Phony Baroni: Way past time we rolled out this member of the Goatherder Nation for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation

Even better folks I did not have to do any of the work since I am goofing off this week here on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast as the Flaming Liberal over at Your Right Hand Thief has been all over former Kenner politico and Broussardian Goatherder Nick Baroni since before Slabbed entered the Jefferson Parish Corruption cesspool. Mark Moseley aka Oyster was kind enough to sum everything up in a post last month on Broussard, Baroni and that illegal Executive Pay Plan Broussard started when he was Mayor of Kenner. (H/T ‘Gate and others that made sure this did not fall off my radar screen)


Back in the good ol’ days Nowdy would take up my slack here on Slabbed…

But alas she is long gone folks but this does not mean that while I am mostly away goofing off there is nothing going on in the local congroovancy no siree.  First off I would like to again point out that Jason over at AZ is on a Con Profit tear and the mention of Miss Piggy in the narrative warms the cockles of my heart.  Along those same lines some of you folks no doubt remember former Ray Nagin legal goon Bob Ellis threatened to sue Jason for defamation over his early reporting on Ray Nagin’s misdeeds and the Times Picayune did a story on it as Ellis’ plan was to ambush Jason at the Rising Tide Conference, which TP reporter Molly Reid covered.

I mention all this because feelings are evidently running high in certain media circles as it has been asserted the blogs are viewed at Newhouse media outlets as competitors. Feeding this kitty is the fact there are people in the main stream media taking credit for investigative reporting that Jason Berry did on the Nagin scandal, such fact no doubt causing consternation in certain for-profit media circles.  Along those lines Jason noted the story on his face off with Ellis has been comment scrubbed save two. The pettiness on display here is frankly stunning……and I reckon empowering as well.

If I may be so bold as to suggest there is another way to look at the natural tension that exists between blogs in general and the main stream media.  I don’t know if  I’ll ever be able to monetize Slabbed, such concept being the million dollar media question the newspaper industry is facing these days with an internet only platform.  I’m fine with that as web sites like Slabbed exists to make a difference more so than a profit while business enterprises like the Times Picayune exist to make a profit for the owners.  Yes we’re both doing the media thing albeit on vastly differing scales but the motivations could not be more diverse.  That said the thing that motivated many of the journalists to become journalists to begin with were such noble intentions, so while we may not all belong to the same tribe we have far more in common than not. Continue reading “Back in the good ol’ days Nowdy would take up my slack here on Slabbed…”

A long time ago on a message board far far away…..

Many years ago, I found a newspaper forum on subject matter that interested me and I needed to discern the lay of the land quickly. Part of discerning every cyber landscape on a typical newspaper forum is to figure out which inhabitants are bat shit crazy so I put up a post along the lines of………….

Ronald Reagan gutted the nations mental health hospital system when he was President. Unfortunately, many of those poor sick people ended up in jail while others ended up here. Discuss.

Sure enough every loon that was lurking the board chimed in on the topic, imparting the information I needed in the process.  Sometimes I drop a depth charge (as such posts are known on the finance boards) by accident and the feedback I get via sonar reminds me of that old post.  Yesterday had such an accidental release and frankly what I heard back via the ol’ sonar tickled me to no end.

Slabbed lifers remember the old website had an about page and other material that disclosed certain things about your moderator Sop, two of which were that I was a devotee of Behavioral Finance/economics and not in an abstract way either.  Along those same lines I also have an interest in Game Theory and it is through that prism that I filtered information about the public companies which I blogged upon.  What I learned on the finance blogs impacts what you see here on Slabbed today.

In any event lets drop some depth charges today as I welcome all to my laboratory. ~ sop