Paul Purpura updates the Dantin Molestation case

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — A blistering report that claims Joe Paterno and other top Penn State officials concealed what they knew about Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse of children may prove to be an indelible stain on the beloved coach’s 61-year tenure at the school where he preached “success with honor.”

Paterno’s supporters are legion, though, and some insist the late coach got a raw deal from former FBI Director Louis Freeh, whose 267-page report on the Sandusky scandal Thursday asserted that Paterno and senior Penn State officials made a decision to protect Sandusky to avoid damaging the image of the school and its powerful football program.

Ooops wrong coverup folks, sorry. Let me try again:

A Jefferson Parish judge ruled Wednesday that a politically connected Grand Isle man is mentally competent to stand trial on charges of inappropriately touching a young boy. The judge dismissed doctors’ findings that the elderly defendant’s memory lapses will adversely affect his ability to assist his defense attorney.

“I walk out of this courtroom every day,” 24th Judicial District Court Judge Steve Windhorst said. “I forget things on the bench every day.”

That means Jerry Dantin, 77, will stand trial a third time next month for sexual battery. Authorities allege he had a 6-year-old boy apply lotion to his genital area while in a shrimp boat berthed at Grand Isle in early 2010. Two Jefferson Parish juries have been unable to reach verdicts in the case during the past year, leading to two mistrials.

OK folks I’ll let you in on a little secret. Cap’n Jay can’t take a shit without someone in the greater Slabbed Nation knowing thus my remarks back in May about the old geezer drinking the days away in a local bar as we continue:

Assistant District Attorney Jerry Smith questioned whether Dantin – who is free from jail on bond – passes his days in bars or by drinking beer on the island. He argued Dantin does not meet the criteria to be mentally incompetent to stand trial. “I don’t doubt his mind might slip on a day-to-day basis,” Smith argued.

Paul’s story is well worth the read in its entirety as, like Slabbed, he has been covering this case since the early days for the T-P.  I’ll add Judge Windhorst is 100% correct here IMHO as Dantin’s lawyer, Robert Toales generally based his defense on running down the victims mother for filing civil suit against the Town of Grand Isle for the alleged official coverup not relying on Dantin’s memory in the second trial at all. Faulty memories are a commonality in this case as this condition also afflicts Grand Isle Police Chief Euris DuBois and Mayor Carmadelle.  Unfortunately for the cause of justice is Toales never mentions the 1 year statute of limitations that forced the filing of the civil suit.

My non-legal opinion is there is a special place in hell for those that aid and abet child molesters.


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