American Zombie: Great Balls of Fire!!

I had a second to take a look around the local congroovancy (Editilla speak) and I found things have been very lively over at Jason’s place as the community discussion is taking this whole Bajoie con-profit thing to new heights. Start here and just read down to meet the filthy hogger Mayor Half Moon planted on the city council. Again worth mentioning is Representative Cedric Richmond’s name in this whole deal as he too is as dirty as the day is long.

This is not my fight but I’ll add I’m enjoying seeing Richmond’s name surfacing again for partaking in Dollar Bill Jefferson style corruption.  By the time he tackled that subject Jason had already paid his dues but folks he took some serious grief for crossing Mayor Half Moon over Richmond during his first Congressional run when he unseated Joseph Cao.


Since I have not posted of late I’d like to point out……

That I am again on assignment, which means I’ll be pissing someone off shortly. Meantime I’d like to point out that Rossie has slithered out from under his rock and this must be addressed along with the latest bit of Jimbo the Clown jackassery. Stay tuned. 🙂