7 thoughts on “Not another holiday week oldie!”

  1. And SOP, don’t forget other “Lloyd Price” favorites of mine, namely, “I’m Gonna Get Married” and “Personality”. My parents HATED this music, but I was indoctrinated because we were driven to school each day by “Roussel Victor”, son of “Chookie” Victor, who worked for my Family for two generations (as did Roussel, his son) – more about that at a later date. Anyway, when Roussel was driving, ONLY WBOK (or WYLD) played on the car radio. Ashton O’Dwyer.

      1. I was in the Dome when he body slammed King Kong Bundy. I was enjoying a Chipwich. As you might recall, when Stagger Lee was finally unmasked, it was actually Coco B. Ware. Everyone knew it had been JYD all along, which made it funnier. Maybe my favorite part of the video I posted was of may favorites, Reeser Bowden (sp?). He always appeared to take it so seriously.

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