5 thoughts on “’tis a double edged sword……..”

  1. An open letter to Mr.Benson:

    In light of your great accomplishments with the Saints and how the Saints, like Brees and others who truly typify true Christian Saints, helped rebuild NOLA in Spirit please turn your investigative reporters at FOX8LIVE loose like roaming linebackers and sack the political corruption, not only in NOLA but in Jefferson where Val Bracy, your best investigative reporter ever, was a Patriot and grassroots hero.

    Why you and your management fired Val we can only surmise but please, if you want people not to move out of NOLA or surrounding parishes due to political corruption, create a Corruption Patrol of hard nose, vicious hitting investigators and lets get the political corruption out of this area. That is if you are not so politically involved yourself !!

    And please pay them bonuses for putting these area politicos out of their game/s as there will not be penalties for roughness,but only public and viewer criticism for censoring their investigations.

  2. Lockemup ,

    He aint no bad man but sure in da hell aint no Santa Clause ! What you wishing for aint ever gonna happen cause Benson takes care of Benson and he likes dem sweat heart deals dat’s how he’s got where he’s at, Mon Amie!

  3. Tom: Benson was a lot worse before he married Grace, a refined independent woman with strong Catholic faith and devotion, who personally has caused Benson to give away some of the money from those sweet deals to religious programs and charities.

    Can Grace change hearts, you betcha it can.

    Maybe Benson will meet Forgiveness and it will cause him to apologize to Val Bracy.

  4. Lockemup,
    Maybe but in the end does Val Bracy really give a crap if he gets an apology my guess is not really . The type of uninhibited investigative local reporting with a true agenda for justice we all crave it’s here just in it’s infancy. We can all thank SOP and other blog journalists like him but we must stay particularly vigilant of those who want to end free speech on the internet. We can not allow it to be censored or muted as in other counties which also reminds me how Mr. Browns weekly diatribe once again missed the mark when he spoke of losing freedoms , anyone want to be a blogger in Canada , eh?

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