Oh SI can you see? Part 1.1: If you have a meeting they will come, especially if there is food

Did I say yesterday Ashton Phelps wasn’t getting it done at the T-P? Have I previously opined that I thought the T-P was too close to the subject matter of their reporting? The problem I submit is not with the reporters but I’ve said that before too, along with opining that the job of a newspaper publisher was that of a professional ass-kisser. Need some proof? Well then you’ve come to the right place.

Before the noisemakers make more noise perhaps we should all consider what we’ve truly lost because losing the inbred influence of the Boston Club at the Times Picayune is likely not a bad thing. And the news sources that wondered why they were no longer being listened to by the beat journalists around that time should wonder no more.


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  1. Oh what a busy time for Theriot and the TP –

    In one instance, a comment posted under the name “watchout41” on Jan. 23 lambasted the Parish Council for selecting Theriot, a retired state legislative auditor, as the interim president within days of Broussard’s Jan. 8 resignation.

    “Worse than that thier (sic) golden boy Theriot who is supposed to be the know all and king of ethics and ethics laws took the appointment knowing what happened,” the post stated. “He is so great that he did not know the law was broken with his first official act as parish president which was taking the oath to the office. ARROGANT MORONS I TELL YOU!”

    Another user goes after Theriot more directly.

    “Theriot, just another Jefferson Parish politician thug mobster trained by his mentor John Alario, dressed up in a facade of respectability by a corrupt Louisiana Legislature,” stated a Jan. 27 comment under the user name “viewfromhell.”

    Other comments on the remaining accounts seemed to focus more on Broussard, Whitmer and former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson than on Theriot’s administration. Whitmer resigned Jan. 4; Wilkinson resigned March 4 after Theriot placed him on administrative leave in February.

    The other commenters are identified in the lawsuit as watchout40, repentingamigo, jpigpen4, fauxu, taxesfortom, taxesfortim, riverbirch, prayerwarrior2, and lettenhaveit.

    “I really can’t make any comments regarding the litigation, just as I would on any litigation,” Theriot said Tuesday. (On Wednesday, Theriot offered another explanation for the suit.)

    The suit was filed by attorneys Nan Alessandra and David Korn of the Phelps Dunbar law firm.

    The lawsuit also references messages posted on a local web log called slabbed.wordpress.com, but doesn’t specifically identify any comments, screen names or accounts used there.

    “We haven’t actually been contacted by Jefferson Parish at all, as far as official channels,” said Doug Handshoe, who co-founded that site in Mississippi. After reading the lawsuit, he said: “I think it’s certainly designed to intimidate and silence online commenters.

    “We don’t intend to alter what we’re doing at all,” he said.

    1. I have had a front row seat since then and I bet Steve Newhouse and Ricky Mathews are smart enough guys to heed my words.

      Tom that was such a good comment I think I’ll post another doc. I have communications from Fox 8, WWL TeeVee and others or we can examine the Saints Super Bowl parade in depth. My Gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak has laid some documents on me for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation.

      I wonder what Drew Broach was doing today?


      1. Heed my words … Nancy Drew is in my crosshairs since he has been demoted and re-assigned to covering-up for his good friend, Louis Gruntz’s friends … Ricky Matthews is going to rue the day he signed on to this act of jackassery by Amoss …

        1. I think Amoss is on his way out. No inside info there but it is what I think. I’ll add I think Amoss needs to leave.


    2. I just heard from ‘ viewfromhell ‘ … he is on the way back from his jungle estate in the Yucatan … he is planning on joining me and mon cousin Pelican deBrief at the big house on the South Coast for some sailing and fishing … I am stocking up on the Rebel Yell … and now that the French Open and Le Tour de France have successively concluded, it is time to get back to the task at hand … continuing to bust up these JP Politico Mafioso’s Yenni clubhouse … and their camp at Grand Isle too !!!

      Viewfromhell est implacable…

  2. Don’t you mean NANCY Drew? Understand that Nancy HATED that moniker and acted out in the bullpen when a regular columnist yelled it at him across the room . Awww, poor little Nancy Drew Broach. Maybe Louis Gruntz can return the many favors you did for him and get everyone to stop calling you that, you worthless POS. I for one will not believe anything you write while on assignment to Jefferson Parish. You are not a journalist, you are a sycophant and a wanna-be. Quit already.

        1. AN ‘edited’ BLAST FROM THE PAST:

          “nancy” Drew broached any boundaries of ethical journalism a long, long time ago…

          His bosses at the TP designated him the PR guy to report favorably for the Ward/Heebe/Sneed/Coulon/Whitmer/Wilkinson/Broussard gang, and now their puppet, Roberts and Lagasse …

          When a big customer like Heebe and Sneed (his wife Jennifer) march in your boss’s office and threaten not buy classified adds because their facade of repectibility is falling apart by the facts being reported by others, what ya gonna do? … Play nice ?… and have your JP editor monitor and edit the information the investigative reporters have gathered …

          Where have you been all these years “nancy” Drew ? … Red Maple ?

          Criminal acts are by definition unethical … you just chose to be punked out by the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso thugs …

          Your reporting is simply not credible (or rather incredible) !!! ”

          THE END … PERIOD … Whitmergate

          PS: Rickey … reconsider and repent …

      1. Oh … I forgot to mention that HENRY SHANE and his punk-ass POS, the former JP Parish President, COULON, are doing business together in Biloxi …

        Hmmm … I remember hearing the rumor that Coulon was broke because he had to pay lawyers as a result of his alleged criminal activities … that he was going to jail … blah, blah blah …

        These same JP Politico Mafioso always cry “poor me” when the FEDS squeeze their white balls … then yell Jesuit High, remember Jesuit High …

        I’ll write it again and again … the FEDS need to investigate the ORANGE BEACH connection with the COULON/BROUSSARD campaign contractor contributor connection …

        I wonder … has Nancy ever been to Orange Beach ???


      Rich Rainey couldn’t have done a better job with the use of his descriptive words like …”tirade”…”hobby”…”performance”…to set the tone of this article: condesending insults with the intent to kill the messenger, to marginalize and patronize these two intelligent, determined and brave ladies of the CFGG. And I quote:

      “Seemann’s tirade at Wednesday’s council meeting was just the latest salvo in her long-running critiques. She and her sister, Margaret Baird, have made it a hobby of late to start every council meeting by reciting the campaign contributions reported by contractors vying for parish work to council members.”

      “Their performance, which has been going on for months, finally wore out Lagasse’s patience at the April 6 meeting.”

      “When Seemann had finished, Lagasse took the high road.”

      Political activist suggests jail for Jefferson Parish Councilman Elton Lagasse
      Published: Thursday, April 21, 2011, 4:35 PM Updated: Thursday, April 21, 2011, 4:37 PM
      By Richard Rainey, The Times-Picayune

      In fact Lagasse is absolutely stupid, and fails or can’t or won’t understand that it is he who is responsible to reconcile his campaign contributions, not the public. Even with the half-ass amendment to the campaign disclosure requirements mandated in the JP Code of ordinances, this Council is still in violation, as it has been since 2004. The T-P’s collusion in this ‘oversight’ in lack of reporting only adds cover to the corrupt and criminal conduct of these Clowns. We all know DA Connick won’t do anything to jeopardize his firm’s annual MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR contract to his personal law firm.

      And aside from the issue above, the fact is that Lagasse did break the law by his interruptions and no one, not this reporter, not the DA and not the Council Clowns give a damn … these JP Politico Thugs simply do and say what they please for they surely know this fact… THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES AS A RESULT OF THEIR IMMORAL, UNETHICAL AND ILLEGAL ACTS !!!

      And just one more observation as it concerns the lack of serious factual reporting by the T-P…NOT ONCE during the campaign election of mini-me Roberts, was he taken to the wall about his illegal spending of campaign funds in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for such things as a Mardi Gras float, tractor $20,000 dollar custom ‘Bad Ass’ golf cart, and the ludicrous list goes on and on and on. This profligate’s cavalier “bon marche” spending is a serious issue…as we found out that Sissy carried over his irresponsible behavior when redistributing monies from the streets and sewage departments to buy pretty light up signs..while Terrytown flooded…

      This is kind of reporting we have come to expect from to Nancy Drew … and this is apparently what we will continue to get from reporters who bend elbows to the bone with this political trash…just think Stephanie Grace drinking Dom Perignon at Antoine’s with Aaron Broussard on the T-P’s nickel…I am surprised and disappointed at Mr.Rainey’s bias in the report …

      Personally I believe that these Ladies deserve an apology, where Trout Point Lodge did not…

      And as to Lagasse taking the high ground…hell this abhorrent oaf doesn’t even know what ground he’s walking on now since his comrade in corruption Barry Bordelon is not there to tell him where to go and simply shut up as not to sound out his stupidity and ignorance…what an abominable POS this troglodyte is !!!

      1. Yep, that was the low point ‘Gate when Rainey carried water for Elton LaGasse. The Leg Auditor’s report on JPAC changed that down the line but again someone at the T-P exhibited poor judgment doing the bidding of corrupt JP politicians.

        Never fear my brothers in the NOLA blogosphere for Rainey is now assigned to the NOLA City beat. Is a lunch invite out with Half Moon so he can get the know the gang.

        I cover the government beats a bit different as I like talking to the Janitors and Secretaries. I learned early on as an auditor that I could learn more in 1 hour speaking freely with a low level employee than I could in an entire day visiting with the CEO.

        I’m down with the differing methods employed by my brethern over on the for profit side, as history has proven there is a niche for top down journalism.


  3. Just think Rickey… and Nancy too … I’m just getting started !!!

    And to think of all the people who should have been fired, Nancy, although demoted, has been re-assigned to clean up the toilets next to the “executive session’s room” somewhere inside and outside of the public’s business !!!

    1. Allen Powell. Why they did not keep this talented journalist on the JP beat is beyond me.

      I hear there is some sort of perverted star system in that newsroom. Ashton Phelps forgot the only place he could get away with such blatent pumping of crooked pols was on the social pages.

      And Jim Amoss was his guy that executed that vision in the newsroom.


  4. Isn’t Rich Rainey replacing Donze at New Orleans City Hall? Should us city dwellers be worried?

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