Slabbed congratulates Jefferson Parish beat reporter Paul Rioux on his successful escape from NOLA Media Group

Paul was a good beat reporter whose dispatches from the hive will be missed by the Slabbed Nation.   This is yet more evidence that the rank and file is not buying into the Newhouse business plan IMHO.

No word yet on Stephanie Grace or how Ricky Mathew’s new diet is working. Stay tuned.


Hocus pocus medicine or sound science? Scientologists push Ron Hubbard’s methods for treating oil spill victims in St Tammany Parish with the help of DA Walter Reed

Yes siree just when you thought things could not get whackier for this area, we have religion masquerading as medicine or is that medicine masquerading as religion as St Tammany Parish DA Walter Reed has teamed up with local notables to push a benefit dinner for the Gulf Coast Detoxification Project, a new nonprofit organization that uses medical methods espoused by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology. The New York Press has the skinny on the detoxification efforts of the scientologists there after 9-11:

“I’m not here converting these men and women to Scientology. And I’ve got to tell you something—I’ve been a Scientologist 20 years. In Sacramento I, more than any other Scientologist, got new people into Scientology, me personally. I’m very good at converting people, if I want to.” Jim Woodworth is the director of the New York Rescue Workers’ Detoxification Project, and he is bristling at the suggestion that his program is an arm of the Church of Scientology. He insists that his group is totally secular, stating that a look at his tax returns and a discussion with any of the close to 800 men and women he has treated will bear that out. His mission at the program, also known as Downtown Medical, is to help sick rescue workers—not to make new Scientologists. “My purpose here is the purpose that I stated, to restore the quality of life to the rescue workers. It’s not a religious purpose.”

Those rescue workers I spoke with back up Woodworth’s statements. No patient who participated in the detoxification program offered by Downtown Medical said they were confronted with Scientology, or its beliefs, at any time. In 2003, Downtown Medical, a clinic promoting a program designed to remove impurities from the body through a regimen of sweat and vitamins, opened for business. The project, which focuses solely on those rescue workers who served at Ground Zero after 9/11, is based on the writings of Church of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and project leaders publicly acknowledge that Hubbard’s book, Clear Body, Clear Mind, acts as the de facto handbook for the program. Though many past supporters of the program such as the City of New York’s largest firefighters’ union, the Uniformed Firefighters Association, backed off once they learned of Downtown Medical’s ties to Scientology, others have been more than willing to openly show their support, starting with former Manhattan City Council Member Margarita Lopez.

The involvement of DA Reed in the effort is noteworthy as certain local politicians in New York were also on the inside of the rescue worker project as I continue: Continue reading “Hocus pocus medicine or sound science? Scientologists push Ron Hubbard’s methods for treating oil spill victims in St Tammany Parish with the help of DA Walter Reed”

A question I frequently get is “I’m going to NOLA where is a great Po-boy place?”

Rosemary and Fennel Pork Belly Poboy with Tomato And Sweet Pepper Compote, Chard and Fresh Black Eyed Pea Salad and Garlic Mayo

And my stock answer is the best sandwich shops are actually here on the Mississippi Coast but there is one place in the French Quarter that has bonafides with the Slabbed Nation: Killer Poboys on Conti Street.

I mention all this because owners April Bellow and her finance Cam Boudreaux’s little sandwich shop is getting noticed by the food media in NOLA appearing in Just off the Red Streetcar Line and Gambit within the past couple of days.  These ain’t your mommas Poboys folks as Just off the Red Streetcar Line explains:

We’ve pretty much plowed through the entire menu and have yet to settle on a favorite. If pushed, I’d say the NOLA Rum & Chipotle Braised Pork (with summer veggie Chow Chow and garlic aioli) or the Moroccan Spiced Lamb Sausage (with Tzatziki sauce, sumac carrot relish and torn mint) would be 1a and 1b, while the Coriander Lime Gulf Shrimp (with marinated Daikon and carrot, cucumbers, herbs and the house special aioli) would be my close 2. For those of you cutting down on (or out) the meat, a Curry Roasted Seasonal Veggies and the Creole Tomato and Caper Basil Pesto round out the rest of the po-boys. The two salads are light and refreshing and, at a mere $2 or $4, hard to resist grouping with a po-boy. Continue reading “A question I frequently get is “I’m going to NOLA where is a great Po-boy place?””

Meet copywrite troll/porn lawyer Evan Stone of Texas: “That ain’t doughnut glaze….”

Folks in respects the disgraced Evan Stone is last year’s news but seeing as how the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals just bitch slapped his sorry ass with sanctions for conduct befitting a Goatherder I thought I’d highlight Stone and the legal shithouse from which he slithered beginning with this AP story from yesterday:

It’s a common tactic for pornography producers trying to protect their product from online piracy: They sue unknown “John Does” who illegally download movies, then go to Internet providers to learn their true identities and collect.

Hundreds of porn companies have filed thousands of lawsuits across the country in recent years. Often, representatives will call up the defendants, offering quick settlements of $1,000 or $5,000 to avoid facing $150,000 claims and the embarrassment of being publicly outed.

Some defendants in the lawsuits are pushing back, arguing that they’re being squeezed for quick settlements even when they claim to have never downloaded anything.

A Kentucky woman, Jennifer Barker, is suing the five companies that targeted her and is seeking class-action status to hold the companies accountable for harassing calls for settlements.

The approach uses assumptions for which the US courts harbor increasing dubiety the main one being an IP address can be directly associated with a specific person as I continue: Continue reading “Meet copywrite troll/porn lawyer Evan Stone of Texas: “That ain’t doughnut glaze….””

Jim Brown

Thursday, July 12th, 2012
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


In the current presidential campaign, both parties harp on number of national problems that cry out for solutions. The economy, tax reform, healthcare, and immigration all command front-page status in the continuing political debate. But one issue is rarely discussed. In fact, it seems to be overlooked or ignored by both the Romney and the Obama campaigns — the dramatic loss of American freedoms.

But that can’t be, you say. After all, America is “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” No country has the individual freedoms found in the United States, our leaders continually tell us. No other country comes close to the economic and individual freedoms found here at home. Well, maybe not.

For over a decade, The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation, Washington’s preeminent think tank, have annually published the Index of Economic Freedom. The Index covers 10 basic freedoms that include property rights, freedom from corruption, entrepreneurship, and a host of personal freedoms in 184 countries. Hong Kong leads the list, followed by Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, and Denmark. All these countries outscored the U. S. as America just slipped into the top ten, barely edging out Chile and Bahrain. Continue reading “Jim Brown”