Getting “there first with the most”: Self Admitted Felon Frank Fradella gives mucho bundled campaign cash to Mayor Half Moon.

For true folks he did as Hammerman points out today for the T-P.  He joins the River Birch Landfill people financially supporting Half Moon, who were bundlers from way far back as we reported back in February 2011.  Another serial bundler, prominent uptown class action lawyer Calvin Fayard was not mentioned today but no doubt will down the line as Slabbed continues to trail blaze this topic.


Southern Politics in Black and White: The fight at the Louisiana Supreme Court continues to make the news

I only bring it up since Slabbed broke this story back on June 14th well ahead of the mainstream media reporting. I’ll add I wrote that post color blind for I had no clue as to the ethnicity of any of the combatants.

By now the politics of race has entered into the equation as Bernette Johnson is black while Stephen Victory is white. Politicos are coming out of the woodwork to endorse the litigant of their choice, down here the latest being the NOLA City Council joining Mayor Half Moon and a gaggle of other area pols endorsing Johnson. Given the fact people of color have historically been disenfranchised I certainly understand and am sympathetic to the sentiment, expressed today by T-P pundit Jarvis DeBerry. That said the Louisiana Supreme Court isn’t the only one altering history as DeBerry’s column ignores the back room deal that got Johnson on the court to begin with. And therein lies the larger problem, people of every race supporting crooks for office because they are a certain skin color.  Cedric Richmond in particular comes to mind as a glaring example but turning that congressional seat in NOLA “chocolate” trumped all else and that fact colored the T-P’s coverage of that election and not for the better IMHO.

Now lets put the color blinders back on and imagine politics without skin color, a place populated by mostly self-interested actors interested mainly in their own enrichment.  The key is to find people who are honest and down to earth and Slabbed has pointed to people like State Rep Nick Larusso and former US Representative Gene Taylor as such examples in the past.  To those examples I’d like to add State Senator Ed Murray and State Representative Karen Carter Peterson as politicians that my due diligence indicates are in the game for the right reasons.  They are vastly outnumbered.

Instead the power structure in NOLA pushes corrupt retreads like “Landfill Cynthia” Williard-Lewis and Diana “Conprofit” Bajoie as the acceptable black face of politics.  As such I fear there are no good guys in this Supreme Court fight as the PR push ramps up, just the self-interested.