BREAKING: NOLA City Councilman Jon Johnson cops plea on his conprofit the Ninth Ward Housing Development Corp. Updated

Hat tip Patrick and Ricardo in comments. The WDSU link and the report. Worth noting  was Johnson’s pivotal role in gaining Diana “Conprofit” Bajoie her interim seat on the NOLA City Council. Johnson’s predecessor in that council district was none other than Cythina “Landfill” Willard Lewis. These people all shared Mayor Half Moon’s political support.

A cursory google search shows the Lens broke this story back in January 2011 (and their link to their original reporting today – new link here) as the nimble new media again provides the investigative legwork, a role newspapers used to fill.


14 thoughts on “BREAKING: NOLA City Councilman Jon Johnson cops plea on his conprofit the Ninth Ward Housing Development Corp. Updated”

  1. Was found to have an active warrant issued in 2006 for rental property what the hell is that ? Why was this warrant not discovered when he filed to run for council ?

  2. Oliver Thomas, Rene Pratt and now Jon Johnson, three New Orleans councilpersons (or former councilpersons) who deserved to be indicted and go to prison. But when will the feds indict and of the Jefferson Parish councilpersons?

  3. I gather from a reading of “The Lens” Article by Ariella Cohen dated 7/18/12 that this “RAGUNA” Johnson, who has been masquerading as a respectable citizen and politician, but who is a COMPLETE FRAUD ANF FELON, is “in” to the Federal Government for much, much more tha the $13,000 or $16,000 or so than we have been “fed” by the Lame Stream Media. Why is the Lame Stream Media LYING to us? Why was this Negro Piece of Shit allowed to plead to one Count of “WHATEVER” bullshit, with a maximum sentence of 5 years? Maybe Lemelle will get the case and give his Brother RAGUNA a suspended sentence. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Say Yowza … how can you have a comment timed at 10:03 and I am reading it at 9:57 and writin this at 10:02???

  5. Maybe you didn’t think it BIZARRE that Jon Johnson walked out of the Federal Courthouse with a cell phone in his ear, just having pleaded GUILTY to conspiracy to steal Federal funds, and submitting a false document to a Federal agancy after KATRINA; or the failure of “The Lame Stream Media” (including “The Times-Pick-Your-Nose”) to pick up the excellent article of yesterday by Ariella Cohen of “The LENS”, which suggests that Johnson’s THEFTS from the Federal Government are significantly more than what has thus far been reported; and Letten’s Office’s charging Johnson with crimes that carry a MAXIMUM of 5 years in the slammer, when we really don’t know just how much this CRIMINAL stole from the Federal Government, ie. from US. But to me, the most BIZARRE occurrence was summarized in the Times Picayune this morning as follows: “And you knew it was wrong, correct?” Africk asked after summarizing the allegations. Johnson, 63, paused for several seconds. Your honor, I accept full responsibility for my actions and what I did,” he said. To me, this is evidence of moral depravity at it’s worst, and I hope Africk, or whoever ultimately sentences this miscreant, recalls this exchange at sentencing time. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. And while on the phone he was displaying a jive-ass smirk as he pulled away from his lawyer knowing he put one over on the other jive-ass, Letten …

      The only hope for justice is that Alfrick max this POS out in time and fines … remember this is the same Judge who put the hammer down on Jonathan Bolar … 17 Years !!!

  6. AROD:

    I was struck by the non-responsiveness of the answer too. When a Federal Judge asks you a question, you answer it directly, not with the deflection-type answer this crook gave. God save the City.

  7. Has anyone figured out what the hell the outsatnding 2006 warrant was for and how it was over looked when he ran for council?

    WDSU Channel 6 – 2nd page
    Johnson was also found to have an outstanding warrant from 2006 in regards to rental property. The judge asked that Johnson resolve that matter immediately after the hearing.

  8. To TOM: I’ve tried to find out about the 2006 warrant, unsuccessfully. It was in connection with a 2006 arrest in Jefferson Parish (why, if he was “arrested” was he not taken into custody?). In any event, it mustn’t have been “much”, because he had it cleared up (whatever that means) by 1:00 P.M. yesterday, Wednesday, the 18th. What surprises me is information contained in the Bill of Information. I can understand Jon Johnson fabricating invoices for submission to the SBA and getting Federal money from the SBA which was used to repair his home, rather than pay vendors identified in the “dummy” invoices. But the money he stole from FEMA got into his “sticky little paws” via a State Agency, who in turn got the money from FEMA. Shouldn’t there be some accountability at the State level, and some evidence of “vetting” the people the State doles out Federal money to? This guy has been ethically challenged and CROOKED from the “get-go”. Shouldn’t a State audit have caught him and his co-conspirators long ago? Just WHO doles out this Federal FEMA money at the State level? Maybe he or she should be placed under the microscope. Lastly, I don’t know what you and “The SLABBED Nation” expected from our Mayor about Jon Johnson’s GUILTY plea and resignation. I would have expected something like, “That’s GREAT. Crooks belong in prison, and when it comes time to sentence this SCUM-BAG, I hope he’s sentenced to a term of years in the Federal Penitentiary.” Instead, this is what we got from “Mitch the Bitch”: This is a “very sad day for the City of New Orleans” and I am “saddened by the news”. WELL. NOT ME! BARF, MITCH! Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. AROD think Austin Badon and Puglias in Jefferson Parish. No telling what Johnson did.

      The public deserved better.


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