Getting “there first with the most”: Self Admitted Felon Frank Fradella gives mucho bundled campaign cash to Mayor Half Moon.

For true folks he did as Hammerman points out today for the T-P.  He joins the River Birch Landfill people financially supporting Half Moon, who were bundlers from way far back as we reported back in February 2011.  Another serial bundler, prominent uptown class action lawyer Calvin Fayard was not mentioned today but no doubt will down the line as Slabbed continues to trail blaze this topic.


3 thoughts on “Getting “there first with the most”: Self Admitted Felon Frank Fradella gives mucho bundled campaign cash to Mayor Half Moon.”

  1. As I have said before, Mitch Landrieu will go down as the worst mayor in the last 30 years. His claims of transparency are, well, transparent. His claims of reforming the mess Nagin left are appearing to be empty promises – a perfect example of the same old, same old…..the Diana Bajoie deal. And, more importantly, he has promised to make a difference on crime, yet, while three people were gunned down last week, he was at Essence Fest passing out awards to Aretha Franklin.

    I am not saying the Landrieu does not have the right or duty to promote social events, but with crime as rampant in the City as it has been, he should be in the bunker day and night figuring out a solution to the problem. The citizenry is tired of stupid, anagram named programs that probably are just another way for a FOM (friend of Mitch) to line his or her pockets.

    Now, we learn that Landrieu was, in fact, worse than Nagin in the amount of money he took. I suppose an argument could be made that his receipt of the Fradella money was much more devious and nefarious than the out-in-the-open penny ante graft that Nagin received (granite, playoff tickets, consultant salary). The masses are getting tired, Mitch. Quit the oratory and do something or history will, indeed, judge you as the worst mayor since, well, your Dad.

  2. Fradella thru Home Solutions, Fred Heebe thru River Birch, and Ed Burns thru Ciber all broke the law through their illegal campaign bundling contributions schemes with Nagin and/or Landrieu yet only Fradella has been charged to date.

  3. The Fayards gave their share to Mitch over the years.

    What I find interesting is that Frances Gray (Calvin’s girlfriend at the time), the law firm of Fayard & Fayard (Calvin and his then-wife), Main & Vine, LLC (a Fayard LLC that now lists his children as members), and Livingston Properties, Inc. (another Fayard and Maurin entity) were all BIG donors to Ray Nagin.

    I wonder why Main & Vine and Livingston Properties made donations? I wonder If Frances Gray was even employed at the time? She was living in one of the Fayard properties on Arabella at the time, and I think “attending” law school.

    I say “attending” because i can remember her calling Calvin’s secretary on more than one ocassion to instruct the secretary to call Dr. _____ for a note saying she was sick and unable to attend classes. Of course, she wasn’t sick at all; just out of the state or the country with Calvin.

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