In lockstep with a Zombie: What he said…

Remember my post on the turmoil on Louisiana Supreme Court? Slabbed broke this story.

See Slabbed mentioned in this TP report on same?

Second time is a week we were not properly given attribution on a story broke here.

Evidently Lee Zurik and the TP are taking victory laps on the Ray Ray thing without mentioning the guy that really broke the Ray Ray thing wide open, Jason over at AZ.

None of this is new folks but Jason at AZ wrote a post on this subject that is very good. Both AZ and Slabbed belong to the Creative Commons and using our work without attribution is a no no.

I’ll add my patience on this issue is limited.


It is the summer solstice so Slabbed is gettin’ “hot and bothered” with Calhoun and Mrs Fayard!

Oh Nell, if I may be so bold as to suggest you direct a portion of your freelance to Ben.

Ben, I’ll add a nice photo gallery is always a big hit with the Slabbed Nation.

And of course I mention all this because the Fayards are opening up their mansion on St Chas aka the Wedding Cake House for a summer fashion show to benefit the folks over at CANO. There will be hot women in bikinis strutting down the runway plus food and entertainment all for the bargain basement price of $75/head. The good people over at the NOLA defender have all the skinny.

Finally folks the solstice season is special in the greater New Orleans area which is why I promote this high society uptown social event as ol’ fashioned good clean fun. It is a poorly kept secret that NOLA has a vibrant voodoo community including wicca and in the course of doing Slabbed I’ve heard stories about alternative ceremonies Continue reading “It is the summer solstice so Slabbed is gettin’ “hot and bothered” with Calhoun and Mrs Fayard!”