Oh SI can you see? Part 1.1: If you have a meeting they will come, especially if there is food

Did I say yesterday Ashton Phelps wasn’t getting it done at the T-P? Have I previously opined that I thought the T-P was too close to the subject matter of their reporting? The problem I submit is not with the reporters but I’ve said that before too, along with opining that the job of a newspaper publisher was that of a professional ass-kisser. Need some proof? Well then you’ve come to the right place.

Before the noisemakers make more noise perhaps we should all consider what we’ve truly lost because losing the inbred influence of the Boston Club at the Times Picayune is likely not a bad thing. And the news sources that wondered why they were no longer being listened to by the beat journalists around that time should wonder no more.


Slabbed is going on assignment…

The question is where folks.  The X-Rated Tarpon Rodeo is kicking off on Grand Isle, the Times Picayune’s newsroom has fueled many a news story across the area lately and that does not count the Axis v Allies v Tiger Beat conflict though I’ll add there are rumors of a Justice League new media consortium in the offing.  If Slabbed gets invited to join I’ll bring my special pasta dish to the pot luck dinner/formation meeting.

Actually this is a target rich environment folks for those so disposed as it is content that generates readers, not press releases, so I think I’ll just keep doing what I am doing.  See y’all around.  :mrgreen: