They say Quarter Moon is a jovial drunk……

Benjamin Landrieu Mug Shot / OPSO

Early this morning Mayor Half Moon’s 19 year old son Benjamin was arrested for DWI after a 5AM fender bender uptown on Broadway. I’ll add that had the young Landrieu received that DWI while he was a student at Jesuit, they would have expelled him, just as the child of a prominent member of the media was expelled not long ago for the exact thing. They take such things very seriously in the land of the Bluejay.

Of course Benjamin’s smiling face reminds me of another jovial drunk whose mug has been featured on Slabbed. My own opinion is Ben is far more photogenic.


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  1. looks like young ben is a flip flopper as well. he was against dwi before he was for it. i predict ben will be heading back to oxford earlier than planned.

    Mr. Ben Landrieu, 11, of New Orleans , La. , sponsored the

  2. I think SLABBED should cut Benjamin Landrieu some slack. He didn’t kill anyone; he didn’t injure anyone; he didn’t wreck his or anyone else’s vehicle or other property. That said, all of us should have ZERO TOLERANCE for driving under the influence, which is why Benjamin Landrieu got arrested and spent the night in the drunk tank at Central Lockup. The issue is whether Benjamin learned a lesson, and I believe that his Family will MAKE SURE that he has. This is a humiliating experience, not only for the Family, but particularly for the Mayor. My hope is that this incident does not take the focus off RABID DOG SLAVES and put it on the Uptown Bar or Bars that served alscohol to Benjamin Landrieu. My last thought: THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO I. Many a night I drove home as a teenager with my date at my side (no seatbelts in thos days) WITH ONE EYE CLOSED so that I could “FOCUS” and actually see the roadway. Even when I wasn’t inebriated, there probably wasn’t ONE TIME that I drove home as a teenager that I could have passed a field sobriety test or a breathelyzer. The Landrieu Family probably didn’t POUND “don’t drink and drive” into Benjamin too forcefully. Maybe they did. If they did, he didn’t listen last night, and he’s going to pay for that disobedience. Ashton O’Dwyer.

      1. i would also add that when i was ben’s age i too occasionally drove that same area drunk. only by the grace of god did i not injure anyone. luckily he didnt kill anyone as mitch would have had to fall on his sword unlike scumbag xenu worshiping st tammany da walter reed who not only made sure his stepson did no time for killing another in a drunken boating accident he then waited for the heat to die down and get a backdoor community service reduction.

  3. To SOP: I assume that your retort, which is “fair enough”, is “tongue-in-cheek”. But to honestly answer your question, I’D NEED MORE INFORMATION. For instance, I’m not cutting ANY slack to poor Mr. Brandon Devezlin, who recently killed a man driving while drunk, and ruined his own life in the process. Ashton.

  4. Quarter Moon made MSNBC and reader comments on the NOLA story such as drinking too much causing baldness are side splitting funny. In the scheme of things though something tells me Half Moon will be more bothered by this turn of events than Quarter Moon.

    And besides would you rather have this hanging or the Obama Kiss Cam? 😉


  5. Answer: No. He would probably run his mouth about slaves and note how he wears *gasp* baggy clothes. The blue bloods want two sets of rules…that’s how they got where they are.

  6. Thats a good point Patricia as Quarter Moon is under age to be drinking. I wonder where he got his hootch?


    1. in new orleans 18 and over are allowed in bars. i suspect it would be very easy to have a friend 21 or over (or with a fake id) to get drinks. considering the wreck site i would guess the boot or tj quill’s.

  7. SOP , not only where he got the hooch but what if he used a false ID all good questions ? However it more than likely will get the same investigative attention as Young’s sons case did when he was selling pot. To bad for half moon the N.O. clerk of court that helped get the reduced sentence moved on to his just rewards in the Young administration but surly they’ll find another surrogate to the judge.

  8. The Landrieu administration has actually done some aggressive prosecutions of bars serving underage patrons, putting a couple of them on probation and closing one of them down (Friar Tucks). It would be very interesting to see if Quarter Moon got his booze from one of the bars on probation.

    1. I think this kid should be referred to as the Waxing Gibbous (W.G. Landrieu). Judging by the location of the accident/arrest, I’d say the odds are on The Boot. Maybe T.J. Quill’s or Bruno’s. What are the odds that there was a dash-cam on the NOPD unit? What are the odds that some calls were made before the arrest? What are the odds that the manner in which this turned out had something to do with a wreck and property damage?

      Why is Waxing Gibbous smiling? I have 3 choices for the basis of his smile: 1) He was so loaded, he did not give a shit, 2) He is cocky and was just laughing at the whole process, or 3) He was sending a message, “Do I have your attention now, Daddy?

  9. It’s the face of care forgot, come on, a daddy can’t stay mad at his kid ? Let’s see if anyone chirps or maybe a surveillance video will surface on where and how he got the booze it’s likely not going to be the TP to brake the story.

    1. I hear there is video being shown on the TeeVee news of Quarter Moon cursing the camera and shooting the bird. If anyone should happen to run acorss a link to such please post it in comments.

      Looks like this could be Sock scenerio #3.


      1. Also, he was removed from the police car and led into CLU by a female officer, but he was not handcuffed at any point in time (from removal from squad car to entry into lockup). This is a complete violation of NOPD protocol and reeks of preferential treatment.

  10. CORRECTION: WDSU-TV News at 6:00 P.M. just reported that Benjamin Landrieu struck two parked cars, causing “significant” damage to one of them. This doesn’t necessarily change my initial assessment, although I’d like to see the damage to all three vehicles. During the course of the day I have heard from several sources that Benjamin Landrieu’s behavior in front of the Press upon his release was “boorish”, to say the least, and “smart alecky” (maybe he was still drunk). I haven’t seen those clips, either, although SOP is trying to obtain them for all of us. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  11. The smile on Benjamin Landrieu’s face is VERY telling,
    as is the figoo on that gourd head politician from the fine state of Mississippi.

    It shows the carefree mindset of one who knows his “security” has been bought by birthright into a politically connected and/or affluent family.

    They can smile because they know that they are part of the system that protects the wealthy & insures their elitist entitlements via the most distorted electoral process that money can buy.

    Does Benjamin Landrieu appear to be concerned?

    The hierarchy is alive & well & is evident in those who can smile while being arrested.

    Imagine what goes on behind the Camera ~

  12. I think that Ben was angry, when being released, that he was not IMMEDIATELY set free & I guess this was Mitch’s lame attempt to “Teach that boy a Lesson”.

    Sometimes reality is brutal, but only in very small doses to those who are connected.

    Imagine the brutality of being wrongfully imprisoned for years, or having a family member executed for a crime they did not commit.

    It happens.

    What is Ben trying to escape through alcohol / drug abuse?
    Alcohol IS a DRUG, right?

    Maybe it’s that his Dad is more concerned with his OWN political aspirations, planning his pitiable power games, and continuing the ruse that he is serves a useful public service,
    than he is with WHY his 19 year old son finds relief in oblivion.

    Not so hard to figure this one out is it?

  13. 19 year olds make mistakes. for the dwi i can forgive the kid. the get outta my way, shoot the bird attitude is not excusable. mitch ought to yank ben’s butt outta ole miss and send him out to work on a rig for a semester.

  14. MITCH needs to learn the lessons he’s trying to “teach” his son.
    BAD choices result in BAD consequences.
    Diana Bajoie?
    Ronal Serpas?
    REALLY, Mitch?

  15. WGNO-TV has the footage. They have been on a tear recently with their coverage. Its getting much much better.

    You ask for and you have recieved………….

    1. Patricia just posted as to the current status of Quarter-Moon’s DWI case of July 2012. When I clicked on commenter Pres’s post of WGNO’s film of Ben Landrieu( cited above) allegedly shooting the bird to media guess what pops up– wait for it—

      The 2013 film of Orleans Parish prisoners playing with guns, money and dope which Mitch cited in his attack on Sheriff Gusman.

      Maybe Gusman might want to find out from WGNO why Ben Landrieu’s bird shooting film was replaced with OPP film.

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