Anyone want to start an over/under pool on how long Marlin Gusman will be Orleans Parish Sheriff?

Yeah folks it is that nimble new media deal again as my colleague Jason Berry at American Zombie appears to have the goods on Milton Banks, a deceased person that shares something in common with Sheriff Gusman and this does not count the rumors I’m hearing about a high ranking OPSO employee being indicted.  It is a must read folks.


4 thoughts on “Anyone want to start an over/under pool on how long Marlin Gusman will be Orleans Parish Sheriff?”

  1. Jason ‘s da’ man bros’. He bees da’ Cracker who is a ” secret safe cracker” and as a result nother bro’ goes to da’ farm.

    Just wondering- Does anyone know why some bloggers ( Jason at AZ) want a commenter to prove that she/he is not a robot. Not complaining, just wondering .

    1. Jason is da man. AZ uses Blogger as its platform and it is a commenting option there to prevent spam. WordPress has plugins like Hashcash and Askimet to catch spam. You’ll learn more about that once I bring you aboard to write posts. :-)

      Implied is the concept of comment moderation. Blogs that moderate comments can argue by default they read all their comments. Goes to Section 230 of the communications decency act and the sheild it provides content providers like blogs.

      OTOH I have the exact opposite comment policy and I’m not saying it is better but it is different and is a double edged sword at times. I have my reasons but that is subject matter for another day.

      All the signs indicate Marlin Gusman is going down.


  2. What SOP said. If I get sued for libel the odds are that it will be for comment, not what I have written in a post. I am very careful about my posts in regards to libel law. Believe it or not, you have more wiggle room in the courtroom if you moderate your comments as opposed to not moderating them. It shows that you were at least paying attention as SOP stated. I kick comments on occasion but only if I see the potential for a libel suit in them.

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