence is important because despite not mentioning a single name in the Goatherder Nation (beyond the disclosure of lawyer overlap) it triggered an impressive retaliatory reaction from Leary and Perret at Trout Point Lodge, who were then pretending they barely knew Aaron Broussard.

    It culminated with the following blog entry by Nova Scotia politico Michael Coyle.

    The pattern of retaliation from these jokers glows in the dark.

    1. Doug:Just read the blog of Michael Coyle, NS barrister extraordinaire, whose last sentence in his blog( cited by you above) concerning the Goatherders’ $425,000 judgment left me ROFLMAS !!

      “The fact that there was no defence(sic) filed and that notice of the damages hearing was given to Defendant and he still didn’t appear means that an appeal woulds be, from a practical perspective be virtually impossible”- Michael Coyle

      Slabbers might want to e-mail Michael Coyle that a miracle happened over 200 years ago called the U.S Constitution from whose perspective those things in Canada termed “virtually impossible” are everyday happenings especially regarding BS international SLAPP suits. Michael’s e-mail is [email protected].

      Michael might want to get Duddy Do-Right( whose cartoon is banned in Canada due to defamation of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to escort him to catch the next “ferrie” boat leaving NS and follow Duddy on to Washington to read da’ miracle in person and BELIEVE.

        1. Coyle is not only a silly man, he is a silly writer. I’ve seen better prose from a first year law student. And far better prose from blue-collar workers who have an intuitive appreciation of the law and legality.

  8. hilliard vs. jefferson parish is another needless lawsuit given the facts of the investigative report recently filed into the court record.

    i have often wondered why a performance management company like DMM & Associates was not hired by attorneys for the parish to conduct a due diligence investigation of the whistle-blower complaints filed with the jefferson parish personnel board by amv.

    it seems to me that mediation is a more appropriate and less costly procedure in these type of cases given the circumstances.

    Time to think OUTSIDE the box FOLKS!
    Waiting for the authorities eat their own is an exercise in FUTILITY.


    I say we hire a coupla wranglers to go over there & beat the shit out of ’em.

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