It is the summer solstice so Slabbed is gettin’ “hot and bothered” with Calhoun and Mrs Fayard!

Oh Nell, if I may be so bold as to suggest you direct a portion of your freelance to Ben.

Ben, I’ll add a nice photo gallery is always a big hit with the Slabbed Nation.

And of course I mention all this because the Fayards are opening up their mansion on St Chas aka the Wedding Cake House for a summer fashion show to benefit the folks over at CANO. There will be hot women in bikinis strutting down the runway plus food and entertainment all for the bargain basement price of $75/head. The good people over at the NOLA defender have all the skinny.

Finally folks the solstice season is special in the greater New Orleans area which is why I promote this high society uptown social event as ol’ fashioned good clean fun. It is a poorly kept secret that NOLA has a vibrant voodoo community including wicca and in the course of doing Slabbed I’ve heard stories about alternative ceremonies to mark the solstice including certain members of the Goatherder nation running buck ass naked on the levees. We’re down with people worshipping as they please here at Slabbed so for those of you folks wanting a bit of full frontal nudity to properly mark the solstice its out there is you dig hard enough. Just make sure you leave your wallet at home. 😉


5 thoughts on “It is the summer solstice so Slabbed is gettin’ “hot and bothered” with Calhoun and Mrs Fayard!”

  1. Or you can wait a few weeks for the Tampon Rodeo and not only get nudity but free outdoor Pap smears on big yachts and see real old seasoned perverts in real time action; with all said sexual activities under the safe, watchful eyes of patrolling policing authorities.

    Oh, and if you’re lucky you could get to see and hear one or more of the Council of Clowns performing and sneaking in some of their annual Council meeting funny ordinances or resolutions. Maybe even eat a hot dog if Chrissy tows his Lucky Dog float there ( Caution: be sure servers are wearing plastic sanitary gloves and don’t go too early around 5 AM cause that’s when Chrissy’s campaign deposits are viewed on special 4G terlits.)..

    And don’t leave home without your CrotchGuard and Pervert Repellant spray.

    The preceding brought to you by the Grand “Debauchery” Isle Tampon Rodeo Commission- ” Where Fishing and Coming Is Coitally and Pervertedly Annually Celebrated”

  2. We have an explanation for Jundal’s solstice sacrifice by Mr. Gill on

    Lawmakers don’t let anything get by them: James Gill
    If you want to hide something from Gov. Bobby Jindal, do it in Louisiana. Even when he is not roving the country in pursuit of national office, his attention seems more and more to wander.

  3. AROD: I got the price of admission for both of us. What say I come by your house and you and I saunter ourselves up St. Charles to the festivities?

    I’m sure there must be a BP claims office somewhere on the premises where we can sign up, too!

  4. UPDATE: on a Fayard matter discussed on here awhile back, but for which comments are closed.

    On June 18, 2012, based on the information provided in a Federal Election Commission complaint, and information provided by the Fayards in response, the FEC found there was no reason to believe the Fayard family, friends and co-workers violated 2 USC 441(f) of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971.

    The complaint, the responses and the findings are going to be made available to the public in the next 30 days through the FEC website.

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