In lockstep with a Zombie: What he said…

Remember my post on the turmoil on Louisiana Supreme Court? Slabbed broke this story.

See Slabbed mentioned in this TP report on same?

Second time is a week we were not properly given attribution on a story broke here.

Evidently Lee Zurik and the TP are taking victory laps on the Ray Ray thing without mentioning the guy that really broke the Ray Ray thing wide open, Jason over at AZ.

None of this is new folks but Jason at AZ wrote a post on this subject that is very good. Both AZ and Slabbed belong to the Creative Commons and using our work without attribution is a no no.

I’ll add my patience on this issue is limited.


10 thoughts on “In lockstep with a Zombie: What he said…”

  1. When your research is limited to reading slabbed and the american zombie what can you say? These guys are not doing themselves a favor by engaging in Plagiarism i Plagiarism for those reporters who don’t know is theft of another person’s writings or ideas. Generally, it occurs when someone steals expressions from another author’s composition and makes them appear to be his own work. Sometimes you get away with for years and them boom your entire body of work is darkened by your ego—

    Sometimes the question is one of proper attribution. In January 2002, two highly regarded historians, Stephen Ambrose and Doris Kearns Goodwin, were accused of plagiarism in The Weekly Standard. The magazine revealed that Ambrose (who died in October 2002) took passages from another author’s work and used them in his 2001 book The Wild Blue, while Goodwin used passages from several authors in her 1987 book The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys. Both authors apologized, acknowledging that they had erred and adding that their failure to provide proper attribution was completely inadvertent. Goodwin went so far as to address her mistakes in an essay in Time magazine. They agreed to correct the problem in future editions of the books in question. While some of their colleagues accepted the explanation, others questioned whether authors of such talent and prominence were in fact being disingenuous considering that both had borrowed numerous passages, not just one or two.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flatter but this is just monkey business in my book.

  2. Personal opinion: Prolific writers like Ambrose (RIP) and Goodwin no doubt used STUDENTS and/or GHOST WRITERS to deliver them a first draft. Unless one were to CHECK EVERY WORD and EVERY FOOTNOTE, then a “sloppy” student or ghost writer (and maybe even “intentional”) and an even “more sloppy” author, ie. Ambrose and Goodwin, could set themselves up for a claim of plagiarism. I just don’t believe these two authors did it on purpose. One man’s opinion. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. Zurik is reportedly an empty shell. Word on the street is that everything is researched and written and handed to him on a silver platter. AND that he was so threatened by Val Bracy during his non-compete enforced hiatus @ Fox after bailing from WWL that she was denied basic research and intern help and ultimately we all know what happened to her. What a prima donna Lee has turned out to be: bring back Val.

  4. And @ Ashton: you sir are an honourable & honest man who expects others to exhibit the same honesty & honour. Therein lies your personal hell. Please do not take offense, this is meant as a compliment.

  5. The TP and other so called sophisticated media have forgotten when political oppression begins in a society the suffering populace tends to seek “underground” resistance movements, be it trusted journalists or trusted revolutionary brothers of similar political ambitions..

    Would I call Zurik with a hot tip ? I don’t think so cause of the ownership’s concerns with his other business interests in JP. And what drives these media moguls is ratings and profit not necessarily accomplishing political change.

    Peabodys are for egotistical, pussy cowards and their puppeteers who cow down to people like the Goatherders and reveal commenter’s identities at the slightest political legalistic challenge.

    So Zurik used to be a big lineman protecting Peyton Manning at Newman from hits.But he doesn’t even have the courage and guts to go after the Council of Clowns in JP.

    The SlabbedNation has established itself as a trusted investigative medium which will not reveal commenters’ identities without an all out fight. And this is evident and well known by the FBI readership following the SlabbedNation enjoys.

    Besides, where else can you get daily criminal reports on NOLA SLAVES !!!!!!.

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