Is Harry Connick Jr an asshole? Discuss.

Because Slabbed tackles topics no one else will and frankly folks, given what we witnessed in Baldwin v Costner this assignment is….

But still this is a valid question as a fellow Blue Jay from back in the day sent me this link where Harry Jr is hopping in bed with BP to do a TeeVee special on Louisiana music.

Not withstanding the fact Harry’s daddy was likely the most corrupt DA in the entire land back in the day, where insurance/employee benefit schemes like those unraveled in Jefferson Parish were pioneered, the main criticism I hear about the guy from his old buddies is that Jr. has morphed into a self important ass of the kind we regularly skewer here on Slabbed and indeed the google search string “Harry Connick Jr is an asshole” did bear some fruit but first lets begin from a snippet from an email I received about Harry Jr.:

Would you kindly, if only briefly, light this phoney mother%$^& up…..

Jr. was a classmate of mine at Jesuit.  This sack of shit has not lived in New Orleans since 1987.  He completely abandoned all of his high school friends, except the famous ones from NOCCA.

That said his fans, while legion, seem to acknowledge the innate assholery associated with the guy, who appears to have gone Hollywood:

The next bit of filler is beautiful, as we delve deeper into Harry Connick, Jr.’s time with the contestants. Can we just have Harry be the judge and host of this whole damn thing? Maybe have Debbie the Stage Manager and Fake Randy come out and play a bit, but seriously, if we just let Harry handle this crapfest, it could become a beautiful, beautiful thing. Harry talks on the phone to the exquisite Bybee James! He tells her that her son thought he was Chris Isaak. He says he is dressed like a…

HALF-GOAT. I have no words. This is the most beautiful piece of American Idol filler ever created. This just needs to be the entire show.

The word pitchy does not exist, judges. We need to stop saying that…He’s [Casey] singing out of tune. That’s how we say it. I gotta bone to pick with these judges about that stuff.

He then proceeds to call Big Mike what I think was a fucking asshole. It was bleeped out. I just want to watch Harry Connick, Jr. do this all night. I actually just want to transcribe this entire bit because its beautiful. Its smart. Its sarcastic. Its honest. Its sweet. Its funny. Harry skewers everyone involved with the show and still manages to come off as a charming & sincere rube. I think I am falling in love.

Actually there are some folks here from Harry’s hometown who do not find his homespun assholery quite as amusing but pity the poor fan of this jerkwad that simply wanted a picture with him:

A fan in NYC finally caught Harry Connick, Jr. yesterday, after trying for 20 years to get a photo with him — looks like he may have to wait 20 more, as Connick completely blew him off!

And none of this counts the asshat disrespecting the National Anthem singing it in a baseball hat at a NASCAR event.

So there you have it folks, Harry’s old homies are not feeling any love for the guy these days, especially after he has cuddled up with BP.


36 thoughts on “Is Harry Connick Jr an asshole? Discuss.”

  1. None of this strikes me as all that uncommon for people who get really famous. Actually, if this is the extent of it I would say he’s pretty down to earth by hollywood’s standards. Not that I’m defending him or anything. His music is awful and I can’t stand to listen to him speak on the television. But he probably worked pretty hard to get where he is and that probably means he had to set aside his friendships with those people that could really help him and hold on to the friendships with people that could.

    You also might want to dig up that tape of him in Australia where he got really uncomfortable when some performers wore blackface. He basically told the hosts that if he didn’t say anything that would be his ass when he got back home. Kind of endearing actually.

  2. hollywood phony, no real surprise. fake white boy jive accent. dr john is the same thing (not saying dr john is a jerk). the guy walks around with that voodoo get up and yat/jive accent and has been living in manhattan the last 40 years.

  3. You better check the authenticity of the so-caqlled former schoolmate from New Orleans. Harry ‘Poop-Pants’ Connick Jr is from Weston, Connecticut, where he attended public school from 1970-1982. His picture is in all the Weston school yearbooks for that time. Also, his real father was never the DA of anywhere. Connick Sr is or was one of the bigwigs at Sony Music and a stockholer in Sony Pictures.

      1. There used to be a hot link here, can’t remember for sure what it was. Just do an internet search for the phrases “Harry ‘Poop-Pants’ Connick Jr”and “I Smell Poop” to see that someone has been posting comments like the above under that name for years.

        Summary: ” I Smell Poop” (having no links to back up the apparently baseless comments), is full of sh*t.

          1. His antics last night totally detracted from the talent; you could see the disgusted look on some of the competitor’s faces. He needs to sit down, shut up and offer the valid comments he offered early in the season.

          2. Not surprising there is an occasional malfunctionality considering how many times the goats have gotten loose and been caught chewing on the wiring.

    1. Better check your info……you are wrong. I lived in New Orleans and that’s where he is from and his father was a DA.

      1. Well here’s a real coprophilic blast from the past.

        Welcome to slabbed comrade Carla. There is always the risk of flying elbows and harsh words here, govern yourself accordingly!

        Let’s get to what condition your condition is in.

        People say all sorts of stupid and/or untrue things on the internet.

        I wouldn’t recommend getting too worked up over the electrons wasted by anyone posting under a screenname such as “I Smell Poop” or similar. The poster “I Smell Poop” was already outed here as a real POS who happened to be full of the same and was summarily dealt with in the preceding comments. Then the goats and the goatherders got loose and were caught chewing on the wiring and the cables and the routers and the gateways and the Domain Name Servers; ‘purt near the blogs entire foundation! And then that outing of pooflinger “I Smell Poop” got a little less easy to understand. You may rest assured though, as not many here are buying what I Smell Poop is selling anymore.

        I’d recommend forgetting this “I Smell Poop” loser and upgrading your reading here.

        Here’s one search here that will get you lots of varied and interesting reading- just click here>
        Transitions, transparency, transmissions, transactions, translations; and that’s just from the first two of 83 (!) pages of good old slabbed search returns!

        Carry on my wayward son!

          1. 🙂

            Riddle me this oh great webmaster: What explains the dearth of returns for this search of slabbed?

            A warp in the server?

            Residual goat stench causing the CPUs to stutter and skip?

            Or are there just some types of traffic slabbed does not want?


            I do confess that the previous comment reinjuvenated my thought processes.

            The comment above shall be the first in a continuing series of “fun with slabbed comments”*, so stay tuned.

            *The obvious next step is to come up with a suitable trademark for the series.

            PS- Here’s some music to feature in an appropriate post. Obscure and long out of print, and now posted on the internet. Catchy title and lyrics, did the organ, you will know when the time is right! (I’m thinking it could be the soundtrack to a perpwalk.)

  4. Yeah – he’s an asshole for sure ! The guy thinks he’s a legend when he’s quite irritating to listen to, he’s very condescending as well, besides, there will only ever be one Frank….

  5. Lol, self importance is like an ox cart hauling bad air. This silly f_cker is a excuse for something real. ( My grandmother loves his music though). Personally, as a human being, I’d like to apologize to every other human being for his existence. I’m glad that someone on the American Idol staff hated him enough to give him a venue to expose his REAL “talent”. Really I wouldn’t say he is an asshole, more he’s a dick… a tiny dried watermellon stem-like dick, who thinks he’s Sinatra.

  6. I can’t stand this guy. I cringe when he talks “what do you think that song means?” Ughh can’t even watch the show anymore. He’s an asshole but not in an attractive endearing way like Simon.

  7. The only judge on the panel that has any real talent is Keith Urban. I wouldn’t think of missing an episode of AI because of him. Keith has it all !!!!

  8. What I want to know is who is so powerful, they can get practically any bad press wiped off the internet? Even Tom Cruise and Scientology aren’t this powerful! Go ahead, try to find his liquor problems mentioned, or his entering a treatment facility. It’s all been completely expunged from the net as far as I can tell. Who has that kind of power? Heck you can hardly find anything bad about him in searches, like he didn’t exist before Idol. He’s supposedly a well known prick, and had several run ins with people and the law. The only;y thing you’ll find is his unlicensed gun charge, which I assume was just too big to completely expunge off the net.

  9. You know how when you Google, or use another search engine, and you see somebody has asked a question about a celebrity, such as..Did they ever go to rehab? You’ll see a whole bunch of answers and one selected as the best? Not in this guys case! You see an answer by the site themselves, no other responses shown, and the no answer only. Honestly It’s the first time I ever saw that, ever. Like they have a huge cease and desist thing going on in this guys case. His IMDB threads are loaded with removed posts…and when you look at the threads you see 10,15,30 responses all removed too. and a few remaining which looks really weird. I’m telling you guys this is one seriously connected celebrity!

    1. That could well indicate google removed the reference from their search indexes. To the extent his daddy and his uncle are political powers in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes respectively and he has several younger relatives in the legal profession including as Jefferson Parish DA plus his own money what you are mentioning is not necessarily a surprise to me.

      1. His name was no doubt removed from the search engines due to his real father being one of the bigwigs at Sony Music and a stockholder in Sony Pictures. Remember, he’s not a native of New Orleans! I don’t know how they got that old guy to front for him, but that’s besides the point. He attended public school in Weston, Ct from 1970-1982, and he’s pictured in each an every one of the yearbooks for that time. Ask yourself, how did such a mediocre talent as he – witness his singing live ‘I Do Like We Do’ on American Idol – get to put out so many albums? Nepotism. He may sound alright if the auto-tune is on, but he’s completely awful without it. So, please, stop fooling yourself about all the New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, DA bullshit. He comes from Weston, CT, that’s in Fairfield County, CT, and the only DA in this fraud’s life is da…

  10. Here’s a really good example of what I’m suggesting…

    This comes up in searches as the unofficial Harry Connick Jr fan site on several search engines, ….it’s empty! The guy supposedly has a legion of fans and this site has no responses! You can’t find it by searching in Google unofficial Fan site, it won’t come up. It’s buddy tv, they’re huge! They have threads on everybody, loaded with pages. Even like c-class celebs. This guys on Idol, yet Buddy TV’s fanpage on him..IS EMPTY, like it was recently wiped clean. Something clearly not right here.

  11. Well, his Aunt Bee was an added breath of fresh air too down in BSL…..from selling her fine linens (made in china, 400% mark up) to running kids off the sidewalk in front of her shop and definitely tipping her nose to anyone not recognized as BSL or NOLA royalty—even though she crosses the bay bridge just to get there, lol….

  12. He’s supposed to be getting his own TV talk show in the Fall of 2016. I give it one season at best before it’s cancelled. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was removed after only a few aired shows. Remember, he wouldn’t have had an opportunity like that unless his father hadn’t been one of the bigwigs at Sony Music and a stockholder in Sony Pictures. Boo fraud! Boo nepotism!

  13. A child prodigy with a famous father peels off from his buddies after high school. SHOCKER! All the haters here are talking out their ass. Suppose you had HIS talent as a child, once you came of age you would be out in the music joints in NOLA making a buck. Then a national record contract comes your way, you say to Arista records, “You know, I really need to make more time for my friends.” Use your head people, or know something of what you speak before you do. Finally a daytime talkshow I might occasionally tune in.

  14. The commenter on here, taking several names but lacking the wit to change the verbiage is on YouTube as well. “fraud” and “nepotism” and “not from NOLA” is a running theme. Biel2619, why have you even harping on someone as unimportant as Harry Connick for 5 years? Move on.

    1. I certainly would not call Harry Connick, Jr. unimportant. He is a multi-Grammy Award winning singer and musician, a decent actor (“Copycat,” “Bug,” TV’s “Will & Grace”) and popular enough as an Idol Mentor that he became one of the permanent judges for a few seasons. I wasn’t a frequent watcher of “American Idol,” but I have relatives who were. I do, however, own several of his albums. He’s not Sinatra, but he’s a good singer who also writes and arranges some of his songs. He is important because he helped generate excitement in younger listeners for a big band sound in the late 80s and early 90s. I know, because several classmates I had at the time – who were not otherwise exposed to such music – liked his stuff. That’s a good thing. Other performers in the jazz field don’t always reach beyond jazz aficionados but Connick did. So I don’t know where anyone gets the idea that he’s a “mediocre talent.” Compared to what? No one is going to match Frank Sinatra, because Sinatra was a unique performer who gained success on a level few attain in showbiz. But with musicians and singers continuing to record the standards, the kind of music Sinatra championed will never die. So performers like Harry Connick, Jr. are important.

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