The greater Slabbed Nation shares many things in common……

Liberal, conservative, black, white, red, yellow or any other way we divide ourselves everyone is mortal or in the vernacular of the big screen “death comes to us all”. I mention this not to ruin any weekends for those readers that prefer to not think about such things but one of our readers is terminally ill, word has gotten out and I want to address it.

Robert Creely and I have what is best described as a love-hate relationship. That said on a basic level we come from the same tribe here in the Bay and while certain issues kept us from getting to know one other very well he did speak with me on the topic of the impeachment of his former law partner Tom Porteous, in the process greatly adding to the knowledge base that was that news story to the informational benefit of the public. While the impeachment was ongoing and the national media was interested in the subject, Slabbed was the go to blog nationally on the subject despite the fact the so called gatekeepers in the national media gave us nary a single hat tip. People like Robert Creely are the reason why and in that respect I remain humbled he trusted me enough to share some of his first hand experiences with me and the Slabbed Nation.

Robert Creely is terminally ill and I ask the Slabbed Nation to send out thoughts and prayers for him, his wife and two small children in this very difficult time for their family.