One symptom of the cancer in the NOLA Media Group Newsroom: “Shitting Bricks”

Folks the Ricky Mathews “shitting bricks” rumor just won’t go away so I hope the staff at the Windsor Court takes heed and feeds NOLA’s newest villain more fiber to loosen things up. That said the media coverage has reached the information regurgitation point led by this latest installment by the Gambit’s Kevin Allman.

Speaking of the Gambit it looks like NOLA Clerk of Court Dale Atkins is moving her portion of the City’s legal notice biz to Clancy and the gang.  This is one of those items you’d think the Newhouse family anticipated in formulating the restructuring plans but that tidbit is something we’ll likely never know – at least until massive bonus checks are handed out at the Windsor Court or the Chapter 11 filing hits PACER.

Speaking of the Newhouse family restructuring plans, the greater flaws were exposed in the now well circulated David Carr NY Times piece on the state of the newspaper industry and by soon to be former Newhouse employee Kari Dequine Harden, both linked yesterday in comments here on Slabbed.  Once upon a time I’m told newspapers treasured their “cops” beat because everyone evidently loves to read reports on crime but evidently the Times Picayune is emulating the one man band here at Slabbed taking the weekend off.

That is OK because Slabbed now has its own reporter on the Cops beat, Ashton R. O’Dwyer Jr.  We’re operating on a shoestring but we’re operating folks, even on the weekends. ~ sop

Hal Neilson’s suit against former US Attorney Jim Greenlee dismissed

For true folks Judge Biggers dismissed the suit former FBI Agent Hal Neilson filed against the Federal Government alleging misdeeds on part of former US Attorney Jim Greenlee, all from the Oxpatch area.

I could be wrong but the only part of this saga still ongoing is the defamation suit against Alan Lange and Tom Dawson related to the book King of Torts and it is hanging on life support if I remember right.

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