Stay tuned as Slabbed reconciles Barth Mississippi with the 9th Ward

And folks this won’t be the bogus artsy-fartsy west coast version of the 9th ward found in the HBO series Treme no siree. You can call me Gump or just blessed but a twitter conversation last night with a Mississippi member of the Slabbed Nation last night convinced me it is time to begin putting some things together for the readership.

Barth Mississippi??? Yep. Here is a hint:

1825 Tulane


Anyone want to start an over/under pool on how long Marlin Gusman will be Orleans Parish Sheriff?

Yeah folks it is that nimble new media deal again as my colleague Jason Berry at American Zombie appears to have the goods on Milton Banks, a deceased person that shares something in common with Sheriff Gusman and this does not count the rumors I’m hearing about a high ranking OPSO employee being indicted.  It is a must read folks.


They’re protecting someone over at WWL TeeVee

Whoever made the decision to leave out the name of the property name owner in this WWL TeeVee news story about a rental uptown that has not paid property taxes for over 20 years and never went to a tax sale had a major brain fart or is protecting someone. I bet someone in the Slabbed Nation or Greater NOLA Blogosphere will solve this mystery. ~ sop