Louisiana Legislative Auditor exposes the Just Willing Foundation Conprofit. A Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation / Byron Lee Conprofit Update.

Why We Conducted This Audit
We initiated this audit based on concerns from our previous audit of the Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation, dated November 10, 2010, and its affiliation with Joshua Williams, the Foundation’s director.

What We Found
Foundation Reimbursed Grant Funds for Expenses Not Incurred
• Between 2006 and 2009, the Just Willing Foundation (Foundation) submitted four reimbursement requests to the Department of Social Services that included copies of checks to vendors and other supporting documentation for expenses totaling $9,766 the Foundation did not actually incur, which may have violated state law. Also, the Foundation appears to have donated $2,000 of grant/public funds to a church, which may violate the state Constitution.

Public Funds Used for Personal Purposes
• Mr. Joshua Williams used $11,416.89 of Foundation funds to pay the following: (1) $6,987.20 was paid to purchase math books for resale by his business; (2) $4,124.05 was paid for his personal fraternity expenses and social club membership dues; and (3) $305.64 was paid to himself for office supplies that the Foundation may have already paid directly to the vendor. By using $11,416.89 of public funds for his personal benefit, Mr. Williams may have violated state law.

Payments to Mr. Williams and His Business Lacked Documentation and Public Purpose
• Mr. Williams made cash withdrawals and wrote checks to himself and his personal business from the Foundation bank account totaling $145,948, but could not provide adequate documentation supporting the payments or the public purpose for these expenditures.

Federal and State Tax Concerns
• Foundation Not Tax Exempt: The Foundation claimed on grant documentation with the state that it was a notfor-profit organization and had 501(c) (3) status [exempt from federal income tax]. However, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has no record of the Foundation as a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization. Since the Foundation’s tax exempt status could not be confirmed by the IRS, the Foundation may have violated state law.

12 thoughts on “Louisiana Legislative Auditor exposes the Just Willing Foundation Conprofit. A Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation / Byron Lee Conprofit Update.”

  1. Bingo Ricardo. I don’t know why they even have a DA in Jefferson Parish. They are so MIA I doubt anyone would miss the office.


  2. The problem may be that even those who are not connected to the DA know where the bodies are buried, so that the DA cannot prosecute even those who are not connected to him because of fear that other politicians who are connected to him will be exposed.

    1. I wonder who steered the earmark in the Legislature. Was this a Bajoie production? My money is on Girard Jackson sight unseen.


      1. Could former convicted and disbarred Ward protege and State Senator Derrick Sheppard have been involved … just asking …

    1. This was clearly a lecture on the benefits of how to dress and style your hair like a pimp. I’m not sure how any imagined content of this lecture could assist with technical literacy.

  3. “JUNIOR”: Never let it be said that I declared WAR on innocent little children, no matter what their color, or the Creed of their parents (Oh! O.K. Make that “parent”). But I don’t know how to “follow the money trail” for the “earmarks” bestowed by Senator Landrieu and by Bajoie (to relatives, “hangers-on” and maybe to herself), among others (like the Jeffersons), to people like Joshua Williams, among many, many others. Then we’re told that most of the money allocated was used to pay hefty salaries, and “supplies” (and probably a lot “more”) may have been paid for at least twice. And then I have a big problem to see taxpayer dollars spent to pay some “teacher” (let’s see the credentials) explain to 5, 6 or 7 year olds how to wash their hands. This isn’t “education”. This particular function should heve been taught in the home before the child ever darkened the door of some “Foundation Funded Academy”. Ditto for learning how to use crayons and color in a coloring book. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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