Mayor Half Moon to squander scare tax dollars appealing Judge Medley’s public records decision. A case study in official assholery.

That’s right folks, Mayor Half Moon’s quest to hide the cooking of crime stats by NOPD has hit a new low with news he’ll be appealing Judge Medley’s decision in the Times Picayune’s PRR lawsuit.  Worth noting is Brendan McCarthy now works for Channel 4 so I reckon the T-P will have to assign a new reporter to the story.

Also worth noting is the Mayor is putting the City on the hook for the Times Picayune’s legal fees as well as the legal position being taken by the City is completely without merit.  And at the end of the day the cooking of crime stats by the NOPD will all come out despite the squandering of scare tax dollars on lawyers fighting this case.


27 thoughts on “Mayor Half Moon to squander scare tax dollars appealing Judge Medley’s public records decision. A case study in official assholery.”

  1. To waste money defending the indefensible is absurd. The police report is a public record, and there are no justifications for the redactions. Mitch, as a skilled attorney, should recognize that, as well as the PR debacle from waging a losing battle.

      1. Like the former, now indicted JP President Aaron Broussard, Mitch is skilled at receiving curatorships … especially from his quarter-moon ‘sista’ judge …

        Honestly …. these people are disgustingly and despicably shameless !!!

  2. Just don’t forget that I am “a conspiracy theorist” (and with good reason). My psychiatrist says, “Ashton, you’re not paranoid; you just have excellent survival instincts.” That said, in my view the jury is still out on the RAPE which was reported on Calhoun Street aroung 1300 hours on Tuesday, the 3rd (or was it Monday the 2nd?). You know the one that the Second District later (over 24 hours later) siad really didn’t occur, and was reported in error, and not corrected in a timely fashion, due to “a data entry error”. The people who have their fingers in this pie are: (1) The NOPD Rape Unit; (2) The 5th District (did the perpetrator hail from the 5th District until the “data entry error” was discovered?); and (3) The 2nd District where the rape a/k/a data entry error occurred, and whose Commander set the record “straight” some 24 hours after-the-fact (or DID he?). I’m about to be put out of my house by a bunch of no good dirty rotten bastards, so if anyone is interested, someone else will have to pursue this, Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. “Sacre Bleu!” Oui merci pardon mon ami ?

    On May 15, 2010, the Civil Rights Division opened an investigation of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) pursuant to the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Following its comprehensive investigation, the Justice Department on March 17, 2011, announced its findings that the NOPD has engaged in patterns of misconduct that violate the Constitution and federal law. The documents on this page provide more information about the investigation, the Justice Department

    1. Ahh ‘Mon ami’
      I put it out there and only the sounds of crickets came back ?

      What about the Consent-decree Halfmoon and the NOPD entered into with the DOJ for restoring public confidence? Redacting police reports violating public records request of the TP violates public trust, eh,’Mon ami’ and how can one investigate the authenticity of reports when they are redacted?

  4. Don’t mess with Medley !

    An analogous to this would be like if JP President John Young had appealed the La. Fifth Circuit Court’s decision that AMV’s computer public records could be seen by AMV. Young was smart enough not to push the envelope there.

    QuarterMoon ( two-bit ass of FullMoon) will pay politically for this in a big way seeing Serpas has already in another city been accused of altering police statics.

    1. This pinhead, duet sing along splains’ how ” Da’ Banjo” got her appointment and makes “Chip” Forstall’s sing alongs look like Tony Award winning performances.

      For QuarterMoon’s next mayoral race party how about getting handsome(H/T Sock) “Da’Banjo” to vibrate dem’ golden lips singing her hits: ” Da’ Trill (of Con-profit) Is Gone”; “Hoochie Coochie Con-profit Man”; ” C (colored) C (Con-Profit) Rider” and her Platinum album,” The Great Pretender”:


  5. Sock: don’t you remember? Mitch was appointed as a assistant special master in the NOTX case.

    1. Yes, I do remember. I also remember some other stuff about his law practice and mediation practice. But I’ll hold my fire for now.

    2. Assistant Special Master? LOL! I wonder how much he milked out of that title, and which side had to pay the fee?

    1. I’d love to know! This Special Master BS is nothing but a shakedown from the connected class to their buddies.

  6. So, tell us what we are just “itching” to hear: (1) How much did he take away in FEES? (2) What were his reimbursible EXPENSES? (3) Who approved Nos. 1 and 2, supra? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. Yes, Wendell and Calvin Fayard did play their parts in getting Mitch that plum job. But, it was then-Special Master Pat Juneau, Perpetual Special Master of all Fayard cases, who made the motion and assigned the “work”.

  8. And since Mitch, like Lil ‘Napoleon in JP, considered himself only a part-time employee ( supposedly busting his QuarterMoon ass as Secretary of State bringing jobs and industry to La) he had the time to make some extra milk money .

    So why wasn’t this dirty little fact announced by his opponents during the mayoral campaigns ? Were the candidates afraid of Fayard and/or Mitch retributions ?

  9. I think the Lt. Gov job didn’t come until later, and he was no longer participating in his special master tasks. I may be wrong, but I believe he was hearing and deciding appeals of class members who did not agree with the amount of money allotted to them.

  10. Funny that the special master subject comes up. The past few weeks i’v been passing on to SOP some juicy bits out of the corrupt 24th district courthouse involving everyone’s favorite slime ball “jurist” and the subject has to do with special masters. Hopefully he finds it interesting and outrageous enough to expose.

    1. I do find it interesting and hope to see it on a bigger stage than Slabbed so I am letting the wheels of journalism grind for the time being. The story will be told Ross, it is just a question of when.


      1. Hmmm … there are so many Ross … let’s say we start with THE CLOWN JUDGE … drum roll please … Ross LaFart ???

          1. Ross

            The masses want to know….At least give us enough for Gate and others to start looking

            The dark side wants to know!

  11. Well Mephisto, a certain judge we all know is a dirt bag, likes to appoint a certain special master for certain types of cases he occasionally hears. Problem is, he does this in the middle of hearing a case in which his special master is a participant. Basically hires as an employee an attorney that is already involved is a case before him as a litigant. Does anyone think the judge is going to rule against his employee? His special master? The ruling in his special master’s favor could mean a $200,000 payday. There was also some transcript editing. Some comments made by the judge were edited from the transcript because the comments show how biased he is in favor of the attorney he hires as a special master.

  12. Fun Facts:

    The Mayor’s Daddy’s, Moon Landrieu, is one of Marc Robert’s three landlords at the West Esplanade Robert’s grocery store.

    The three landlords are Moon Landrieu, Justice Calagero,and Charles Kronledge, all three were partners in the law firm that they established in 1958

    Mr. Marc Robert hired Justice Calagero, to block Margie Schwegmann-Brown from introducing the facts and evidence of sever DAMAGE caused to the INTERIOR of the store by Marc Roberts demolition crew at 2222 St. Claude Avenue.

    Mrs. Schwegmann-Brown prevailed and was allowed to introduce the expert evidence of Mr. Robert’s removal of a load bearing wall in between the original main building and the later drug store addition. Such removal of the structural supports resulted in the collapse of the roof- NOT Hurricane Katrina. The drug store roof was separate and independent from the original main roof and therefore was the result of the failure more that two years after Katrina.

    “Pascal F. Calogero, Jr., a native of New Orleans, was four times elected and re-elected to the Louisiana Supreme Court from a district comprised of the seven parishes in and around metropolitan New Orleans area. Retired Chief Justice Calogero graduated from St. Aloysius High School in New Orleans (1949) and Loyola University School of Law (1954), where he graduated first in his class and received his LLB. In 1982 he earned a Master of Laws Degree in judicial process from University of Virginia. He served in the U. S. Army 1954

  13. Margie: Sounds like your Supreme Court experience was the infamous, home cooked, Italian Calogero Special Plate consisting of two hairless Italian Weenies with accompanying side orders of prejudiced potatoes, devil eggs and diced crony corn medley .

    I now ask what’s more cronyistic?– Calogero as a Supreme Being for 36 years or 50 years of Chehardys as JP ASSessor ?

    We report you decide on the SlabbedNation.

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