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  1. On an unrelated topic, I have to ask where the outrage is about this comment from POTUS, Obama.

    The president [Obama] made the comment Friday during a speech to supporters in Roanoke, Va. Arguing that business owners got help from others along the road to success and suggesting they should pay more in taxes in return, he said: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

    As a small business owner, this is the most offensive thing I have ever heard. Really? Just where in the fuck is all of my government aid that helped me start and/or keep my business going. This guy may have sealed his fate with such a dumb comment.

    1. socialism on one side crony capitalism on the other. same crowd gets the shaft. ….look at $GSAT, jindal gave them $9million in cash and tax breaks to move here. 2 years later they are fighting to survive. havent heard a peep from the la tea party on that one.

  2. No one else is sharing in the outrage because sensible people actually read the context of the comment and realized that its just another distortion by the right wing outrage machine hoping to make a quick buck off their customers’ fetish for stories about Obama and socialism. Here is the complete context:

    “But you know what, I

    1. I read the context consistently with my original observations. “Somebody invested in roads and bridges” – what in the hell does that have to do with my building my own business. I freaking paid taxes for those and that has nothing to do with my business.

      “The Internet didn

  3. To CARPE DIEM: He may have sealed his fate with you, but not with the liberal, Socialist, Communist whites, not with the gay and lesbian community (and the sicker the fruit males are with AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases, the “more they’re FOR him), not with the SPICS who see him as their (and their ILLEGAL relatives’) savior, and of course not with the SLAVES, because he’s “one of us”. When you add all of this up, Carpe Diem, YOU ARE SUCKING HIND TEAT! Hope it tastes good. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Just a few things that come to mind .

    There is something wrong when a company the size of GE pays not taxes , there is something wrong when oil companies are given tax credits when their profits are breaking records.

    There is something wrong when big agriculture gets crop subsidizes and other government welfare while making huge profits but hire undocumented workers.

    There is something wrong when wealthy Americans who pay less % wise than their workers are given the Bush tax cut but still have off shore accounts without being prosecuted.

    There is something wrong when the tax code is over 6000 pages long written to provide tax welfare to some of the most profitable business and individuals in America and of course we are referring to the ones that are still here and have not moved their headquarters to other small countries like Ireland but still do business in America without any penalty.

    The American worker takes less vacation , works more hours and harder than any other country that is a fact but they can not compete with countries that are Communists regimes or worse with major human rights violations , pennies for hourly wages but given most favored trade status and can manipulate their currency without consequences.

    1. Tom, I agree wholeheartedly with your observations. The pigs all need to stop feeding at the trough.

      That said, it is the small businessman that gets no help from the government and pays a large percentage of income in taxes. It certainly discourages hiring, etc. As an example, I vacillate every day on whether to let someone go. Massive tax reform is a must, but it is the same old, same old. Until someone has the courage to say no to the special interests and lobbyist, our country is doomed.

      1. Pretty strong opinions here. Are low interest, non-collateralized, educational loans from the Fed. Govt. considered welfare? If one were to make himself a success by way of these loans, did he do it alone or with help from the Govt.? Just asking.

  5. So your business doesn’t use the Internet or roads and bridges. What the hell kind of operation do you run?

  6. Because you ship your products on those roads and bridges, because your workforce is literate because of a taxpayer funded school and for so many other reasons that have nothing to do with what you accomplished on your own initiative. Obama isn’t the first to say this as these are Elizabeth Warren’s talking points.


  7. Matzaball: Yo’ balls are over seasoned with Slap Yo’ Bama and yo’ spaghetti chewy and all twisted up bro’.

    I’m of the same opinion as Carpe Diem , latin for “Da’ Finger Man”, all the way bro’.

    But I’m worried and wondering what’s happenin’ to The Force and if Berrigan is gonna sympathize with the Heebie-Jebbies and extinguish the Light?

  8. We once again as individual Americans go to the presidential election polls to vote for the “less of two evils’ that “special interest groups money can buy”.

      1. This comment and others like it on the same post caused a great deal of consternation inside the LAED – to the point where enough lawyers heard the rumblings inside that courthouse so that it was certain word would filter back to me and it did.

        Given who still maintains a presence at that courthouse we are not the only people that have noticed Judge Ginger’s preference for keeping the JP corruption cases related to Judge Heebe’s son Fred Jr.

        There is an ill wind blowing Lockem called the Heebe Jeebie blues.


  9. Yo’ can’t be a sayin’ that Letten due to Ginger’s alleged past connections with Heebe could become the lead singer in “The Heebie-Jeebie Blues” on the Screwthetaxpayer label.

    Please tell me this is just a brain-fart soon to be debunked and deodorized by The Light..

  10. I better not say anything else Lockem beyond pop your popcorn because this battle is fixing to get very nasty IMHO.

  11. SOP , 10 to your 1 the wild card will ultimatly be Jennifer just like Parker singing solo and not infront of Berrigan “Et tu, Brute !”.

    I am not “employed” in any capacity at the law firm of Berrigan Litchfield Schonekas Mann & Traina, LLC. I am listed on the firm’s letterhead as “of counsel” for two reasons: (1) John Litchfield, the lead partner in the firm, is Gambit’s lawyer, which is why I have a connection to the firm; and (2) before Katrina, I rented office space at the firm — but I was never an associate or a member of the firm. I have not done any legal work out of the firm’s office since late 2005. I do admit, however, that having my name on the letterhead can suggest to people who do not know what “of counsel” means that I work at the firm, so I’m going to ask Mr. Litchfield to remove my name from the letterhead.

    Most important, at no time during my career have I ever done any work for River Birch or its principals in any capacity. Equally important, no one at the Berrigan Litchfield firm has ever represented or advised River Birch or its principals. I double-checked the latter fact with Mr. Litchfield and Mr. Berrigan.

    As for Judge Berrigan: Joe Berrigan, one of firm’s namesakes, is indeed the husband of U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan, but Joe has been retired from the firm for 12 years. Furthermore, he receives no income or compensation whatsoever from the firm. His name remains on the firm, but that often happens in the law biz when “name partners” retire. Most important, there’s no connection whatsoever between Ginger Berrigan and River Birch. If there were, the feds would have raised it as an issue — and Judge Berrigan would have recused herself.

    As for Kyle Schonekas, yes he does represent River Birch. But Kyle is not and has never been part of the Berrigan Litchfield firm. The Schonekas in the letterhead is Kyle’s late father — who has been dead since December 2005. The late Mr. Schonekas never represented River Birch.

    I recently wrote a column (Gambit, March 9, “Cat and Mouse”) that suggested strongly that River Birch and Fred Heebe are in big trouble as a result of the Henry Mouton indictment. Please check it out.

    Hope this clears things up for you.

    Posted by Clancy DuBos on 04/04/2011 at 9:54 PM

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